Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reclaimed Surrender

Reclaimed Surrender (Trust in Me, #1)

Things take a sizzling turn when Rene Tanner finds himself neck-deep in marital unbliss. He’s fully prepared to do whatever it takes to reclaim his wife’s surrender. The way he sees it? He’s been putting her on a pedestal when all she really wanted—needed—was for Rene to put her on her knees.

Alexis Tanner has felt alone and unfulfilled for quite a while. So when her marriage counselor suggests a week of “As You Wish” therapy, she’s expecting to be wooed with chocolates and flowers. Instead she winds up in leather restraints and a silver collar. Now she must surrender to her darkest desires—or be forced to let Rene go forever.

From the first page, you really get a feeling of marital unease and the tension between Alexis and her husband. She is dissatisfied with her life and dreads being home. The writing here is amazing and the emotion just pours up from the page and sucks you in. Although you aren't sure at the onset of the book what exactly has happened, it is clear that some kind of breach of trust has occurred and the marriage has suffered almost an insurmountable hit. It is visceral and it tugged my guts out as I read. 

The sexual tension between Alex and Rene is scorching and I could not tear my eyes away. Think angry sex ramped up to The War of the Roses-but better. Ummmm. When Rene reads Alex's journals and turns the tables on her after she misses their anniversary dinner, things get really interesting. Spankable moments, some sexy scenes and a showdown at the end with someone else who wants a piece of Alex and isn't taking no for an answer.


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