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Embracing My Submission: An Interview with Jenna Jacob

Haunted for years by dreams of a savage, amber eyed Dominant with lips so enticing my soul ached in frustration and lust. None of the Dominants at Genesis, my local BDSM club ever stirred me in such blistering ways. While I tried to fill my submissive desires vicariously through interactions at the club, I attempted to convince myself it was enough. But it wasn’t. My dream Dom made certain I hungered for more.

Forced beyond what I could bear, my passion and frustration exploded. I threw in the towel, determined to stop chasing a dream and gave up completely on finding submissive surrender. But fate intervened when two gunshots split the night. Forced to confront my desires and insecurities, I was shocked to realize that my dreams may have held a deeper meaning. Were they compelling me to finally embrace my submission?

The Interview:

When and why did you begin writing?
At thirteen, I started writing poetry and gut wrenching, heart breaking love stories. At least in my little world, they were way back when. And - NO, they didn’t contain the subjects I write about now. (Wicked grin) I wrote as an outlet for my emotions, I think. I found that I could easily put on paper things I was too shy or insecure to verbalize, at that age.

What inspired you to write your first book?
It wasn’t “what” it was “Who”... New York Times Bestselling Author, Shayla Black encouraged me to stop writing stories that only made it as far as my hard-drive and start getting them published.  She’s an amazing woman who I respect and admire and hold dear to my heart.

Do you have a specific writing style?
Nothing special, usually a pair of pajama pants and a T-Shirt.  *Laugh* Sorry—it’s the first thing that popped into my mind! (No wonder I’m regularly called a smart-ass.) Ah-hemmmm. Honestly, I don’t know that I have a style. I try to spin a semi believable story with characters that aren’t afraid to show their emotions, good or bad or kinky.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I’d love to! Here is an excerpt from “Embracing My Submission”
At seven o’clock on the dot, I knelt on the soft carpet in Drake’s private room. Nervous and trembling, my heart thundered in my chest. All afternoon I’d paced, cried, and worried about what he had in store for me. That is, when I wasn’t mooning over hopeless fantasies of Jordon.
Thoughts of the handsome Dom filled my head almost more than fretting about my punishment. Trying to keep Jordon in perspective, I reminded myself that I’d screwed up far beyond repair and shouldn’t hold on to foolish hope.
Craning my neck, I looked at the clock on the nightstand behind me and trembled in anticipation-laced fear.
7:05. Okay Drake, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s get this over with.
7:10. What is taking him so long?
7:15. You’re doing this to fuck with me. I know it!
7:20. Damn it, Drake, I’m going to waltz my ass back home if you don’t get here soon. The anticipation is driving me insane!
The snick of the lock disengaging had me quaking with fear. Keeping my eyes glued to the floor, I trembled in silence.
“You’re as beautiful as sunset splayed out in your submissive pose,” Drake praised, and I smiled. “Stand and present.” His voice thundered as goose pimples erupted across my flesh.
My knees wobbled as I stood. With my face still shrouded, I thrust out my arms and pressed my wrists together. The scent of leather filled my nostrils as he bound the soft, fleece-lined leather restraints around my wrists.
“I hope this isn’t a new gown, girl,” he growled in a low voice. The tone in his next breath was harsh as he instructed me not to move. Withdrawing a sparkling silver knife, he slid the blade into the silk material between my breasts. I gasped and tried not to shudder as the knife sliced through the fabric. My gossamer gown silently slithered to the floor and pooled at my feet.
“Thank you for not wearing panties that I’d have to ruin as well,” he whispered close to my ear. “Close your eyes, my sweet. I’d hate for you to see what I have planned for you.”
A violent shudder shook my body as he placed a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into total darkness. My mouth was so dry that I couldn’t have spoken even if I’d known what the hell to say.
Drake led me from the room toward what I assumed was the dungeon. The temperature in the hallway was much cooler than his room and my nipples pebbled painfully.
“It’s time for you to show me just how sorry you are, girl. I have no doubt you’ll make me proud.”
With Drake’s hand firmly wrapped around my elbow, he ushered me down the hall. I could hear soft muffled voices that suddenly silenced. I could smell the distinguished scent of leather, disinfectant, and the subtle fragrance of sex mingling with sweet vanilla from the candles adorning the tables.
I was in the dungeon.

How did you come up with the title for your current book?
I played a little arm chair psychologist and thought “Okay, what is this girl trying to do?” Then it was easy! She was embracing her submission.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
I think the one thing I hope to convey is that it’s OK to be kinky. *Grin*

How much of the book is realistic?
I think there are several parts that “could be” realistic. I know submissive’s struggle with feelings of inferiority when they’re unable to find a Dom. And unfortunately there are monsters who involve themselves in the lifestyle to prey on submissives. That’s one reason why safety in the lifestyle is so important to me.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
No, they’re not. However, I think Julianna has more than a few of my personality quirks. *Grin*

What books have most influenced your life most?
The first book that came to my mind, which has nothing to do with the genre I write, is: “The Color Purple”.  Strength, courage, sacrifices, and never ending desire to follow your dream was inspirational to me. It doesn’t matter what age, you always deserve to find your happiness and that which brings you joy.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Shayla Black. She’s my quintessential mentor and has given me so much of her time, experience, encouragement, and never ending support. I wouldn’t be here today - if not for her.

What book are you reading now, if any?
None right now. Today we finished the final edits on the first book: “One Dom to Love” in a new series, “The Doms of Her Life”, with Shayla Black and Isabella LaPearl. It will be on sale in a few days. And in my spare time (choke, choke, cough, cough) I’m already busy working on the second book in “The Doms of Genesis” series, titled: “Masters of My Desire”. I hope to have it available in early 2013. But I have a Reading List a mile long. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to dig into some of them.


At seven o’clock on the dot, I knelt on the soft carpet in Drake’s private room.  Nervous and trembling, my heart thundered in my chest. All afternoon I’d paced, cried, and
worried about what he had in store for me.
That is, when I wasn’t mooning over
hopeless fantasies of Jordon.  
      Thoughts of the handsome Dom filled my head almost more than fretting about my
punishment. Trying to keep Jordon in perspective, I reminded myself that I’d
screwed up far beyond repair and shouldn’t hold on to foolish hope.    
      Craning my neck, I looked at the clock on the nightstand behind me and trembled
in anticipation-laced fear.
      7:05.Okay Drake, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s get this over with.
      7:10.What is taking him so long?
      7:15.You’re doing this to fuck with me. I know it!
      7:20.Damn it, Drake, I’m  going to waltz my ass back home if you don’t get here soon. The anticipation is driving me insane!
      The snick of the lock as it disengaged had me quaking with fear.

Author Bio:
Jenna Jacob is married and lives in Kansas. A lover of music, cooking, camping and riding Harley’s on the open country roads. When she was thirteen she began writing and not on a stone tablet as her youngest son often teases. There is always a plot bubbling inside her head that has to be written.
With four grown children she finally has time to paint pictures of her twisted mind, with words. Outgoing with a sassy sense of humor, she’s never once been accused of being shy or introverted. With nearly twenty years of experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, she strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice

Webiste link to book excerpt and buy links:

Thanks Jenna for being on the blog today! I am looking forward to reading Embracing My Submission!

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Kim Carmichael's Closure: The Kick Ass Interview


There's always the one…

He's one person throughout life you think about every so often, the one who leaves his unique indelible mark on you, the person with whom you need closure.

For Margaret Collins that person was Mike Taylor. After he broke her heart seventeen years ago, she left everything she knew and reinvented herself. With a new home, a new look and a new name, Riley Williams is now an up and coming journalist given the assignment to interview a Mike Taylor. She never suspected he would be her Mike Taylor.

With Mike having no hint of Riley's true identity, she must decide if she will make him pay for sins he doesn't remember committing, or if she can wipe away the past and be with the one man who she has always wanted? 

Can she finally have closure?

1 1. How did you get started writing erotica? Was there any one thing that inspired you?

I love romance, but I didn't want them to stop at the closing of a door, or not put in all the detail.  When I first started writing and came to my own sex scene, everyone told me to push the limit and that's exactly what I did. 

I love romance writers like Johanna Lindsey, I just wish she would have taken it further.

2. Open your newest book and tell us what is happening.

Mike and Riley are having coconut cake and its turning into quite a sweet treat in more ways than one until they are interrupted by one of his work associates and his lack of an introduction brings all her fears to the forefront.

    3. What is your favorite thing about writing in the erotica genre?

Being able to have of the romance and all of the sex.  Being able to write whatever I see in my head and not being judged.

4. What is your favorite type of character to write about?

I love heroines who think their strong but still need a man at the end of the day, and I love bad boys and tortured soul heroes. 

5. Chocolate or healthy fruit snack (or both)?

Chocolate covered strawberries!  Then I feel like its healthy.  Actually any fruit covered in chocolate.  Love bananas.

6. Pizza or sushi?
Neither – Steak!  I am a carnivore all the way.  My boss says he's never been at a dinner with me where I haven't ordered a steak. 

7. If your characters went out to dinner, what would be the scene. Set it. Lights! Camera! Action!

Dark lit restaurant, red leather booths, them in the back corner trying to be not obvious while they ravaged each other rather than the food.

8. Ice cream tells you lots about a person. What is your favorite? (and I know it's not vanilla!)

Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurt from Yogurtland – YUM!!!

9. Tell us about the sexiest scene you have ever written.

My sexiest scene, or I guess I'll say my favorite scene, was in The Promise.  My heroine has been denied her orgasm for quite a while, and the demon that is going to torture her finally gives her relief.  It is a short in Darkest Desires, but I am doing the expanded version of the story as a stand alone because I couldn't get enough of these characters.

10. As a writer, we all have tough spots that drive us crazy. For me it is fight scenes. What are one of the spots that give you Hell and what do you do to try to work out the kinks. ( I play with stuffed animals and make them work for it!)

I have the hardest times getting my characters out of their clothes!  You can't just wish the clothes into the cornfield, but you also can't spend three pages while you get them unclothed.  If I have more than two people it really turns into an issue.  I just try to find creative ways to get them naked, sometimes I feel like Gypsy Rose Lee!


After fifteen minutes of discussing the world of digital publishing with Mike
Taylor, Riley realized this man had absolutely no twinge of recollection of her.

"The world has changed. Everything is interconnected. Feedback comes from all over and is instantaneous. No longer can writers live in a bubble, they need to interact.
You either need to get on the ride and hold on, or you will fall out of the car and be run over." Mike picked up the butter knife, twirling it between his fingers.

One thing was certain. The driven valedictorian of seventeen years ago turned into a driven business mogul. The way he spoke about his work reminded her of the speeches he gave in student counsel, and the lectures he gave her during their tutoring sessions.

She'd been part of him giving back to the school, but she became the fool who thought it was more. "Some would say the writer should write for themselves."

Years ago they had this exact conversation when she wanted to write a story about a town stuck in permanent summer and how they craved winter for her essay instead of what she did on her vacation. He told her to do the assignment as instructed. No, he demanded she follow the directions.

She shifted her focus from his grey-blue eyes and his one crooked tooth to the sprig of mint on the edge of the glass. The man should have been on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard touting the slogan 'people never change.' Back in school, people feared the way he stormed in and took control of any situation, said tough truths and made things happen without turning back to see who or what he left in his wake.

"What if the writer wants to actually sell something?" He tilted his head. "There is a way to do things."

At one point she'd thought herself immune to his destruction because she was attracted to it. They had a connection, an unspoken bond. Did they have that now?

She wrote the story her way, and failed. He insisted on sitting with her in an empty classroom while she rewrote the assignment, telling her he had to make sure she did it correctly. It was freeing having someone tell her what to do, insist she color within the lines.

While she forced out every word, he read the original. That night at home, she found the papers in her messenger bag. On the last page he wrote Awesome, but you didn't follow the rules. She saved that paper shoved in a box with the memory of the girl who pressed the pages to her chest and dreamt about the boy who wrote it as if he were some teen idol.
"Do you always follow the rules, Mr. Taylor?"

The corner of his mouth twitched, his eyes widened.

For a scant second she thought she noticed a flash of familiarity. Her heart stopped along with her breathing, pausing to find out what would happen next. Did the connection die, whither away with time, or was it always there?

"You follow them until you are allowed to make them." He tapped the point of the knife on his butter dish.

"When do you allow yourself to break them?" She focused on her iced tea, but reached across the table for the bread and brushed her hand against his.

"Excuse me." She swore her body tingled, or she wanted that reaction. Still, she squirmed in her seat.

He looked straight into her eyes. "You're different."

She forced herself to stare back. Again, his words took her back to those high school halls. He had asked her why she insisted on being different. She told him there weren't any rules. There also weren't many people in Peoria, Illinois with maroon hair, white makeup, a nose ring and all black clothes. Too many days she found ads for the local funeral parlor stuffed into her locker. She was by herself, wilting in a town that didn't understand, until Mike Taylor took her on.

"How so?" Her voice sounded as if someone else were speaking for her. What she really wanted to ask was if he felt it, too.

He put the knife down and rubbed his chin. "Are you going to write any of this down?"

She pursed her lips, holding back the words she wanted to let out. Right when the questions got tough, when he didn't have control, when he would be exposed, he went another direction. He veered a road where he knew the map. "That's what they pay me for."

"How are you going to remember what I said?" He crossed his arms.

"Are you worried I'm going to get something wrong?" Without him knowing, they slipped back into their old banter. She reached into her bag, found a pad and pen and held them up. "Do you feel better now?"

"Yes, different." He pressed his back against the chair. "A challenge." His smile let the tooth peek out, while seventeen years caused the little wrinkle at corner of his eye to appear. "You know, I have some meetings here the rest of this week."

"Should I be writing this down?" She clicked the pen twice, trying to stop herself from reading more into this.

"Not unless you're writing down your address so I know where to pick you up for dinner tomorrow night."

Everything stopped. Even if only in her mind, for that second the world froze. The constant clink of dishes ceased, the bustling wait staff stood motionless.
Back in the school hallway when he had invited her out, he used a similar assumptive close. He turned to her and asked what time he should get her Friday night.
Though the years had diminished the pain, to this day every now and again, she wondered what would have happened if took her out rather than succumbing to the pressure of his friends and parents. She'd been nothing but a project when she wanted to be a girl.

Here together, they repeated history, but not in his eyes. She couldn't blame him for not knowing her. She'd changed her name, changed her looks, but never managed to change her heart.

She always wondered.

Maybe she always wished.

Was she handed another chance to get her heart ripped to shreds, or had she just received the ultimate do-over?

"Excuse me for a moment." She pushed her chair back and walked away.

To celebrate the release of her new book, Kim has offered up some fun prizes! Leave a comment about your person who got away or your favorite kind of erotica type of character to read about. 


e-book copy of Closure
print copy Closure and bear. (US only please)

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Laura Antoniou: Upcoming ERWA Chat Event and Interview


Live Chat with the Pros

What:  BDSM focused Live Chat hosted by ERWA

Featuring:  Award winning author & editor Laura Antoniou

When: Thursday, December 6th, at 8:00pm EST
(5:00pm PST; 1:00am GMT)

Where: ShadowWorld chat server, channel, #erachat

Directions: Follow the link above. On screen you'll see 'Connect to ShadowWorld IRC'. In the Nickname box, key in your name. Leave the channels box at #ERAChat, and click 'Connect'. A chat text box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Those who prefer a modern interface with way-cool functions, follow the details at ERWA Chat Info:

Laura Antoniou is the author of the popular Marketplace series of BDSM-themed erotic novels, She has also edited the groundbreaking Leatherwomen anthologies, and several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean. In 2011 Laura won the NLA (National Leather Association) Lifetime Achievement Award, and the prestigious John Preston Short Fiction Award for her short story, "That's Harsh". Read about Laura Antoniou at:

If you want to know what publishers/editors want (and don't want), and how to make your BDSM manuscripts stand out, don't miss this opportunity to Chat with the Pro, LauraAntoniou.

The Slave (The Marketplace, #2)

The Interview:

1.     How did you get started writing erotica?

That's a tricky question. I usually say when Masquerade hired me to write The Catalyst in 1991. But really, I have always written things that were erotic to me – going back to my early teens, when fantasy, science fiction and vampires figured heavily in my imagination. Even though my sexual experience was theoretical, erotic images of power, ritualized and thoroughly purple in prose, were clearly evident.

2.     What inspired your series about The Marketplace?

I had fantasies about slavery since before I really understood the concept. So, even as a kid, I looked for books about slaves and owners, fiction and non fiction. The first one I remember was an award winning children's book titled Greek Slave Boy, recommended for children 7-11. Later on, of course, I found more adult reading, and the sexually explicit examples of "real life" slave trading organizations and societies, such as John Preston's Network, as depicted in his Master books, and Ann Rice's little kinky island from Exit to Eden – let alone her fantasy version in the Beauty books. The problem with these other books though, even when I found them hot or diverting, was that I am essentially one of those annoying readers who expects my literary worlds to look as though they were fully realized and functioning. And a universe of perfect bodies, pale skins, limited scales of orientation and identity plus many other much smaller examples of a mono-culture, made me itchy. Unlike Preston's world, I wanted to follow the adventures of female, trans, straight and bi characters. Unlike Rice's worlds, I wanted people who tried and failed, characters who wanted more than heterosexual monogamy and were prepared to pay a price to get what they really wanted. So, you might say I was inspired to write the story I wanted to read.

3.     Open one of the books from the series (your choice) and let us know what is happening.

The scene I opened to was about a slave trainee, fondly remembering how she was roughly and selfishly used once in the past, and how wonderful it made her feel in the moment – "like a real slave," she thinks. Then, she also recalls how later on, the encounter made her feel cheap, and that she didn't know what or how her feelings changed, or what that meant.
Not all of my characters 1) get what they want, 2) really want it to begin with, 3) are very good at thinking things out, and 4) sail through life with an amazing set of coincidences and luck.

The Trainer (The Marketplace, #3)

4.     What is your favorite thing about writing BDSM fiction?

I get to work at home and write about the thing I love best – how humans use and misuse power over other humans. And I get attention and a little money for it.

5.     Pizza, cheeseburgers or a veggie plate?

Pizza from Amore, the place two blocks away from me, that serves the best slices in Queens. I used to say a cheeseburger deluxe plate from any decent diner, or from Donovan's Pub in Jackson Heights, but these days I can only manage a few bites of a good, hand formed cheeseburger. sigh

The Academy

6.     Tell us about the naughtiest, sexiest scene you ever wrote. (Lay it on-we like it spicy.)

Wow, I tried to think of the naughtiest/dirtiest/sexiest, and hit a complete wall of question marks. I mean, how can I judge? I have spent pages writing highly detailed sex scenes that didn't do more than make my wrists ache from the typing, and I once wrote a scene about how to set a formal dinner table that made me, ah, need to take a break for some private time. I can say the scenes I love best range from the brutal – two Italian scouts ruthlessly using and tormenting a slave in The Marketplace – to the enthusiastically romantic – a scene between two characters who had clearly been wanting each other for 800 freaking pages and then finally get to have some. That one was in The Reunion. I am also fond of the cartoony rough sex/rape scenes in my gay male novel Musclebound – non-consent is not especially welcome in today's BDSM-friendly "romantic" world, so getting it re-released as an e-book was tricky! But I find it hot, especially since I usually imagine it illustrated by The Hun.

7.     What is your favorite dessert?

I like things made with vanilla and/or cinnamon flavors. Chocolate is never on top of my list when offered a choice; to tell the truth, I like homey, comfort things like cheesecake and bread pudding, or fruit and pumpkin pies. But what really pleases me these days is a fine cheese plate, maybe with a little dried or fresh fruit. Mmmm. Cheese.

8.     Sometimes writing about sex can be tough. What is the hardest scene you ever wrote and why? 

The sex is usually easy! When I create characters, I know what they like and want, so putting them together is more like performing arithmetic than creating something completely original. I do sometimes find myself sitting back and thinking, "what haven't I written about because I personally don't find it erotic. Some of my readers will. I need to work that in somewhere." And often, I need to sort of fake it when writing like that. A lot of people think I sort of hold my nose for heterosexual scenes – actually, I don't. I like any assortment of people, for me, it's all about the acts and the character connection, and some of my hotter scenes are the ones that appear very straight! But it's REALLY tricky to write about something kinky I actually don't even like, maybe I even, uh, hate it…and make THAT sexy. Writing about violet wands was tricky that way. And if I ever do more with electrical play, it'll be a real case of typing while trying not to sneer.

The Reunion (The Marketplace, #5)

9.     What would you tell a newbie erotica author to help them succeed? 

I'd tell them to define what success is for them, first. If they said, I want to quit my job as a CPA and earn a living writing erotica, I would suggest they keep the day job. If they said they want to see their work  in e-book format with a cover featuring shirtless hunks and or well endowed babes, I would say, go for it. These days, it's all a matter of figuring out what exactly you want out of writing. I know very few erotic authors who actually make anything close to what they'd get slinging espresso at Starbucks – I certainly don't. We spend a lot of time self-marketing and doing jobs publishers used to do, and we write stories for $25 a shot. I can churn out a short story in a day. If someone looks at me like I'm crazy because I am willing to work a full day for $25, then I don't think they are suited to the world of erotic writing. Because you don't actually write a story every day.

But if they want to write for good reasons like telling their stories, sharing their fantasy worlds, having the pleasure of seeing their work distributed, and maybe even getting a little financial reward now and then? I'd encourage them to read – a lot. Not more erotica, but anything they can gets their hands on. For idea, for knowledge, for style and structure hints, and to continually stretch their imagination.

I'd advise them to recruit two important people – The Number One Fan and The Friend Who Reads Closely. The number one fan is there to boost ego and soothe wounded pride – "everyone on Goodreads is a douchbag! Besides, Laura Antoniou says NEVER reads the reviews." The close reader is there to beta-read your work, and send you suggestions, questions, feedback, and maybe even corrections – and they can do it without the loss of your friendship.

And I'd advise them to go to writing workshops, readings and any place where they can meet and socialize with other writers. There's nothing like being with people who understand the voices in your head and the annoyances of the publishing world and the combination of ego and terror that go into putting your work out there for all the world to see. Besides, maybe someone is putting together an anthology and you can sell them a story for $50. It can happen.

10. What are your current writing projects?

I just finished editing the first ever Marketplace fan anthology, which is being typeset as I …type. This year I also finished The Killer Wore Leather, my first comedy murder mystery, which is coming out next year from Cleis. I am very excited about both of these, because they not only represent firsts, but they show the effort I have been putting into making myself more available and attractive to a wider reading audience. Right now, I am working on The Inheritor, book 6 of the Marketplace series, and that will keep my focus for some time, as it is long overdue. I am also shopping around a paranormal book, because, well, everyone else is. And I know my take on vampires and werewolves and other things that go bump in the night and then kill you deader than dead might be a tad different from the sparkly, cuddly world I don't like. Oh, hey – look at me once again writing the book I'd rather read…

Laura Antoniou
Proud member of the Middle Aged Guard; been there, done that, made the t-shirt. (And you can buy one through!

Thanks Laura for being on the blog today!

Mark your calendars for the ERWA chat and come and 

hang out with Laura and the wonderful crew from 

ERWA! If you are an erotica writer or aspire to be, 

there is no better place to build your support network.

Have a great day! 


For My Master

For My Master

Agent Kathie Belmont has long lusted after her boss, Ross Guerrero, but has never plucked up the courage even to flirt with him. Could he be the strong but tender master she craves? Ross wants Kathie in his life—and on her knees. But the constraints of their jobs with an ultra-secret US security agency have come between them.

Until the sadistic drug-trafficker El Silencio is tempted into a deal with Ross’s undercover persona—a deal that will go down at a BDSM party. With Kathie disguised as his sex slave, Ross sets out to bring down the criminal gang, and perhaps to tempt Kathie into performing her role for the long run.

Reader's Note: This book contains scenes of ménage and F/F intimacy.

This book has an interesting premise. Going undercover with a boss you have had the hots for since the beginning could be a dangerous thing, especially for Kathie. She agrees to be Ross's sex slave and the two prepare for their work by getting hot and heavy. Very sexy scenes with some ice water worthy moments. Making Kathie an authentic slave is taking some doing. Tats and floggers abound as this independent and strong woman embraces a role as a submissive. It may just save both of their lives as they enter into a dangerous world of drug cartels and crime. 

The only issue I had with the book was some of the dialog. A pet peeve in erotica stories is the "I gotta come" speech and unfortunately it was here. There were a couple of other moments that were a little stilted but otherwise, it was an engaging story that had a good amount of heat . 

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Halloween Submission by Bonnie Bliss: A Smoking Hot Interview

Holiday Doms; Book 2
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Word Count: 14053
Now Available in the Wicked Nights Sale for .99 cents: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Halloween has arrived and Tom Newton is stressed with his job as a fireman. His best friend Rob, a submissives’ wet dream, is having a play party on Halloween night. Lucy, a nurse who has secretly been crushing on Tom, has decided to go to the party. Tom has decided that he needs to release some tension, and have some fun during his time off. What Lucy and Tom don’t know is that Rob, his best friend, and Millie, Tom’s sister, have set this up. Join them as they enjoy a hot night of bondage play. Can it all run smoothly? Will true love blossom? Will the Master get his slave? There is only one way to find out.

A story packed with sultry moments of Dominance and submission. Halloween Submission promises to be the hottest holiday this year.

Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains, but is not limited to intense bondage play, references of Sadomasochism, impact play, anal play, and one hot night on All Hollow’s Eve, you aren’t soon to forget.

1. How did you get started writing erotica?

I always seem to be that writer that has to have intimacy in my books. Someone after a great hot battle, all that rampant emotions, and I need to have them get down.

2. What was the toughest scene you ever wrote and why?

I actually write Urban Fantasy. I have a whole world that is created ready for publication. It was originally a 200k word epic fantasy. I would say a lot of the battle scenes and emotions in that world were the hardest for me to write. My main character is very complicated. She is my internal alter ego. Feels too much, loves too much, and kills too hard. You can imagine the battle I have with her. She tends to take over.

3. What inspired you to write Halloween Submission?

I think it was bigger than inspiration. I develop people first. People in the world that have issues and real vulnerabilities. People tend to forget that we have those. So used to the fantasy Doms created in stories. I like to show that the real world isn’t perfect, and that is where this series and this book came to light. I didn’t want to cross the line of ‘too real’ while still keeping with the fantasy of romance and BDSM.

4. What other holiday Dom books are you working on?

I have a Valentine books in the works for February. Christmas will have A Slave for Christmas which is Kenny’s book. Then in April I’m hoping to have all the stories in a print edition with an Easter short added in.

I also would like to introduce a Dom in the Valentines book. And from there create a full length book with all these characters. I love them so much it will be hard to let go of them.

5. Tell us about your favorite flavor of ice cream.

World Class chocolate, from 31 Flavors. It is a little bit of everything white chocolate, dark, and milk in one ice cream. I sort of have issues with being classed as a ice cream flavor lol. I’m not one person, I’m a lot of different people. I’m not full kink, but I’m also a little bit of vanilla because sometimes I just like to love my husband. Life is too short ;-)

6. Pizza, sushi or cheeseburgers?

Cheeseburger! And not just any cheeseburger. A double double animal style from In N Out

7. Writing about BDSM is very exhilarating. What is your favorite kind of character to focus on?

A woman that likes pain. A woman that is a little insecure, is vulnerable, but has power over her own emotions. She doesn’t get manipulated. But she knows what she wants, what she needs in the long run. I don’t like characters that lie to themselves, they accept and sometimes that is their vulnerable side.

8. Tell us about your Oz series. What kind of kinky things are going on over there?

Ahhhh, my twisted land of Oz. See, that is hard to explain without giving away all my plans. I have always believed that Oz is what you make it. It is a space that is forever the battle between good and evil. The great American fairy tale, for me Oz is a world of danger, lust, excitement, and a Queen that is forever lost from the throne. So far The Wizard is my favorite.Well, I really love D.G. my version of Dorothy. Dorothy should be everyone’s warrior. 

9. What is one thing you would tell newbie erotica writers to help them succeed?

Don’t try too hard. And don’t take advantage of anyone willing to lend you a hand. People that offer you kindness are people that really want to see you thrive as a writer. There are a lot of unsupportive people around. Write what you love, take the advice critiques give you, but stay true to YOUR voice.

10. What are you working on now?

I have a few things. Right now I’m working on finishing up the Holiday Doms, another Twisted Oz book. I am working on a full length lion shifter book that I plan on submitting to publishers. And of course reworking my whole Urban Fantasy Series.

11. If you were going to train a sub, what would you start with first?

Communication. You can do what YOU want to do, you need to make sure you are doing what that sub wants and needs. It isn’t a selfish lifestyle no matter what anyone says. It is very giving for me. Open a line of dialogue first. I have met a lot of people curious after the 50 Shades explosion. I had to reeducate a lot of people that didn’t understand the full depth. And you can’t treat people like they are stupid for asking. Every question is very valid in the lifestyle.

12. Tell us some of your favorite erotica writers.

D. Cristiana is one of my favorites. She writes an incredible serial about a couple named Marcus and Marguerite, she can’t write them fast enough for me.

Skye Warren is not just a fantastic author but she is an awesome person. She has included me in so much and I am so thankful to know her.

Gianna Simone writes some of the best Dubious Consent BDSM I have ever read. And it is historical to boot!

As far as erotica goes, they inspire me the most. They drive me to push my own limits.

Thanks Bonnie! It was wonderful having you on the blog today! I am looking forward to reading more of your Holiday Doms and exploring your Oz books.

Overall Review:

Who wants to go to a Halloween party where the theme is a bit of bondage and some pretty hot tricks and treats with a Dom who is famous for his surprise goodie bag? I know I do!

Lucy is a nurse working herself to death on a shift that never ends. When hunky fireman and lust fixation Tom shows up with a burn victim, she knows her night is going to go downhill. With no sleep and more patients to help, having fun for Halloween just isn't in the cards. When she gets home, her roomie has other plans for her: Halloween. Bondage Party!!! How can a girl say no to that?

Millie drags Lucy to the party and after a fun bout of spanking, a mystery Dom takes over for an evening of tricks, treats and some adventurous  fun. When things don't turn out exactly as planned, fireworks commence . (Oh, you don't know how bad I want to share this one with you.)

This is a must read for a Halloween party you won't ever forget. Ghosts aren't the only things that go bump in the night that get to play with chains. Check out this short book for some steamy BDSM scenes that will have you coming back for more of this talented author. Everything I read by Bonnie Bliss has that hot e-reader melting quality that keeps you coming back for more!


Praise for Halloween Submission:

Bonnie Bliss does a great job of building up the main protagonist’s personalities and backgrounds before the intense play begins. “ 4 Stars, Becs (Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)

The chemistry between Tom and Lucy will have you e-reader melting!! I suggest keeping a fan and a glass of ice water handy. Yet again Bonnie has delivered us a HOT AS HELL quickie!” 4 Stars KcLu (Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews)

“Hot and heavy, this was a read that could not have been more satisfying.” 4 Stars Sally Bibary (Bending the Bookshelf)

I love Bonnie Bliss’s writing. She writes these totally engaging novellas with so such strong story lines and characters you just can’t help like. Reading her shorts are like reading a full book and the sex is ALWAYS hot, exciting and very arousing…just the way I like it.” 5 Stars Sharonda (Salacious Book Reviews)


**Mature Content**

“Is your ass sore?”

“A little. Yes, Sir.”

Tom smiled as she took another sip. It was obvious she had plenty of expertise at being a submissive. It came naturally. The way she called him Sir after every sentence; the way she sat with her submissive posture. Tom glanced over at the far wall, completely mirrored. He watched her, watched her responses.

“Stand up, bend over, place your hands on your knees and face the mirror.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tom took the bottle from her and placed it on the floor. She got up. He admired her figure, the sexy cat costume. Stockings turned him on and she made him wet. The strain was intense. His cock felt imprisoned in the tight leather.

Leaning forward, following exactly the orders he gave, she presented herself to him. Tom sat a moment, looking not touching.

“You have a pretty ass, kitty cat. It’s nice and rosy.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Tom sat up and leaned, reaching out. Slowly he slipped his fingers under the rim of her shorts and pulled them. Her soft smooth buttocks were exposed. The red tinge clearly ached as she flinched slightly. Tom pulled the shorts down all the way to her shoes, leaving them puddled at her feet.

“Step out of your shorts and spread your feet for me.”

“Yes, Sir.” No sooner had he said it and it was done.

“Have you got limits?”

“What do you mean?”

“Pain thresholds. Do you like pain?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How about anal?”

“Yes, Sir. I love anal.” The more she spoke, the more he dripped pre-cum. He would have to move soon.

“Would you like my cock in your anus kitty cat?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Would you like my cock in your pussy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Put your hands on your buttocks and spread them so I can see your cunt.”

Her hands came back, gripped her red cheeks and parted them. Her pussy was exposed as well as her sweet puckered star.

“Very nice, kitty cat. Push your index finger in your ass.”

About the Author:

Bonnie Bliss is not just a willing submissive, but she is a wife and a mother. By day, she is a busy, stay at home mother. At night, she is a sultry storyteller. Her tastes go towards the dark and the extreme. She loves to twist up fairy tales and sweet stories we all know and love. Her lust for Dominance and submission has taken her into the dark inner workings of Sadomasochism. 

Bonnie is a native of Southern California, and says that everything in the Katy Perry song, California Girls is totally accurate. She has done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—including as a Disney Princess. When she’s not writing, she is ordering too many custom bows for her daughter, baking the best cupcakes in the world, going to Disneyland, laying on a beach, and sometimes playing hockey for release.