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Blissfully Reading With Red Phoenix

The Emotional Impact of a Ménage à Trois
Ménage à trois is a popular topic in erotica, but I have to admit that there are times when I laugh as I read it. It is fairly obvious when an author is writing from imagination and not personal experience. For one, the positions described are sometimes physically impossible. However, as amusing as that is, the aspect that often gets ignored is the emotional impact.

In a true ménage à trois (where the threesome commits to a relationship, not a one-time encounter) there has to be lots of communication and a commitment to respect each other’s boundaries. In a situation like I write about, both males not only have to care about the female they are sharing, but each other enough to be open and honest as the relationship advances.

Ménage is a difficult and sometimes messy affair. Even as the individuals enjoy the variety of sexual experiences being a threesome offers, their emotions will play into it. Any jealousy or insecurity will raise its ugly head. It takes good communication for a couple to survive and it is doubly so when you add a third person into the mix.

I hope you enjoy reading the journey of Dan, Jenny, and Ryan in Blissfully Undone. The story brought back some fond memories and delicious experiences. However there were difficulties along the way which I delve into briefly with this book. In my personal experience, threesomes rarely end in happily ever after – but with determination, lots of work, trust, forgiveness and love it is possible.

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Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan and Jenny make it before the blizzard strikes. That leaves them alone together for five days. With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for each other, things start to heat up. Dan has a crush on her and finds creative ways to seduce Jenny. By the time it's over, the two must make a choice - either way, hearts will suffer.

This sexy novelette explores what happens when two responsible adults find themselves in a situation where hidden love can flourish.

Friends since college, Jenny and Dan get the cabin ready for the gang. They become snowbound when an unexpected blizzard strikes. Jenny is unaware that Dan has a crush on her. However, he makes those feelings quite clear when it becomes apparent that they are snowed in. As much as Jenny wants to fight off her attraction to Dan, she is irresistibly drawn to the man. Jenny is unwilling to "cheat" on her boyfriend by making love to Dan, but he finds a variety of ways to love on her beautiful body. Jenny comes to embrace being blissfully snowbound and is brokenhearted that it must end.

The Review:

What do you do when you are supposed to go on vacation with your three best friends and only your best friend's boyfriend is able to make it before a massive snowstorm hits?

Jenny has just that dilemma when she and Dan are isolated in Dan's family's cabin for several days. At first, they fight their mutual attraction and then passion takes over. The love scenes are hot and very creative as Jenny does not want to have vaginal sex because she feels that would be cheating on Ryan.

The time spent with Dan in the cabin is spicy and filled with hot sex and the thrill of the forbidden. Reality hits when the storm breaks and their friends find their way to the cabin. Reeling with the betrayal, everyone involved struggles to deal with the emotions involved.


Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything? Jenny is unsure how Ryan will react when she breaks the news that she is in love with Dan. The pivotal moment defines the depth of Ryan's love. In an act of ultimate devotion and passion, he gives Jenny her unspoken desire and shows her what it means to be blissfully in love as they move from being a couple to a menage a trois.

This steamy novelette, sequel to Blissfully Snowbound, explores how a couple moves from two lovers to three.

Jenny didn't want to fall in love with Dan during the blizzard, but their love is intense and undeniable... Now it is time to tell their respective partners the bad news. Jenny expects a terrible scene and her best friend Kelly does not fail to deliver. However, her longtime boyfriend surprises her by reacting far differently. Ryan loves Jenny too much to give her up, but also recognizes the passion that she and Dan share. In an act of deep love for her, Ryan brings Dan into their bed and into their lives. A ménage a trois of one woman loving two men is born.


This book was hot. Coming to terms with her love for Dan and how she betrayed Ryan, Jenny is thrilled when she discovers that Ryan loves her enough to absorb Dan into their relationship. Sparks fly and tempers flair as the trio gets used to the new and strange dynamic of being lovers. Red Phoenix does a great job of putting across sexual hunger and the emotion Jenny feels for the two men.


Book #3 of the Blissful Series

Jenny is living the dream of a ménage a trios with two passionate men. The sex is delicious, but the intense love of both men makes it that much sweeter. There is only one problem. Jenny betrayed her best friend when she accidently fell in love with Dan. Revenge and a proposal are in their future and may be enough to unravel the sexy threesome.

This racy novelette is the third in the Blissful series exploring the sexual creativity of a FMM ménage a trios involving one woman and two hot men.

Extended description:

Dan, Jenny and Ryan have chosen to live a legitimate ménage a trois. Both men are in love with Jenny and are willing to share her. Dan moves in with the couple and the three experiment with the sexual possibilities of two men loving one woman. Unfortunately, Jenny’s ex girlfriend is intent on revenge. Kelly uses one of the men to create a crack between the three. Can Jenny protect the unique relationship before the fracture grows large enough to shatter their beautiful arrangement?


Sexy and alluring, this continuation of the Blissful series had me reading into the night. Deeper into the relationship, the three lovers are now dealing with the aftermath of their chosen path. The road gets rocky when Jenny's best friend begins to take her revenge. The tension between the three is palpable as dynamics change and feelings get bruised. The sexual adventures are innovative and full of fun.


Blissfully Taken (Fourth and final book in the Blissful Series)

Dan, Jenny, and Ryan face an emotional crossroads. The special bond they share is tested by the upcoming wedding. To make matters worse, Kelly is hell-bent on destroying her former best friend at any cost. The climax to this poignant journey of passion, love, and friendship will end where it all began...

Blissfully Taken (the final of the Blissful series) is infused with a pinch of heartache and a whole lot of lusty passion. A novella to be savored and enjoyed again and again.

This book was my favorite of the series. I was literally on pins and needles wondering how things were going to be between Dan, Ryan and Jenny. Without giving any spoilers, I can tell you I was thrilled with the hot sex and the plot development as the wedding comes closer. Who will win the revenge war? Will Kelly get her way and destroy the hearty passion these lovers have cooked up. So not telling! You are going to have to read this series yourself to find out.


Overall: This series was a fun menage situation with all the tensions and power plays you have when three very different people are involved. Dan and Jenny are still my favorite characters and I loved the conclusion to the series. It really illustrates just how multifaceted Red Phoenix is as an author. You see her growth as a writer from the first book to the last. The sex is inventive and hotter than Hell and I loved every moment spent between the pages!

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