Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mia's Submission: The Review

Hardworking Mia Lavender's been offered a promotion she can’t refuse--VP of Client Experience at New York’s exclusive BDSM club, The Satin Rose Experience, or SRE. Mia's kept her submissive tendencies a secret, until now. She'll have ample opportunity to explore her fantasy because to succeed in her new role at SRE, she will need on-the-job training at the hands of Asher Cane.

During Asher Cane's very first training session with Mia, he fails to follow his own rules and has the hottest vanilla sex of his life. Mia needs training, and Asher is damned if he'll allow another Dom to touch her. Can Asher be the dispassionate trainer Mia needs to learn the exquisite give and take of dominance and submission? Or will Mia's submission come only at the cost of his heart?

Mia’s Submission is Book One of The Satin Rose Experience (SRE) series.

SRE, New York’s elite BDSM club residing on the twentieth floor of Rosebud Resorts, contains ten uniquely themed suites, each with its own story to tell. Find the introduction of SRE in The Satin Rose Experience, a short story in Evernight Publishing’s Keyboards and Kink Anthology.

Have you ever wanted to experience the perfect vacation? Your own personal fantasy island? Then you need to go and visit SRE for yourself.

In the Keyboards and Kink Anthology you met Mia, a young woman who has a secret. She has been hiding her submissive tendencies until Asher Cane sees in her a passion that has the potential to feed his Dominant side and become the new Vice President of SRE. Does she have what it takes to embrace her on the job training as a submissive?  Can she walk the walk her clients experience and emerge a woman who knows the hidden pleasures that await in The Satin Rose Experience?

This book was sinfully sexy and I loved every minute of it. As you journey with Mia into her foray into BDSM, the pages smoke hotter than an e-reader on fire. Every sensual scene ratchets up the steaminess. Mia learns the sensuous power that being a submissive wields as she tastes the decadent delights that await her in SRE.

Fantasy island has nothing on The Satin Rose Experience. Join Mia as Asher  unleashes the sensual being within her and she embraces her new role as VP of SRE. This job has some unique on the job training you will never forget.


Join me on November 20th for another visit to SRE with a sexy interview and excerpt from Brooke's Wish.

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