Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lover's Feud by Ann Jacobs

The Hatfields and McCoys meet Dallas…

What should have been simple BDSM club play becomes complicated when lifelong neighbors Bye Caden and Karen Oakley discover there’s more between them than one steamy night. But acting on these feelings is unthinkable, for if discovered, they could reignite a century-old feud between their families.

Sneaking around to be together ups the heat factor of their relationship, but it’s only a matter of time before they must come clean. Forever is hard to come by when one’s father shoots first and asks questions later.

Against a larger-than-life ranch setting, the lovers must overcome not only their own misgivings, but the opposition of their respective families. A task that could prove to be as big as Texas.

Reader Advisory: Our heroine finds herself at the mercy of two sexy Doms one hot Texas night. Lucky girl.

Lover's Feud. (Book one in the Calden Kink Series)

Ann Jacobs

Contemporary.  Act/Adv.  Sus/Myst

M/F.  BDSM.  Voyeurism.  Ménage  Toys

A century-old feud between families seems to be a hurdle that needs to be aired again.

Karen enjoys a BDSM club for an outlet of pent up desires and needed release.  Watching is a turn on that she craves as well as being watched until she meets an unknown Dom that fulfills her every desire and leaves her with something she has never before experienced, a sexual euphoria.  She feels satisfied and cherished.

The family feud that had been on going for centuries stands between Karen and Bye.  They both feel a driving need to be together and find ways to do so. It isn't just the wild sex that they both crave but more and they both are willing to fight for what they want.

Karen has an out of control drunken father to cope with that takes a toll on her as she fights for what she desires, Bye.

Bye's world is turned up-side-down when his mother dies and his father has a secret aired that he had kept for more than thirty years.  Bye turns to Karen for emotional support and they seem to hold each other together as well as have some fantastic sex to release pent up frustration.

Family secrets air aired and more dug out to hopefully end years of feuding.

Be ready for a few tears of joy at the end of this emotionally, sexual and feud fired relationship.

So glad this is book one because I look forward to more from this author and cast of characters.

5 stars. I know Texas is a lone star state but this book earns all FIVE. STARS

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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  1. Thank you, Victoria, for reading and commenting on Lovers' Feud. I hope you'll check out the other two books in this series, Shotgun Relations (available now) and Wild One (coming at Ellora's Cave Jan. 4)!


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