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Fire In the Blood Virtual Tour

Fire in the Blood
Bad Witch Book 3
Robyn Bachar

Genre: Paranormal romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61921-173-5 

Number of pages: 139
Word Count: 33,000

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

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Book Description:

It’s good to be bad…

Patience Roberts is the last summoner standing between magiciankind and certain demon invasion. After banishing two or three demons a day for too long, gods know she’d like nothing better than a little down time with her number one distraction—Faust.

But with vampires, hunters and assassins lined up to take her out, who has the time? Still, she has to admit her resistance to the amorous faerie is wearing thin. Not that she’ll ever let on—after all, faeries are notorious for their short romantic attention spans.

Faust, a Shadowspawn faerie, watched as his outcast clan dwindled to nothing. Determined to hold on to the woman he loves, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Patience. And one day build a life with her.

When an old demon enemy punches through the barrier between the worlds, Patience must draw on every ounce of her reputation as a cast-iron bitch to temporarily banish him. To get rid of him for good, she’ll have to sacrifice one too many pieces of her soul to leave room for love…

Warning: Contains a hero and heroine so hot they’re literally on fire, naughty faerie sex, post-coital cuteness, angsty magician drama, and yet more gratuitous violence against vampires, demons, and innocent furniture.

 “You still haven’t eaten,” Harvey reminded after I hung up the phone.
“Drive through. Don’t let me forget.”
“You said that this morning.”
“I did?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes, you did.”
Damn it all to hell and back, my brain must really be fried, because I had zero memory of that. At least I’d been chugging black coffee all day, so there was something in my system, even if it was only caffeine. I couldn’t keep up this pace for much longer, but I didn’t have a choice. I was the only one left to handle the demon problem. I’d tried to call in extra help from the coasts, and everyone turned me down. They were too afraid of the hunters, and though I couldn’t blame them for that, it still pissed me off. I outsourced what work I could to the local guardians, but it wasn’t enough. They weren’t specialists like me.
I was trying to bail out the Titanic with a teaspoon. It was only a matter of time before we all drowned.
“Well, this time I mean it,” I said lamely.
“Of course, Mistress.”
I grabbed my black cashmere coat from the rack and donned it along with my scarf, then slung my messenger bag over my shoulder. This time I made it halfway across the room before I was stopped, but it wasn’t the phone that interrupted me. It was a faerie invasion, and I had only a moment to recognize Faust by the smoky lenses of his round, dark glasses before he pounced on me. He kissed me fiercely and nudged me back until I stumbled into the front of my desk.
“I dislike this overcoat. It’s much too bulky.” He reached for the buttons and I batted his hand away.
“I’ll be in the car, Mistress,” Harvey called out loudly before vanishing. He’s not a voyeur, and he disapproved of my relationship with Faust. I didn’t approve of my relationship with Faust either. Every summoner knows you shouldn’t get involved with a faerie, because it always ends badly.
“Cut it out. I’m on a call,” I warned.
Faust grinned, and my chest tightened with an emotion I fought not to show. Yes, this was headed toward disaster, but I couldn’t help myself. Faust was the most addictive temptation I’d ever met. He was just so damn pretty—tall for a faerie, which made him about my height, and dark haired with a pale complexion that spoke more of a vampire than a faerie. Faust had an angular face with high, sharp cheekbones that reminded me a bit of a runway model, a finely-drawn brow and a smile that could make a girl weak in the knees in 0.5 seconds.
“It can’t wait,” he insisted. “I’ve missed you.”
He tugged my scarf aside and kissed my neck, and it was suddenly much too warm to be wearing my coat. I didn’t fight him as he unbuttoned the garment and slid it off. I kissed him and indulged in the lovely diversion of letting his nimble hands roam for a few moments, because the past few days had been all business and no pleasure. But I had an appointment to keep, and I pushed him away with a disappointed sigh.
“I missed you too, babe, but I don’t have time for a break. I’m on call 24/7 now.”
“I know you are.” Faust’s expression sobered, and he caressed my cheek. “You’re a brave woman, Patience, and I admire that about you. But that’s also why I’m here.”
“You’re here because you admire me? Funny, seemed more like desire a second ago,” I teased. The corners of his mouth twitched, and I bit back the urge to kiss him. Experience had taught me that if I encouraged him I’d end up naked and bent over the desk.
“There’s a problem—” he began, and I cut him off.
“I don’t have time for more problems. We’re all full up here.”
“This is serious. Zachary has hired someone to kill you.”

Fire in the Blood
Robyn Bachar
139 pages
Contemporary. Paranormal. Sus/Myst. Act/Adv

Patience is one the last surviving summoners and has her hands full keeping things in an orderly sense so that evil does not take over.  She has been working 24/7 with little time for food let alone sleep. Her love life has been on hold for so long that when Faust comes into her life again she has trouble deciding which she needs more, food, sleep or loving.

A steamy bath seems to set things on the right track for them both and so much more to follow.  Being they both have fire magic when Faust smirks and says "I like my women with a little fire in them"  Patience moans but things do not cool down.

Plenty of evil tries to take hold but they soon learn that Patience has run out of patience.

Plenty of action and heat more than than you can imagine

5 stars

Victoria Storm

Guest Post:

I tend to freeze up when asked about my books. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m terrified of speaking in public. (I am.) Maybe it’s because I tend to babble about the plot and how much I love my characters because I’m no good at summarizing. (Also true.) It’s easier for me to let one of my characters do the talking. Thus I decided to let Harvey, Patience’s trusty demon minion, explain the Top Five Reasons Why You Should Read Fire in the Blood. After he finishes this level in Angry Birds, he was muttering something about stars and stupid boomerang birds…

Take it away, Harvey! …yes, you have to, or I’ll put your tablet in time out again. Okay. All set? Here we go!

5. My mistress, Patience. Mistress Patience is the finest summoner I have ever served during my time as a demon. Of course she can be…high maintenance, and she has terrible taste in men. (I suspect that her poor romantic choices began years ago when she traded away her sense of taste in a bargain with a different demon in attempt to win the affections of a boy.) But she allows me to have my own room and pre-orders every new game that I ask for so that it arrives promptly on release day. I’ve never heard of any summoner treating her minion so well. She says that I am “spoiled,” but I prefer to think that she is enlightened.

4. There is a special appearance by the Bean. Everyone likes the Bean, though I do prefer to visit Millennium Park during the summer, and not in November. It’s always colder by the lake, and it’s uncomfortable for demons who have no skin, like me.

3. Action! My mistress and I have been extremely busy as we attempt to stem the tide of invading demons, so this story is action-packed. Mistress Patience is very skilled in combat and is ready to face any enemy. (That faerie also helps a bit. I prefer not to speak about him. I don’t approve of his relationship with my mistress. She could do much better.)

2. This story contains the eternal battle of good versus evil. Despite any misconceptions you may have about summoners, I can assure you, my mistress is on the side of good. She is dedicated to keeping this world and the people in it safe (everyone, not just magicians, which I think is quite charitable of her). (Or at least she is when she isn’t being distracted by that faerie.) In fact, I would say that this story is epic, like a Legend of Zelda game. Just without a Triforce. Or Link. Or an enchanted sword. Or a princess. Well, I suppose the argument could be made that Mistress Patience is like a princess, just a self-rescuing one.

1. Me. I must say that I have all of the best lines in this book. My mistress can be witty, but she is a bit brusque, and we won’t speak about that faerie and his overwrought poetry. Suffice it to say that he is always declaring his love for and devotion to Mistress Patience, and it’s quite nauseating. But I suppose if you’re the sort who prefers romance with your action and adventure, then you will enjoy listening to him. Better you than me, dear reader.

Thanks for being on the blog today Robyn!!! I can't wait to go back and read the whole series.

About the Author:
Robyn Bachar was born and raised in Berwyn, Illinois, and loves all things related to Chicago, from the Cubs to the pizza. It seemed only natural to combine it with her love of fantasy, and tell stories of witches and vampires in the Chicagoland area. As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in MMPORGs.

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