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Honey Red Blog Tour and Review

Two men suffering from visible and invisible wounds meet by chance circumstance.

Nick Traynor and Ian Donovan spend a lot of time and effort keeping it very hot, only physical, and purely superficial. But when their resolve starts to slip, a woman is tossed into their midst.

Hannah Williams wants nothing more than to do her job until something better comes along, but is forced to own up to her visceral reaction to Ian, her new boss, and later to Nick, his sometimes lover.

Lust has a funny way of turning into companionship, and eventually evolving into a deeper connection. Faced with the internal and external complications of their potential three-way relationship, they begin to heal and trust, to consider that it might work. Then life tosses them a hardball, forcing them back into their respective corners, where each must choose what is most important.

Three people determined not to commit, thrown together by fate and undeniable attraction--their nights heat up and emotions run high in spite of a claimed mutual desire to "keep it simple." In the process of honest self-discovery, can they learn that while love is never simple, it is definitely worth fighting for?

Alyssa knelt down beside him, took his hand. “We’re going to a movie. You okay here with Ian?” she whispered. He nodded but was very much not sure that he would be. The dog whimpered.
“Later brother,” Gavin called out. “Talk soon Nick. Good luck next week with the new job.”
Ian walked into the house with the couple, leaving Nick alone with his swirling thoughts and pounding skull. Brutus repositioned to Nick’s left, between him and the chair Ian had just vacated. He put his huge head on Nick’s hand. “Dude,” Nick said softly. “I think I just figured out why you’re upset. And let me just tell you now, it’s okay. I’m okay. I’m … agitated, but it’s normal.” He patted the dog’s nose, then leaned back and stretched his legs out in front of him, relieving the pressure building once more under his jeans.
He heard Ian rummaging around in the kitchen, opening and closing the fridge. Nick took a long, deep breath and made a decision. He smiled when Ian pressed the cold water bottle to his shoulder and took it, but then set it on the table that he knew was to his front right, where it always was. His mind kept roiling but he kept a lid on his urge to suck in a breath when he sensed Ian pulling a chair up on his other side, avoiding the guard dog. “I don’t think he likes me,” the man declared.
Nick put a hand on Ian’s leg.. He heard the other man’s breath hitch, and would swear on a stack of procedure manuals he heard his heartbeat increase. Don’t be ridiculous, you can’t hear a heartbeat. But he smiled, and leaned back, leaving his fingers trailing along the denim covering Ian’s thigh. “Oh he’s fine. But I think I figured out how in tune to me he actually is.”
“Oh?” Ian touched his fingers, brushed the back of Nick’s hand once, then again, making him shiver.
“Yeah, I think he senses how god damned horny I am. Since he has no frame of reference for it, it’s making him nervous, protective.”
“Wow,” Ian leaned over and Nick could feel the other man’s lips near his throat. “Impressive,” He said, putting his hand over Nick’s erection.
“Yeah,” Nick croaked out, suddenly nervous. “So, I’m typically not…”
“Shh…” Ian’s hand left his cock, made its way up his torso, and wound around the back of his neck. “You are pretty amazing.”
“No, not really. Just blind. Without a real job. Living in my sister’s house.”
“But you look damn good doing all that, trust me.”
“You make a point of seducing blind guys you just met?”
“I didn’t just meet you. I remember you from a few months…before.”
Nick shivered again. This whole thing was somehow right and wrong at the same time. He needed a physical connection, bad, but was unsure if it should be with Ian Donovan. This, of course coming from his now humming and thankfully pain-free brain while his body screeched at him to grab the guy and kiss him.
Nick sighed when Ian’s fingers twined in his newly grown hair. He hadn’t had hair this long in over ten years. He’d forgotten what color it was. He sighed, raised his face to the cooling night breeze when Ian’s lips found his jaw and made their slow way down his neck, then up. “You are…very attractive.” Ian’s words made their presence known, curling in and around Nick’s amped up libido and making him grit his teeth.

Honey Red
Liz Crowe

Contemporary   Holiday
M/M   M/F   M/F/M   Voyeurism  Anal Play

After hitting bottom Ian pulls himself together.  No booze, no pot, no cigarettes and no sex for four years.  Ian fights with himself and his sexual desires as he finds himself in different situations.

When he is called to the hospital and handed a baby boy and told he is a father his world zings him into reality.  He pulls his life together and raises his son and faces his mixed up life one day at a time.  He is gay and maybe a bit bi considering he has a son to prove it.

He and his brother now run a brewery and his brother is getting his life back together after a divorce.  When the brother of his girlfriend returns from the service with a life altering injury he is drawn to the man and becomes involved with Nick.

The brewery is growing and doing well but in need of someone to handle the marketing end of things.  Hannah fills the job opening and quickly fits into the lives of all.

Ian needs help from time to time with his son who is now four years old.  He is not the best father as far as remembering to pick up his son from day care and Hannah steps up to help.  Slowly they bond and Ian fights his sexual desires.  He is gay but he is drawn to Hannah.  After dinner one night when Hannah stayed to help, his young son asks him ... "Daddy, what is or-gas-mic?"  Oh yea out of the mouths of babes.

Ian is torn between his deep desire to be with Nick and with Hannah and quite honestly both of them.

Fantastic down to earth humor and wonderful sex that covers every spectrum of emotions.


Reviewer: Victoria Storm

Microbrewery owner, best-selling author, beer blogger and journalist, mom of three teenagers, and soccer fan, Liz lives in the great Midwest, in a major college town.  Years of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as an ex-pat trailing spouse, plus making her way in a world of men (i.e. the beer industry), has prepped her for life as erotic romance author. 

When she isn't sweating inventory and sales figures for the brewery, she can be found writing, editing or sweating promotional efforts for her latest publications.  

Her groundbreaking romance subgenre, “Romance for Real Life,” has gained thousands of fans and followers who are interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”)

Her beer blog is nationally recognized for its insider yet outsider views on the craft beer industry. Her books are set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch and in high-powered real estate offices.  Don’t ask her for anything “like” a Budweiser or risk painful injury.

Coming Together In Vein: Helping Vampires Save the World

Helping Vampires to Save the World

Let's face it. Vampires are sexy. Something about the undead stirs up our juices. Perhaps it's their irresistible power. Even when we know the danger, we're so very tempted to surrender to their all-consuming lust. Maybe we want to comfort them, to save them a lonely, bloody eternity. Maybe we secretly crave immortality ourselves.

Vampires are frequently portrayed as evil or at least amoral, viewing humanity from the jaded perspective of centuries. Now, though, vampires are doing their part to save the world.

Coming Together: In Vein is a brand new collection of vampire-themed erotica and erotic romance edited by Lisabet Sarai. All sales of this novel-length volume support Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). MSF works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation. Right now, despite being barred from the country, MSF doctors and nurses are in Syria, working with patients from both sides of the civil war. They're performing surgery in caves and sneaking into refugee camps to distribute desperately needed medications.

You can help MSF in its life-saving mission, simply by indulging your passion for vampires. Buy a copy of Coming Together: In Vein in ebook, Kindle format, or print. Enjoy! Then help spread the word! Every copy we sell has the potential to save someone's life.

The list of contributors includes many names you'll recognize. Every one of these authors has provided his or her work free of charge, to support the charitable aims of the project. Furthermore, the editor is giving away a free copy of her short story collection Body Electric  to everyone who buys a copy of Coming Together: In Vein. (For details of this offer, click here.)

You'll find an excerpt below – just to whet your appetite.

Sink your teeth into Coming Together: In Vein. Help our vampires save the world.

 From “The Curse” by M. Christian

She was almost late coming into work. Unheard of, though no one would have noticed. She’d stood and stared at the bare bed, looking for some kind of evidence, some kind of physicality to match her filling memory. They’d stood on the balcony, looking at the stars and the brilliant lights of the city. A natural position, Ellie’s hands on the cold metal of the balcony, the other woman’s hands around her waist, her breath on the nape of her neck. A cascade, Ellie remembered, of goose bumps, but not from the cooling night.

Hard daylight. Blinking, wrapped in a towel, she stepped out, looking for footprints, hand prints. Moisture, a sparkling flicker of dew, anything to prove it had really happened.

They’d kissed—yes, and she tasted her again in memory:  the pressure of lips, the heat of her, the rhythm of their breathing. They’d come inside, kissed by the foot of the bed. The whisper of her black satin dress, the sudden too-tightness of Ellie’s jeans. The surprising laughter when the kiss broke, when the high of their excitement crested. The way, then, the giggles had faded as she had put her hands on Ellie’s face, traced the contours of her cheeks, her jaw, the way she’d tapped Ellie’s nose, whispering “button” in a rich, throaty voice.

In the warming room, Ellie stood at the foot of the bed, turning so she was facing the way she remembered standing. Yes. Eyes brown with flickers of amber. Lips too full, too red, too silken to be anything but a fantasy running around in the real world. Lithe, boyish. She remembered how she liked to watch her move, liked to watch her walk barefoot across the apartment. Graceful, as if every muscle were elegantly conducted to some lovely score.

Her shoes?  Yes… She’d kicked them off, near the foot of the bed. Without really thinking of the woman walking the hard pavement on thin, bare feet, Ellie dropped down to look, hoping for the reality of a simple black pump. Nothing, of course. Memories, but nothing else.

A glance at the clock brought up more—her face, glowing as if from low embers, smiling up at her. There, in her eyes was  the lust Ellie'd wanted, needed, but also something else, something finer, softer, kinder. There was something else there, in the dull red glow, something that had made Ellie’s heart melt as fast as her body. Liquid—yes, molten....

A glance at the clock also brought a slap of reality. 8:05. Half an hour on the bridge, fifteen minutes from the garage to the office. She was going to be late.

Still, hurrying, there was no escaping the growing number of ghosts from the past, that expired night: brushing her hair brought up a voice, rich and rumbling, and the feel of strong fingers stroking the top of her head; doing her teeth was those same fingers brushing her lips, feeling them before another kiss…

Finally, she had to stop, had to put both hands on the edge of the sink and breathe deep. In and out. Strong, steady breaths. She was late, she needed to get dressed and get going. She had work to do, lots of work to do. If it had happened... if it had happened then it was nice, and that was all. It didn’t change anything. If it hadn’t, then the world was as it was. Ellie, her little place, her little life, her job—the days falling down, one by one.

Tears, hot on her cheeks. How she wanted it to be real.        

Eyes open, puffy and red. Her face in the mirror, looking broken and small. But then she saw it, as real as a shoe, as foot and hand prints in night dew. Evidence, reality. Purple and harsh, sore, yes, but evidence none the less. A scarf would hide it, but not for now. Lateness, the bridge traffic, the walk from the garage, the firm, everything was gone from her mind. For now, as she stood in the window, the bruise on the slope of her neck was too priceless to hide, too real not to be stared at.

If you enjoyed that, then join me in supporting this worthy cause and stop over at your favorite online book retailer and grab yourself a copy today!

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Embracing My Submission: The Review

Haunted for years by dreams of a savage, amber eyed Dominant with lips so enticing my soul ached in frustration and lust. None of the Dominants at Genesis, my local BDSM club ever stirred me in such blistering ways. While I tried to fill my submissive desires vicariously through interactions at the club, I attempted to convince myself it was enough. But it wasn’t. My dream Dom made certain I hungered for more.

Forced beyond what I could bear, my passion and frustration exploded. I threw in the towel, determined to stop chasing a dream and gave up completely on finding submissive surrender. But fate intervened when two gunshots split the night. Forced to confront my desires and insecurities, I was shocked to realize that my dreams may have held a deeper meaning. Were they compelling me to finally embrace my submission?

BDSM, anal play, m/f, m/m, dubious consent
152 pages
Embracing My Submission
Author; Jenna Jacob

What would you do if you dreamed of the perfect Dom and were never able to find him in reality? What if you had trained for years to be a submissive, only to find the isolation impossible to bear? 

Julianna dreams every night of her dream Dom and wakes to the loneliness of her reality. Becoming a sub was not what she expected. After being hurt by one in experienced Dom, she falls for another, only to be subjected to cruel torture before her protector can come and rescue her. With him, though, is the Dom she has been dreaming of for years. Sir Drool, in the flesh. 

This story captured my attention on the first page. Julianna has a voice that resonates with any strong willed woman trying to find her place. In her world, that is being a submissive. Open mouth, insert foot is a common affliction of mine and I had to laugh out loud every time Julianna found herself in just that predicament. 

Lonely and trying so hard to be the perfect submissive, Julianna finds herself in the middle of a sadist bent on destroying her, but is saved by her protector and the man she has been dreaming of for years. The story spins into a powerful passion play of love, forgiveness and tenderness that had me turning the pages late into the night to find out what happened next. 

Drake, Trevor, Julianna and Mika are all characters with breathable characteristics and I felt like they were my friends by the time the book was over. The drama was unpredictable, the tensions palpable, chemistry undeniable and the little humorous points interjected here and there make the story absolutely perfect. We haven't even gotten to the sex scenes yet.

The club scene was right on, as were the interactions between Drake, the protector and his slave/lover Trevor. Julianna and Mika were the perfect match as well as we journey with them into the hesitation of a new relationship and beyond. Author Jenna Jacobs explains much of what happens in BDSM dynamics for the reader who may be unfamiliar with the lifestyle and illuminates Master/slave and Dominant/submissive roles. The sex is smoking hot and you are going to need some ice water. Lots of it!

I loved every page of this book, even the parts that had me cringing in horror. There is a scene where Julianna is attacked by the sadist she mistakenly thinks is a potential Dom. It can be a trigger if you have been a victim of sexual violence. It is powerful but so is the aftermath, and reading through it is worthwhile, even if it leaves you shuddering and crying like it did me. Flashbacks are a bitch, but Jenna Jacobs has done a superb job on this first book in the series and I am anxious to read the next one. This book is 5 stars all the way! If you want a book that will have you sweating bullets and turning the pages, you have to give Embracing My Submission a read. You won't regret it.


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Blissfully Reading With Red Phoenix

The Emotional Impact of a Ménage à Trois
Ménage à trois is a popular topic in erotica, but I have to admit that there are times when I laugh as I read it. It is fairly obvious when an author is writing from imagination and not personal experience. For one, the positions described are sometimes physically impossible. However, as amusing as that is, the aspect that often gets ignored is the emotional impact.

In a true ménage à trois (where the threesome commits to a relationship, not a one-time encounter) there has to be lots of communication and a commitment to respect each other’s boundaries. In a situation like I write about, both males not only have to care about the female they are sharing, but each other enough to be open and honest as the relationship advances.

Ménage is a difficult and sometimes messy affair. Even as the individuals enjoy the variety of sexual experiences being a threesome offers, their emotions will play into it. Any jealousy or insecurity will raise its ugly head. It takes good communication for a couple to survive and it is doubly so when you add a third person into the mix.

I hope you enjoy reading the journey of Dan, Jenny, and Ryan in Blissfully Undone. The story brought back some fond memories and delicious experiences. However there were difficulties along the way which I delve into briefly with this book. In my personal experience, threesomes rarely end in happily ever after – but with determination, lots of work, trust, forgiveness and love it is possible.

The book is now available in eBook and paperback!

eBook link

Paperback link

Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan and Jenny make it before the blizzard strikes. That leaves them alone together for five days. With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for each other, things start to heat up. Dan has a crush on her and finds creative ways to seduce Jenny. By the time it's over, the two must make a choice - either way, hearts will suffer.

This sexy novelette explores what happens when two responsible adults find themselves in a situation where hidden love can flourish.

Friends since college, Jenny and Dan get the cabin ready for the gang. They become snowbound when an unexpected blizzard strikes. Jenny is unaware that Dan has a crush on her. However, he makes those feelings quite clear when it becomes apparent that they are snowed in. As much as Jenny wants to fight off her attraction to Dan, she is irresistibly drawn to the man. Jenny is unwilling to "cheat" on her boyfriend by making love to Dan, but he finds a variety of ways to love on her beautiful body. Jenny comes to embrace being blissfully snowbound and is brokenhearted that it must end.

The Review:

What do you do when you are supposed to go on vacation with your three best friends and only your best friend's boyfriend is able to make it before a massive snowstorm hits?

Jenny has just that dilemma when she and Dan are isolated in Dan's family's cabin for several days. At first, they fight their mutual attraction and then passion takes over. The love scenes are hot and very creative as Jenny does not want to have vaginal sex because she feels that would be cheating on Ryan.

The time spent with Dan in the cabin is spicy and filled with hot sex and the thrill of the forbidden. Reality hits when the storm breaks and their friends find their way to the cabin. Reeling with the betrayal, everyone involved struggles to deal with the emotions involved.


Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything? Jenny is unsure how Ryan will react when she breaks the news that she is in love with Dan. The pivotal moment defines the depth of Ryan's love. In an act of ultimate devotion and passion, he gives Jenny her unspoken desire and shows her what it means to be blissfully in love as they move from being a couple to a menage a trois.

This steamy novelette, sequel to Blissfully Snowbound, explores how a couple moves from two lovers to three.

Jenny didn't want to fall in love with Dan during the blizzard, but their love is intense and undeniable... Now it is time to tell their respective partners the bad news. Jenny expects a terrible scene and her best friend Kelly does not fail to deliver. However, her longtime boyfriend surprises her by reacting far differently. Ryan loves Jenny too much to give her up, but also recognizes the passion that she and Dan share. In an act of deep love for her, Ryan brings Dan into their bed and into their lives. A ménage a trois of one woman loving two men is born.


This book was hot. Coming to terms with her love for Dan and how she betrayed Ryan, Jenny is thrilled when she discovers that Ryan loves her enough to absorb Dan into their relationship. Sparks fly and tempers flair as the trio gets used to the new and strange dynamic of being lovers. Red Phoenix does a great job of putting across sexual hunger and the emotion Jenny feels for the two men.


Book #3 of the Blissful Series

Jenny is living the dream of a ménage a trios with two passionate men. The sex is delicious, but the intense love of both men makes it that much sweeter. There is only one problem. Jenny betrayed her best friend when she accidently fell in love with Dan. Revenge and a proposal are in their future and may be enough to unravel the sexy threesome.

This racy novelette is the third in the Blissful series exploring the sexual creativity of a FMM ménage a trios involving one woman and two hot men.

Extended description:

Dan, Jenny and Ryan have chosen to live a legitimate ménage a trois. Both men are in love with Jenny and are willing to share her. Dan moves in with the couple and the three experiment with the sexual possibilities of two men loving one woman. Unfortunately, Jenny’s ex girlfriend is intent on revenge. Kelly uses one of the men to create a crack between the three. Can Jenny protect the unique relationship before the fracture grows large enough to shatter their beautiful arrangement?


Sexy and alluring, this continuation of the Blissful series had me reading into the night. Deeper into the relationship, the three lovers are now dealing with the aftermath of their chosen path. The road gets rocky when Jenny's best friend begins to take her revenge. The tension between the three is palpable as dynamics change and feelings get bruised. The sexual adventures are innovative and full of fun.


Blissfully Taken (Fourth and final book in the Blissful Series)

Dan, Jenny, and Ryan face an emotional crossroads. The special bond they share is tested by the upcoming wedding. To make matters worse, Kelly is hell-bent on destroying her former best friend at any cost. The climax to this poignant journey of passion, love, and friendship will end where it all began...

Blissfully Taken (the final of the Blissful series) is infused with a pinch of heartache and a whole lot of lusty passion. A novella to be savored and enjoyed again and again.

This book was my favorite of the series. I was literally on pins and needles wondering how things were going to be between Dan, Ryan and Jenny. Without giving any spoilers, I can tell you I was thrilled with the hot sex and the plot development as the wedding comes closer. Who will win the revenge war? Will Kelly get her way and destroy the hearty passion these lovers have cooked up. So not telling! You are going to have to read this series yourself to find out.


Overall: This series was a fun menage situation with all the tensions and power plays you have when three very different people are involved. Dan and Jenny are still my favorite characters and I loved the conclusion to the series. It really illustrates just how multifaceted Red Phoenix is as an author. You see her growth as a writer from the first book to the last. The sex is inventive and hotter than Hell and I loved every moment spent between the pages!

Vanilla Free Christmas and The Session by Lila Shaw

This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It's a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

So I have a little holiday treat for you today. Lila Shaw has popped by the blog with a tempting little morsel that relates to her story in the new and oh so naughty holiday anthology Vanilla Free Christmas. This wonderful book is warming my nights and I wanted to share this with you so you can get yourself a copy to get properly in the mood.


The Session:

Dr. Baskin's pen darts across the page recording the odd scraps as I talk about how my day at the office went. It's like we're in a fucked up fifties sitcom only her "honey, how was your day?" is more like, "tell me how many times you scraped up the courage to leave your desk today."

"Fantastic progress, Jonah. This new job seems to be agreeing with you, yes? Your anxiety has settled into the tolerable range?"

I nod and rub my itchy nose. She's staring at me, obviously wanting me to expand on my panic attacks or reduction thereof. It is true. I haven't had nearly as many since starting the new drugs and therapy. But what I can't and won't tell Dr. Baskin is I have a secret angel. Her name is Samantha, or Sam as she prefers. Dr. Baskin told me to find an anchor or focal point to help calm me, something predictable, logical and dependable. I wasn't supposed to pick a human being. I did anyway. I picked Sam.

It's a silly story, the how and why of Sam. I scarcely know myself other than when panic threatened to pull me down and drown me, one of her emails or instant messages would arrive, and somehow I'd find the strength to vanquish my demons. I always have to drop what I'm doing to answer Sam, you see. She is paramount. She is the sun I revolve around, the giver of light and warmth.

"Jonah? Are you listening to me?" Dr. Baskin asks.


"You've mentioned someone named Sam a couple of times. Is Sam a friend you've made at work?"

Shit. Figures she'd notice. I don't even remember saying her name. "Sam's a she." I shouldn't be so quick to correct the good doctor. She'll be like a dog on a scent now.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Her pen moves furiously over the page then hovers like a hummingbird.

"Sam works at my company." And this is true. Sam is my co-worker. She's five feet three inches of curves and softness and hopes of what might be...someday...if I can get better. I want to get better. I have to get better.

I also won't tell my doctor about the steamy instant message exchange we had yesterday, Sam and I, because last week I let slip how much into voyeurism and exhibitionism I am. I am a study in irony. I had given her a couple of live webcam sites to check out. That she actually watched them and was turned on by them had me hard before I finished reading her instant message. After her confession, we began chatting about the type of scene we'd broadcast. Just a joke at first...and then suddenly it wasn't.

"I'd want to be tied spread-eagle to the bed," she'd written. "Camera on my pussy, my arousal on display for the viewers."

Oh, when she wrote that, I slouched and shoved my hips further under my desk. No one was around; they'd all gone to lunch. I took myself in hand, typing awkwardly with the other. "That'd be enough to make most of the viewers come."

"What do you do?" she asked. How could she have known the beast she was unleashing?

"Assuming I can tear my eyes away from you, I shuttle my hand along my cock, pumping myself hard as a diamond as I zoom in closer with the camera on the canvas of your body. I tell you to close your eyes and keep them shut."

A noise in the hallway interrupted me before I could finish that thought.

Sam messaged back, "My eyes are shut. What do you do to me?" The cursor blinked begging me to respond.

My work area quiet again, I resumed typing. "Starting at the foot of the bed, I curl my hand around your instep and press soft kisses on the tops of your feet. Since I haven't shaved this morning, the scrape of stubble sweeps across the path as I slowly move up your calf. You laugh and tell me it tickles. When I get to the backside of your knee, I flick my tongue into the crease then blow hot air on the trail I leave. You shudder from the play of cool and warm on your skin. You reach down and, twisting your fingers in my hair, tug me higher. I can smell how much you want me and, oh Sam, it's driving me wild."

I took a moment to rub my hand over my erection and finding it hot and demanding, I continued disgorging my fantasy in instant messages.

"I raise up on my knees. You whimper because you think I'm done. I'm not; I've barely begun. Instead I say, 'I'm going to feast on your pussy and then I'm going to fuck you six ways to Sunday.'"

Sam types back. "And do you?"

"I work my way down from your still sealed eyelids and when I finally ease inside you, fill you to bursting, I whisper in your ear, my starlet, 'Open your eyes now, little lamb, and watch me as I come,' and you do, only you come as soon as they flicker open and you see the light on the webcam running quietly off to the side. You aren't a lamb at all but a minx and maybe even a slut. I think maybe I should show the viewers how naughty girls should be handled, but I don't. Not this time. But as I thrust deep and hard until I finally lose my fucking mind, I whisper a promise in your ear that next time I won't be so lenient."

I stopped there to give her a chance to respond. I hoped she was still with me, that I hadn't scared her off.

"I think I need to take a bathroom break before I leave a wet spot on my chair," she wrote.

I laughed and closed the chat window. A few minutes later she walked by the doorway to my department, her back stiff, thighs clamped together. Our eyes met as she passed and though I begged my legs to carry me to her, they refused. My heart pounded in my chest, equally aroused and terrified, but fear won the battle. Again.

I've relived that exchange so many times today. Perched awkwardly on a stiff, uncomfortable chair with my legs crossed to keep my wayward cock under control, I lift my eyes to meet Dr. Baskin's.

"No, she's just a co-worker," I repeat. 

About the author:

Lila Shaw is the pen name for a writer of works of erotica and erotic romance. Lila’s erotic writings typically involve strong-willed women with feminist tendencies, and are often playful, sarcastic and even silly.  She believes if you can’t occasionally laugh at the physical aspects of love, you’re taking life far too seriously…unless the condom breaks, then you have every right to fret.

Connect with Lila:

The Review:

Save your vanilla for those Christmas cookies because you won't need any for this holiday anthology. Full of naughty elves, sexy Santas, role playing holiday revelers and more, this collection of stories will keep you reading late into the night.

I can't say enough about this group of stories. All of them are great and in particular, Lila Shaw's The Man Inside has a sexy Santa that will have any woman swooning. Jonah is a man of mystery. Sam is both intrigued and a little scared of how he makes her feel. At the company Christmas party, the two will have an interlude so smoking hot you won't be able to put down your e-reader and will be reaching for an iced egg nog latte to quench the scorch. I loved reading "The Session" with Jonah fighting his urge to stay indoors and loved how he finds and seduces Sam. I will never look at a Santa suit quite the same way again. Hello naughty Christmas fetish!

5/5 for this story and the antho as a whole! Don't miss this little nibble in your e-book Christmas stocking. It's better than a chocolate covered candy cane.

Thanks Lila for being on the blog today and I hope you ladies are cooking up some more holiday magic for next year!

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Ghost for Christmas

A Ghost for Christmas
Kacey Hammell
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 6th 
ISBN# 978-1-77130-211-1

After receiving a long weekend at an elegant hotel beside the majestic Niagara Falls as a Christmas gift, Jodie Gibson is determined to do nothing but relax and enjoy the scenery. And, okay, just maybe meet someone who makes her toes curl.

Sebastian is sophisticated, tall, dark and gorgeous--everything a woman fantasizes about. But he's also an 18th century ghost. He haunts the halls of the hotel, seeking the one true love that can help him find peace… 

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell

As she peered into the reflective glass, a face appeared behind her. Jodie whipped around and fell back against the window.
Oh my fucking God!
Before her, in what looked like a shimmering bubble, stood the most breathtakingly beautiful man she’d ever seen. Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, he had dark unruly hair and striking, magnetic blue eyes that held her in place.
Jodie blinked, uncertain, scared and breathless.
How was it possible? She’d read the newspaper clippings, yes, but it was unimaginable to think ghosts might actually walk among the living.
Not everything made sense. She only believed in things that could actually be seen, felt and touched. This seemed surreal.
Stunned by the apparition before her, dressed in what looked like centuries-old clothes straight out of Esquire, he seemed to look straight through her, and his smile warmed her clear to her toes. Lord, she was in trouble.
“Hello.” Soft and gravelly, his voice alone seduced her…all the way to her toes. Her body quivered and her center tightened.
Whoa. What the hell am I thinking?  There’s a ghost in front of me and I’m ready to jump his bones. Not bloody likely.
“What are you doing here? Get out.  I don’t care who you are, you’re leaving, right now.”
He frowned. “No need to be frightened.  I’ve been here for centuries.”
Jodie laughed, and not one to wilt like a scared little girl, stood tall. “This is all a joke.” She looked around, up and down, and all over the room. “Are there hidden cameras somewhere?  Hey, Ashton, if you’re behind the camera, you can come out now.  I’ve been Punk’d good. Thanks and all, but I’d like to get on with my evening without you.”
 “Who is this Ashton? What is a punk?  A rake, perhaps?” he asked.
Jodie squinted.  “A rake?”  She hadn’t ever heard that term spoken, but had read it in historical romances. No one talked like that these days. “No. Never mind, it’s not important. Listen, I just want you to go. I want to enjoy my evening.”
His smile was gentle. “I’m sorry, my dear, but this evening every decade is the only time I am visible to the human eye. I never miss a chance to watch the Falls.”
Every decade…
“You’re telling me you do this every ten years? How old are you?”
“I was born in 1781. That makes me—”
“Two hundred thirty-one,” Jodie whispered, legs weak. She grabbed the back of the chair nearby and sat down. Were such things even possible?
An eighteenth century ghost stood before her.
Merry Christmas to me.

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The Review:

When your friend gives you a present to go to a hot resort hotel for Christmas that just happens to have a haunted room with a sexy ghost- you can't exactly say no, right? 

Jodie is a quiet soul wrapped up in her own life and when her friend sends her to hotel over Christmas, she is stunned, but finally relents. Checking into the room, she discovers clippings of a haunting every December 24th- in ten year increments. It just so happened that her stay coincides with the ten year mark.

I loved this book for its passion and the very real element of feeling like someone on the outskirts of life. Everyone else has the passion, the relationships, the whatever...just not Jodie. She is fragile and lonely and her introduction to the ghost is just the fire this girl needs to melt her heart and breathe life back into her soul.

There are a couple of editing issues here and there, but overall I felt the book flowed well, had real dialog and the sex scenes were smoking hot. Sebastian the ghost can haunt me any day of the week! This is a short Christmas read that will be a fun gift to find in your e-stocking. 


One of my favourite aspects about writing A Ghost for Christmas was the hero, Sebastian. He is a ghost, [which was a concept I never considered writing before], and also from the 18th Century, [also outside my realm of things]. He was a lot of fun, a true romantic, and seduced me as much as the heroine, Jodie. Sebastian—who he is in mind, body and spirit—made it easy to focus on the romance and allowed Jodie to accept feeling vulnerable. Their relationship that blossomed is truly the foundation that brings the story into a misty-eyed bliss.

Also a fave, and what makes this story a special part of my heart, is as a Canadian and a honeymooner in Niagara Falls (where the story is set). I love Niagara Falls, the Festival of Lights every year and have photos on my wall from my honeymoon during the winter months and know how gorgeous the Falls are.

I hope readers enjoy this holiday romance as much as I did writing it.

Readers can learn more about Kacey’s books/contact her via …

The writer: Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

The Wife and Mom: Born, raised and still living in her hometown in Ontario, Canada, Kacey found true love with her husband.  As a Mom of three, Kacey has made certain that each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right.

A Marquess for Christmas: Release Day Blitz and Review

A Marquess for Christmas
Vivienne Westlake

Genre: Regency, erotic romance, historical romance

Word Count: approx. 25K-30K
Cover Artist: Vivienne Westlake

Book Description:

A proper widow. A rakish marquess. He rescued her from thieves, but will she be able to save him from himself?

 When Violet Laurens is rescued from highwaymen, the furthest thing from her mind is that her heart might tumble next. She loves her independent life, no matter her lonely bed. The handsome stranger reawakens the passion she thought buried along with her husband, pushing her to new heights of desire. But she knows it’s only a matter of time before he remembers his name and leaves her.

 The dissolute Marquess of Kittrick has vowed never to marry, causing a rift in his family that sets him on the road just in time to do battle with ruffians intent on stealing a lady’s coins—and more. Discovering the fiery wanton beneath the widow’s oh-so-proper demeanor makes him want nothing more than to forget who he is for just a bit longer. Maybe forever.

 When Kit is forced to acknowledge who he is, will the truth trump their shared passion, and the love they can’t quite admit to? Or will Violet overcome her fear—and Kit his dissolute ways--and be able to lay claim to A Marquess for Christmas?

“He still sleeps fitfully, my lady.” Avery put his hand to the man’s head. “A little warm. We should get some ice and keep his temperature down.”
“And you have checked his bandages?” The bleeding had stopped, but the chance of infection was high. She stood by the four poster bed, looking down at her savior, who lay still and quiet, despite the people in the room.
“Yes, the wound is not healed, but neither is it as gruesome as it was yesterday.”
“And he has not awoken?”
“He tosses and murmurs and has managed the chamber pot a couple of times, but he does not speak and his eyes are glazed and unfocused.”
It had been two days since the incident. She prayed it was the laudanum keeping him so dazed and not his injury. But they could not be sure yet.
“If he does not awaken in the next day or two, we shall have to fetch Doctor Littleton. For now, let us keep him cool and make sure that someone checks on him every hour.”
Violet went to the window and opened it.  The sky was cloudy and the ground covered with a thin layer of snow. “The fresh, cool air should do him good.” She rang the bell then went back to the bed and sat down. The man’s hands felt hot under hers, but she raised them to her cheek to be sure. Definitely too warm.
“My lady?” Miriam entered the room.
“Go and fetch some ice please. If there’s no ice, send a footman outside and gather snow. We need to keep him cool until his fever breaks.”
She leaned over to the small bedside table,  dipped a cloth into a small ceramic basin, and wrung it out. “I will see to him for a while, Avery.” She looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you.”
Gently, she took the cloth and wiped the man’s face, always conscious of the bandage. She hummed as she worked. It was a very old song that she’d learned as a girl. Sometimes her mother would sing it as she stitched.
Come live with me and be my love and we will all the pleasures prove. The hill and valley, dale and field, and all the craggy mountains yield.”
She washed his arms, noting each twist and turn of muscle. She even tested it with her finger to see if it was as firm as it appeared. Nothing about him was soft-- except for his lips and the silky threads of his hair.
She brushed the towel over his neck and down to the exposed skin at the opening of his tunic. The hair there was thin and fine. She couldn’t help but stare as she swept over his chest. His nipples were wide, but tightened into little nubs when she touched them.
What would it feel like to run her palms over them? Would they react to her as they did to the damp cloth? What about her mouth?
Violet turned away and blushed. She closed her eyes and willed herself to remember him fighting off the thief and the moment when he’d taken the fateful blow. She needed to focus on her task and not on the yearnings she felt for a man she barely knew.
She might be fantasizing about a man of base morals or a man with a wife and four children. Or, what if he was a clergyman? That she doubted considering his skill with weapons and his readiness to fight, but what gentleman would watch an innocent woman get attacked by thieves and not come to her rescue?
A man does what needs must. Even a man of the cloth will take up a pistol if his life or his country demanded it. She had seen boys barely old enough to carry a gun with gaping holes in their chest and villages ravaged and burned in the war.
And this man would die like the rest, if she did not do her duty to him. He’d saved her and now she must do the same for him.
With such thoughts distracting her, she didn’t realize she’d paused her singing until she heard a low, gravelly voice.
She looked down to see dark eyes watching her.
“You are awake!”
“Sing,” he repeated, but he’d barely finished the word when a ragged cough took over his body.
A belt of straw and ivy buds, with coral clasps and amber studs, and if these pictures may thee move, come live with me and—”
“Be my love.” His voice was hoarse, even more than she expected for someone who’d slept for two days. She lifted from the bed to pour water from the pitcher into a cup.
When she lifted the cup to his lips, he coughed and it dribbled down his chin. “Easy.” They tried again, but still, most of the water ended up down his chest. His tunic absorbed the excess liquid and clung tightly to his body, so she could see every line and curve. His nipples hardened again.
“Let me try this another way,” she said. This time, she dipped her fingers into the cup and let the water drip into his mouth.
He opened wide for more. She leaned closer, her bosom near his face, and poured more water from her fingers.
After the third time, he put her two fingers to his lips and sucked them. A flash of heat shot through her limbs. If she’d been standing, she would have faltered and lost her balance.
His mouth was hot and she suspected it had little to do with his fever.
“More,” he whispered. He stared at her and she could not move, could not speak.
There was a knock behind them and that jolted her out of her frozen state. Miriam stood in the doorway with ice and more water. The man groaned.
She motioned for the maid to come in. As soon as the girl was close, Violet took a tiny chip of ice and put it in the man’s mouth.
The ice would help his thirst, but she also was afraid for him to speak. The need in his eyes was too real, too close to the desire that she felt. But he was a stranger. A beautiful, dark, bewitching stranger who had risked his life for her, yet she knew almost nothing about him.
A fact that she could remedy. No. What was she thinking? He was wounded, disoriented, and who knows if he mistook her for his wife or some mistress. A sharp pang twisted in her gut. Did he have a mistress? She’d already considered that he could be married, but she hadn’t thought about the possibility of a mistress.
He was a virile, handsome man with a body any sculptor would worship and carve into stone. She’d seen it all, every wicked inch of him. The thought of that body being pleasured by some other woman made her ill.
“Do you or the gentleman need anything else, my lady?”
“Perhaps the cook has some broth. But please make sure it is tepid, not hot.”
Miriam set down the tray of ice and curtsied before exiting the room.
He rubbed his temples, then when Miriam was gone, he turned back to her. Though he whispered the word, “Water,” his eyes said something else.
She plopped another ice sliver into his mouth. He sucked on it, watching her still. She felt a flush run down from her ears to her belly. If she didn’t know better, she’d have thought his fever was catching.
A foolish part of her longed to demand if he had a mistress, but she bit her lip. That was not the first question she should ask him. And, he was so weak, it was better if he didn’t speak at all.
She put her hand to his mouth. “Do not try to speak, sir. You are weary and hoarse.”
He opened his mouth and before he could argue, she fed him another ice chip.
“You have a fever and you need to rest.”
His forehead was still warm. It could be a long night if his fever didn’t break. But he was at least alert for now, which was a good sign.
She stood up, intending to move aside the blankets and leave him with the sheet, but he reached for her arm.
“Don’t.” Under his stare, she froze again. “Do not. Leave.” Though the words were gravelly and low, it was a command, not a plea.
“Very well.”
She pulled aside the blankets, careful not to touch his thighs, and moved a chair close to the bed. The mere foot of space between her seat and the bed seemed much farther. Every little movement made her aware of the hard chair beneath her and the cool air brushing over her skin.
She missed the heat of his body next to hers.

A Marquess for Christmas
Vivienne Westlake
Book 1 in the Rekindled Passions Series

184 pages

Historical.  Sus/Myst  Holiday
M/F.  BDSM.  Spanking

Violet, a widow but very much her own woman, is returning home in the midst of a storm when her curricule comes to a halt due to a man standing in the road blocking their way.  He demands she and her driver pay a toll but she knows that he more than likely not be satisfied with that alone and refuses.  As they battle the thieves an unknown rider comes to their aid.  There is a bloody battle and they are saved but her savior is gravely injured.  She takes him home and tends his wounds till he is well.

Kit has lost his memory due to the severe injuries and is confined to bed for an extended time.  He has lost his memory and knows not that he is the Marquess of Kittrick but in time he regains some memories and the name Kit seems to fit.

As time passes and his recovery is slow but sure, he becomes smitten with Violet and they decide to play a game of dice called hazard to which they agree on the stakes of the game.  Sensual delights choice of the winner.  During the game ..."Your foot is on my --- oh, good God"  She presses his cock into his belly, rubbing the underside up and down with the ball of her foot...she has successfully distracted him and wins the first round.  One down two to go.

He has to own up to who he truly is when his family shows up even though he had regained his memory some time ago.  Kit has sworn not to follow the dictates that he is to marry and produce heirs.  He is not so sure he can keep his self-imposed vow now that he has met Violet.

5 stars  Such delightful humor and enticing imagination.

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

About the Author:

Vivienne Westlake has been reading and writing romance since the age of fifteen. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and when she’s not plotting stories about sexy heroes and sassy heroines, she’s buying a book on British history, watching the latest teen vampire show, doing an art project or singing karaoke with friends. Vivienne is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Romance Divas, and Indie Romance Ink.