Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Driving Force: The Review

Sierra Wallace hates Ian Raeder for making her teenage years a misery with his mockery and constant teasing. But he’s so damn hot! Just the sight of him turns her insides to molten lava. Ian’s hunger for Sierra is driving him insane. But he’s a Shifter, a leopard in his other form, and she’s human. He has to stay away from her.

When enemy Shifters invade Wade County, Colorado, Sierra and Ian are caught in the crossfire. As they fight to keep each other alive in a war that threatens to destroy every Shifter in the county, barriers tumble. The driving force of their long-suppressed passion explodes into sheet-scorching animal lust. In the torrid nights that follow, they discover that their firestorm of love and desire is far more devastating to them than any war.

Driving Force
Jo Andrews
215 pages
Act/Adv.   sus/myst.  Paranormal

The cover is Purrfect. I love shifter books and this one drew me into the story just from the cover art. Excellent!

Forbidden fruit always seems so much more desirable.  It seems that what we are not supposed to have or want has a much higher appeal.Sierra has built walls internally to protect herself from what she wants because she won't let herself be honest with what she wants and who she is.

Ian has been told that Seirra is off limits but he has a driving force that won't let him walk away.

Life explodes around both and trust and truth fight to win.  Sensually explosive scenes draw you deeper into the lives of all.

You will find it hard to put this book down as it carries you along with vivid descriptions of everything.  Love, lust, confrontations, both meek and mild to bloody and fierce. It will engage you and keep you wanting more. 

Great read for fans of paranormal and shifter reads!

5 stars

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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