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Naked: The Blackstone Affair Part One by Raine Miller

Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone, buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and makes plans to keep her there no matter what. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy them both…

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The Interview:

1. When did you first decide to write erotica?

  I started writing 3 years ago.  I was home on a medical leave with lots of free time and my husband and kids gone during the days.  Once I started writing it became an obsession and I could not stop.  My first book still remains unpublished but some day I hope to get it out there.

2. What was your inspiration for Naked?

  I was looking on Shutterstock for an image for a cover (for another book I was working on) and stumbled upon the image that's on the cover for Naked.  I thought it was beautiful.  I just got an idea of what it would be like for the model to meet the man who bought her picture.  ...And Naked was born.  I just started writing and got the first chapter done in a couple hours.  Then it was onward and forward with the story.  It sort of took on a life of its own.

3. What are some of your favorite erotica authors?

  Megan Hart is probably one of the first I read.  I love her and love her books.  JR Ward and Elizabeth Hoyt are other favorites of mine.  I admire their storytelling skills and love every book they write.  I know they are not considered erotica but their books have very sexy, erotic scenes that touch the heart.

4. In the book, your main character is an art student and nude model.
Have you ever ventured into the arts or modeling?

  I studied Art History in college, so yes I love the arts.  I have the painting/portrait theme running in most of my books.  Paintings always look like there is such an interesting story behind them.  I want to know, so writing a fictional account is the second best thing.

5. Martini or margarita?

  That's easy.  California girl, so MARGARITA.  Preferably with fruit, no salt.

6. Chef salad or cheeseburger?

  I love both but would probably go with the salad (then I can have ice-cream)

7. What was the hardest scene you ever had to write? Why?

  The hardest scene, by far, is one in my very first book.  The hero has to tell his grieving wife about the death of their premature twins, of how they were born alive and then just went to sleep as he held them.  She was not conscious during the birth and begs to be told.  He doesn't want to tell her because he knows how much it will hurt her, but she needs to know so she can move forward.  I cried gallons while writing that scene  (The book ends happy though).

8. The elements of D/s relationships are so electric! Tell us more about Ethan and Brynne.

  D/s is another thread I have woven in most of my writing.  I write Dominant males.  Period.  Ethan and Brynne just click for many reasons and the D/s element is a BIG part of why they do.  Brynne has suffered some trauma that involved a sexual assault where she was tricked and unaware of what went on until a video surfaced and just destroyed her.  Ethan is very blunt and direct.  He tells her from the beginning that he wants to be with her and tells Brynne exactly what he wants sexually.  She likes that a lot.  The direct truth is very comforting to Brynne.  She knows what will happen and can decide if she wants to do it or not.  She likes that Ethan is in charge because she has little confidence in this aspect of her life.  The sex with him is explosive and by giving herself over to his care she can finally enjoy something that had been traumatic for her in the past.  Ethan is obsessed with Brynne.  He cannot help his attraction, it just is. 

9. Do you have a playlist for the book?

  I do not.  That's something I should set up though.  I listen to anything and everything when I write.  From classic stuff like Jimi Hendrix to Imogene Heep.

10. What are you working on now?

  I am writing Part 2 of The Blackstone Affair.  It is entirely from Ethan's point of view.  The title is All In.  I've also outlined a spin-off series to follow this one.  Brynne's roommate, Gabrielle, will be the heroine in it.

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Amazon Author Central


“It’s a very bad idea, Brynne. Don’t risk it. Let me give you a ride.”

I froze on the street. I knew who spoke to me without ever hearing his voice before. I turned slowly to face the same eyes that had burned me back at the gallery. “I don’t know you at all,” I told him.

He smiled, his lip turning up more on one side than the other of his goateed mouth. He pointed to his car at the curb, a sleek black Range Rover HSE. The kind that only Brits with money can ever afford. Not that he didn’t reek of money before, but he was way out of my league.

I swallowed hard in my throat. Those eyes of his were blue, very clear and deep. “Yet you call me by name and—and expect me to get in a car with you? Are you crazy?”

He walked toward me and extended his hand. “Ethan Blackstone.”

I stared at his hand, so finely elegant with the white cuff framing the grey sleeve of his designer jacket. “How do you even know my name?”

“I just bought a work entitled Brynne’s Repose from the Andersen Gallery for a nice sum not fifteen minutes ago. And I’m fairly sure I’m not mentally impaired. Sounds more PC than crazy don’t you think?” He kept his hand out.

I met his hand and he took mine. Oh did he ever. Or maybe I’d lost my mind shaking hands with the stranger who’d just purchased a huge canvas of my naked body. Ethan possessed a firm grip. And hot too. Had I imagined he pulled me a little closer toward him? Or maybe I was the crazy one, because my feet hadn’t moved an inch. Those blue eyes were nearer to me than they were a moment ago though, and I could smell his cologne. Something so gawd awfully delicious it was sinful to smell that good and be human.

“Brynne Bennett,” I said.

He let go of my hand. “And now we know each other,” he said, pointing first at me and then to himself, “Brynne, Ethan.” He motioned with his head toward his Rover. “Now will you let me take you home?”

I swallowed again. “Why do you care so much?”

“Because I don’t want anything to happen to you? Because those heels look lovely at the end of your legs but will be hell to walk in? Because it’s dangerous for a woman alone at night in the city?” His eyes flicked over me. “Especially one as beautiful as you.” That mouth of his turned up just slightly on the one side again. “So many reasons, Miss Bennett.”

“What if you’re not safe?” He raised an eyebrow at me. “I still don’t know you or anything about you, or if Ethan Blackstone is your real name.” Did he just give me a look?

“You have a point in that. And it’s one I can rectify easily.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a drivers license with the name, Ethan James Blackstone clearly printed. He handed me a business card with the same name and Blackstone Security International, Ltd. engraved on the cream cardstock. “You may keep that.” He grinned again. “I’m very busy at my job, Miss Bennett. I have absolutely no time for a hobby as a serial killer, I promise you.”

I laughed. “Good one, Mr. Blackstone.” I put his card in my purse. “All right. You can give me a ride.” His brow shot up again, and I got the sideways grin again too.

I winced inwardly at the double entendre for ‘ride’ and tried to focus on how uncomfortable my shoes really would be for walking to the Tube station and that it was a good idea to let him drive me.

He pressed his hand to the bottom of my back and led me to the curb. “In you go.” Ethan got me settled and then walked around to the street side and slid behind the wheel, smooth as a panther. He looked at me and tilted his head. “And where does Miss Bennett live?”

“Nelson Square in Southwark.”

He frowned but then turned his face away and pulled out into traffic. “You are American.”

What, he didn’t like Americans? “I am here on scholarship at the University of London. Graduate program,” I tacked on, wondering why I felt the need to tell him anything at all about myself.

“And the modeling?”

The second he asked the question the sexual tension thickened. I paused before answering. I knew exactly what he was doing—imagining me in my picture. Naked. And as weird as it felt, I opened my mouth and told him. “Um, I—I posed for my friend, the photographer, Benny Clarkson. He asked and it helps pay the bills, you know?”

“Not really, but I love the portrait of you, Miss Bennett.” He kept his eyes on the road.

I felt myself stiffen at his comment. Who in the hell was he to judge what I do to support myself?

“Well, my own personal international corporation never came through like yours did,
Mr. Blackstone. I resorted to modeling. I like sleeping in a bed as opposed to a park bench. And heat. The winters here suck!” Even I could hear the snark in my voice.

“In my experience I’ve found many things here that suck.” He turned and gave me an expert blue-eyed stare.

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Managing Macy

Managing Macy (Tall, Dark and Dominant #1)

Book 1 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series. Macy wants sexy Jarit Colson in the worst way. Too bad she has a dating code forbidding across-the-hall hook-ups. But her dating rules are shot after one look at his lean, sexy, athletic body. Jarit is cautious for a different reason. He's a sexual Dominant and he's not sure the sweet, submissive vibes Macy is giving off are the real thing. Jarit decides to test the waters. Kisses quickly turn to talk of ropes and cuffs and spanking. Macy is intrigued and they try a little bondage. She is easily seduced but scared by how much she likes it. She ends up with buyer's remorse and begs off. Jarit isn't satisfied with just a taste. He knows exactly what he wants-a whole lot more of Macy.

This short novel was a lot of fun. When a half naked and very sexy neighbor shows up at Macy's door, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. The thing that frustrated me about this book was the "I want him and then I don't" aspect of it. I like a woman who knows her own mind, even if she has a little problem with willpower. (If I had a sexy neighbor like Jarit and I was single, there would be no question about how that would go. Just sayin.)

When the story ramps up from a wet towel to a full on frontal smut attack. Awesome. I love the way the author builds the sexual tension and as Macy ticks down each rule she is breaking by stepping over the boundaries with Jarit, she does not care. Then things really take a turn for the interesting. Jarit is a dominant and Macy is in for the ride of her life. If only she would make up her danged mind so we could get on with enjoying it. *sigh*

After waffling around, Macy and Jarit get together and have a kinky little coming to BDSM meeting and she finally sees that inside her soul is a natural submissive just waiting to come out. The sex scenes were good and the ending kind of reminded me of something you see in an adult film, but overall I liked the story. (I secretly hope she really does start stealing his keys. I would.)


Girls Who Score Release Party!

Girls Who Score
Hot Lesbian Erotica

Edited by Ily Goyanes
Lesbian Erotica to Make You Sweat

Girl jocks always manage to see a lot of action off the field. Female athletes have an easy confidence about them, a natural nonchalance and killer bod that draws all kinds of women to them—straight, lesbian, bisexual, curious, you name it. Girls Who Score is a winner, filled with story after story of competitive, intriguing women engaging in all kinds of contact sports. Sinclair Sexsmith contributes "A Good Workout," set in a gym with lots of hot action in the steam room, and the losing boxer gleefully surrenders in Gina Marie's ever-so-sexy "Blood Lust." Delilah Devlin's soccer players have a very good time in the showers after "Playing the Field," and Elle's "Game Over" follows a cheerleader who trains a freshman each year to serve her every need. Whether it's hockey jocks, scuba divers or gym bunnies, editor Ily Goyanes features sporty dykes of every stripe in this sweet and sweaty volume that proves women play hard and love even harder.

With contributed stories by Sacchi Green, D.L. King, Delilah Devlin, Shanna Germain, Sinclair Sexsmith, Sommer Marsden, Gina Marie, Beth Wylde, Anna Watson, Cheyenne Blue, JT Langdon, Kiki DeLovely, Allison Wonderland, Paisley Smith, Elle, and Ily Goyanes

Buy link: Cleis Press           

ILY GOYANES is a journalist, food blogger, culture critic, publisher, and a widely published erotic fiction writer. She writes the viral food column "Fuming Foodie" for the Miami New Times (Village Voice Media) and is editor-in-chief of Arketipo187 Magazine, a digital publication that covers news, culture, and lifestyle. 

You can sample her writing in Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations. Follow her on Twitter @realily.

Thursday, August 30, 2012 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)

Eleazar Delgado Studios
2703 NW 2 Avenue
Miami, FL

Books, drinks, sex, music...

Ily Goyanes' new book, Girls Who Score: Hot Lesbian Erotica presents sixteen salacious stories to get your blood pumping and your sweat flowing. Come and celebrate the release this Thursday with other culture junkies and bibliophiles!

Complimentary drinks courtesy of Premium Blend, music by DJ Maximus 3000, book signing by Ily Goyanes and book reading by Deborah Magdalena.

The event is free, open to the public, and starts at 8 p.m.

Celebrate sex and women in sports at the official Girls Who Score book release party at Eleazar Delgado Studios.

Direct questions to Ily Goyanes at:

Congrats on the new book!!! 

Bondage On A Budget by Alison Tyler

Filled with delicious fictional scenarios requiring no more than simple household items and a little imagination, this guide to do-it-yourself SM explodes the myth that adventurous sex requires a dungeonful of expensive custom-made paraphernalia.

The Interview:

1. How did you come up with the list for Bondage of a Budget?

Masquerade Books published Bondage on a Budget in the 90s—which seems like an ice age ago. (I actually remember what I wore to the pitch meeting with Richard.) The table of contents built progressively as I worked on the stories. Fun fact: Mr. Kasak bought the book based on my title alone.

2. What were some of your favorite stories?

Antonia’s Beast (which is a tale within a tale and involves eavesdropping and anal sex) and Andrew and the Blade (about facing your fears and desires).

3. Do you think you will re-release it with the popularity of 50 Shades making erotica more mainstream?

Bondage on a Budget is currently available as a Kindle. I am hoping to get a print version (at least a POD) together in the near future. Here is a link to Amazon:

4. What is the kinkiest home bondage episode from your book?

I think the naughtiest scene in BOB features eggs, an enema, and a shower curtain. However, I received a nasty review once which accused that particular chapter of reading like something out of a ladies’ magazine you’d buy at a grocery store. I always wondered what the deviant sex life of that reviewer was like. I mean, to me, the story was filthy with a capital F.

5. Your book is wonderful because it teaches you how to use common household items to craft a kinky scene practically anywhere. Have you come up with a couple of things to add to the list?

We’re always trying to push the erotic envelope. A recent event in my house involved one of those classic bells you ring for customer service at a deli counter. No idea what inspired me to purchase the little chrome toy—but our incorporation of the device into our sex life gave new meaning to the words “you can ring my bell.”

6. What are some of your favorite sexy songs?

I feature songs a lot on my blog. I mean, a fuck lot. And I make no excuses for my bipolar musical tastes. From the Kinks to Elvis, from the P-Funk All Stars to Gogol Bordello, from Portishead to Ringside—I am a radio junkie. Here was one day when the radio gods smiled down on me:

Love is the Drug by Roxy Music
Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed
Kiss by Prince
Time by Pink Floyd
Love Me Chase Me by Carney
Big Time by Peter Gabriel
Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine
Closer by NIN

7. Have you ever used Christmas decorations or holiday gear in a kinky way?

Have I been tangled up in tinsel? Pleasured by a peppermint stick? Adorned with ornaments? Santa just checked his list and said, “Yes.” I’m a fan of using a variety of items in non-traditional ways, to the point where I’ve edited two collections of Christmas sex stories: Merry XXXmas and Naughty or Nice both from Cleis Press.

8. What is one thing you want readers to get from your book?

A pumped imagination is the sexiest tool you’ll ever need in the bedroom (kitchen, backseat, movie theater, alleyway, airplane, phone booth—oh, I miss a good phone booth…) If you can spin a story, or create a scene, using words and your fantasies, you’re good to go.

9. Eclairs or Twinkies?

Neither, thank you very much. I’m not a cake or pastry girl. Delight me with tubes of colorful Sweet Tarts, exploding Zots, and Sour Strings. I’ve got a dimestore palate. I can get off for .50 cents.

10. What are you working on now?

Several projects at once. That’s how it always is. I have a new bondage collection to turn in on September 1 for Cleis, a sequel to my guide Never Have the Same Sex Twice due on October 1, and a novel for November 1.

alison tyler

Ms. Tyler is loyal to coffee (black), lipstick (red), and tequila (straight). She has tattoos, but no piercings; a wicked tongue, but a quick smile; and bittersweet memories, but no regrets. She believes the rain won’t fall if she doesn’t bring an umbrella, prefers hot and dry to cold and wet, and loves to spout her favorite motto: “You can sleep when you’re dead.” She chooses Led Zeppelin over the Beatles, the Cure over the Smiths, and the Stones over everyone—yet although she appreciates good rock, she has a pitiful weakness for ’80s hair bands.

In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume.

Check out her website and her list of amazing books!

Cauldron of Tales...Coming Soon!

When five witches with wild imaginations get together, the pot boils over with trouble, romance, and sensuality.

In The Devil’s Berries, readers are taken back to Renaissance England where Sabine, facing her last night alive, reveals how the witch really came to be associated with the broomstick. Will her nightly visitor bring her more trouble or will he give her peace?

Cindy can’t decide if she’s Hexed Or Vexed her longtime friend, Killen. All she knows is that one second he was her very manly friend, and the next, he’s a dog. Can her Witchy Group on Facebook help her fix the mess, or will she be burdened with a comical canine companion the rest of her days?
When five witches with wild imaginations get together, the pot boils over with trouble, romance, and sensuality.

In The Devil’s Berries, readers are taken back to Renaissance England where Sabine, facing her last night alive, reveals how the witch really came to be associated with the broomstick. Will her nightly visitor bring her more trouble or will he give her peace?

Cindy can’t decide if she’s Hexed Or Vexed her longtime friend, Killen. All she knows is that one second he was her very manly friend, and the next, he’s a dog. Can her Witchy Group on Facebook help her fix the mess, or will she be burdened with a comical canine companion the rest of her days?

Willow Vance is a poor excuse for a witch, and by some stroke of luck, the six-year-old Past Potion she crafted worked. When the hexed warlock finds out about Willow's curse, he will stop at nothing for her to lift the spell. Willow can run, but does she want to?

Alone for Halloween, Bryn is ready to take some frustrations out on her purple battery-operated toy, but she’s in for a surprise when the Toy Soldier becomes a flesh-and-blood man. Grateful to be free of his plastic curse, Byron will do anything for matter how naughty.

A dance of seduction under The Light of the Moon turns into a night of passion, but will that be enough for Aponi to keep the man of her dreams enchanted? Or will the flame that was ignited die out just as quickly as it sparked?

Danica finds herself confused after a trip to the carnival with her best friend and coworker. She’s been attracted to Lisette for months, but are her feelings really being reciprocated, or was there A Sappho Spell cast in Madame Lilith’s tent?



Expected publication: October 1st 2012

Taking On Tabytha by Reese Gabriel

Book 2 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.

Tabytha Quillen is used to having the last word, both in the bedroom and in her sassy column, “Tabytha Takes On”. Self-described sexual dominant and a trainer of submissive females, Harlan Blake is exactly the kind of target she lives for. A quick interview over coffee ought to be all it takes to make mincemeat of the man and his ideas, but when he turns out to be handsome as sin and as quick on his feet as she is, all bets are off.

Tabytha can hardly get a word in or a breath out. Is she a subconscious submissive? Harlan intends to find out by inviting her to his BDSM club for a little innocent entertainment. Tabytha knows she’s playing with fire but surely she can keep the upper hand with Harlan for a single night? It’s the ultimate cat-and-mouse, and fate may have a surprise for both of them in the form of a passion far deeper than mere sex.


What I Liked:

I enjoyed the sassy reporter being taken in hand by the oh so seductive Dom. The chemistry between Tabytha and Harlan was oil and water. The sex scenes were great and the interplay between the characters in the club was fun. She is a reporter with a fiery temper and he is a Dom that is used to getting his way. Very hot. 

What I Didn't:

By the end of the book, even I was ready to duct tape Tabytha's mouth shut. She slung curse words like no tomorrow. Whew! He also kept calling her Tabby Cat. I would have bit him in the leg, myself. Just sayin.


I enjoyed the tension between Harlan and Tabytha. The reporter being at the BDSM club was fun, especially when she witnessed the show. (no spoilers!!) Harlan was a masterful Dom, but I think I would have gagged her with all the curse words that flowed out of her mouth. Ball gag please! The sexual tension was good and I can't wait to read more from this author!

This book was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Sugar Walls Blast Tour

When Emilie is dumped by her boyfriend, best friend Jack Voss offers a shoulder and a place to live--the other side of his duplex. He’s always there, fixing her problems, her car, her sink. Emilie doesn’t know what she’d do without him, or with the feelings she’s having for him. His shoulder doesn’t just offer comfort anymore; his touch is a turn-on. Their shared wall is the only thing keeping them from sharing a bedroom—and fanning the flames might risk breaking something that Jack can’t fix.


A glance back down at the man who was driving her crazy nearly made her moan. He shifted, his ass moved and his thighs flexed as he crawled forward a few inches. The denim of his worn jeans hugged him as tightly as Em dreamed of doing and, before she had time to think about it, she took a step Forward, hands outstretched to snatch hold of the prize. She stopped herself just in time and tucked her hands behind her back to keep from doing something stupid.

“So, Jack?” Her voice was tight with desire and discomfort.

“Hmm?” He peeked at her over one shoulder, a smile in those midnight blue eyes, then quickly returned his attention to the pipe.

“Almost done?” She hoped so, because at this rate, she’d come just from thinking about him.

“Nearly there. Leak’s almost plugged.”

I’ve got a leak you can plug. Her panties soaked with more cream than any one woman should have when she envisioned him plunging into her, filling her pussy with his hard cock. Heat rushed up her neck, and her heart pounded so loudly, surely he could hear it. Dear God. She tried to picture herself in a cold shower to kill some of the heat but cursed again when he joined her there in her mind and slid soapy hands over her damp skin, across her breasts, and down her—

“There.” His voice jolted her out of the hot daydream, and she jumped an inch off the floor. He backed out from the cupboard and turned to smile at her. “All fixed.”

 AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a very busy SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies.  Most people know she writes, but not what she writes about:  sexy men and the wanton women who love them.
She's married to a wonderful man who happily sacrifices himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of interesting and unusual situations in which to place her characters.  But most of all, she's a sucker for a happy ending.

 I don't know about you, but even the excerpt makes me have to stand in front of the fan. This looks like a great read and I will be adding this one to my TBR pile!

Want to win a $10 Amazon gift card? Author Mysti Holliday will be giving one away to a random commenter across the tour, so make sure you leave a comment. 

Don't forget to pop over to Mysti's blog and follow here for giveaways and some excellent author interviews you won't want to miss.

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The Strix Virtual Tour

The Strix
By Katalina Leon & Amber Skyze
Book one The Bag Of Tricks series

Genre: Paranormal erotic-romance, vampire, historical, parallel worlds.
Publisher: Loose Id LLC

Date of Publication: July 17, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61118-906-3

Number of pages: 262
Word Count: 83,134

Book Description:

A cursed amber amulet unearthed in Pompeii flings Arcona into a past life of witchcraft, bloodshed, revenge, and sexual slavery to the cruel Master of a gladiatorial school. This violent parallel world is populated with “Slayers,” blood-drinking immortals devoted to the gods of war and mayhem.

As a Strix, or malignant witch, Arcona once used sex and blood rituals to create a race of immortal warriors to unleash on Rome. Now it’s time to pay.

The gladiator Tyr was one desperately lonely lover she betrayed. Against his will, she turned him into Upir Likhyi, a foul vampire. For two millennia he’s lived a grim existence as a Slayer, in constant sexual arousal yet denied release; now, he's pissed off and wants revenge. He kidnaps Arcona, planning to drink her dry and break the curse.

Along the way Arcona and Tyr relive their sexual slavery at the hands of Rome and blood sport in the arena, but the real magic is they forgive and fall in love.

Too bad another Slayer wants them dead.


If you enjoy books with a historical and contemporary flair, then give this one a whirl. Witches, gladiators, blood, curses, betrayals and of course, some sexy vampires with attitude problems. I loved it. When the book opens up, we are in the past as a priestess tries to find her calling. It comes in the form of blood and fire. Next, we are in the present, wandering the streets of Salem. I am a sucker for witch stories, especially in Salem. 

I loved the flow of this story and the imagery. You can smell the arena, the gladiators and feel the anguish of the characters. The dialogue is spot on and the erotic scenes are super hot. I hate giving too much away, but if you enjoy an adventure that crosses time, curses, vengeance, hot sex and some hotter vampires, then this book is for you. There are some elements of f/f erotica and anal play, but that only made the story even hotter.


When did you decide to write erotica?

Katalina: I decided to start writing erotica soon after I bought my first Ellora’s Cave book. I realized the day of the repressed romance novel was over and I wanted to get in on the fun.

Witches are sexy. What inspired The Strix?

My late friend Arcona, inspired me to write The Strix. She was Germanic and carried a strong sense of mysticism about her. As for witches isn’t a woman who has dark desires and is willing to take control of her world always a sexual force of nature?

What are some of your favorite erotic authors?

I love too many contemporary erotic authors to name here but I’ve always admired the crisp, clean BDSM style of my writing partner Amber Skyze. Another early inspiration was Pauline Réage the author of “The Story of O”, which I found eye-opening and devastating at the same time.

Martini vs. Margarita?

Katalina: I’m not much of a drinker, but a dirty martini with an extra olive sounds kind of nice, especially if Daniel Craig would come to my home and join me in a toast.

What is your favorite erotic genre?

Katalina: I change favorites all the time but lately paranormal and shape-shifters keep grabbing my attention. These days shape-shifting males seem to be more strongly associated with noble, decent and loyal behavior than human males… What’s that about? But who cares it’s exciting to read.

Did you craft a playlist with the book?

Katalina: Yes, I had favorite music I played obsessively. The writing schedule moved fast and I felt pressured to complete two full lengths novels at the same time. As far as I’m concerned pressure calls for Nine Inch Nails. The more pressure I felt the louder I played Nine Inch Nails. If anyone wants to see what I’m playing while I write please visit my Katalina Leon YouTube channel, all my favs are listed there.

So are my book trailers. This trailer is for The Strix and features a little NIN.

Tell us about the toughest scene you ever had to write?

Every love scene is the toughest scene I’ve ever written. All sexual scenes are agonizing to write. I refuse to write sexual content by formula. I want to feel it. Anything less is not fair to the reader or me. I get tangled up in what I’m writing and go slow.

Garden salad or cheeseburger?

Katalina: Why choose? I love blue cheese on both.

What one thing would you tell an aspiring erotica author?

Katalina: Give yourself permission to go there.

What are you working on now?

Katalina: A lot. Between Amber and I, book two in The Bag Of Tricks book series “Claimed By Dragons” will be available from Loose Id Publishing September 28th. Books three and four are close behind. Solo, I have a very sexy Irish themed shifter tale heading to Ellora’s Cave. There’s also an ancient world historical series on the horizon.


Thank you so much for being a lovely hostess.

Great to have you ladies here on the blog!

Author Bio Katalina Leon:

I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Loose Id Publishing and Ellora’s Cave. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a big sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

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The Victorian Lure by Sky Purington

The Victorian Lure
Sky Purington
Calum’s Curse Ardetha Vampyre - Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 1601549903
ASIN: B00654CY2W

Number of pages:  310
Word Count:          80,000 words

Book Description:

Is it true love...or is the magnetic pull just another part of the Victorian's lure?

Dakota Allerton depends on no one but herself, but then she's never needed a ghost hunter. When her dream home becomes a house of horrors that is holding her hostage, her only hope is a Scotsman who investigates the paranormal.

The supernatural is nothing Leathan Stewart can't handle. However, trapped in Dakota's cursed Victorian home, he finds himself falling back in time. Only those who persevere can survive the dark domination.

Fear has a way of drawing two people together...but so does the need to be loved. Dakota and Leathan must fight against unknown enemies, discover the secrets of Calum's Curse and defeat a vampire bent on finishing the legacy it began.

What I Liked:

Online interaction is vast becoming the way most of us communicate with people. I love stories where you are chatting with someone and the unexpected happens. Usually, it is in erotica stories. In this one, you have a creepy vampire that is up to no good. Author Sky Purington does an amazing job at setting the stage for an online chat that goes horribly wrong, to the point where the heroine, Dakota, has to reach out for paranormal help. That's when things get mighty interesting. From hunky paranormal investigators, ghosts, vampires, secrets and some wizardry, this book has it all.

What I Didn't:

Not a thing. I am excited to read the rest of the series.


This paranormal romance is the beginning of a series and I couldn't be happier with it. It has spice, a main character that kicks butt and some hunky guys to make things interesting. The onset of the book really draws you in and then slams the door. Wham. You are hooked. Dakota is a software engineer on an online chat that goes horribly wrong. No, he is not some creepy perv, but a vampire out for blood and terror. Calling in paranormal investigators, they find she can't leave the room and things get really interesting. *no spoilers*

I liked the voice of this book. Dakota practically breathes off the page and you start to care about her right away. The action is spot on. There are a few bumps in the dialogue but other than that, it is a smooth ride. The plot is twisty (yay!) and I am eager to read the second book in the series. The vampire politics, magic, creepy haunted houses and ghosts make this a great paranormal romance to keep you up at night.


The Guest Blog:

Hello all! I’m totally thrilled to be joining you here today.  A huge thanks to Erzebet’s Enchantments for having me. While my novel, The Victorian Lure, isn’t exactly considered erotica it definitely skirts the ‘holy-heck-that’s-hot’ border.
This novel dares to conquer all. With vampires, warlocks and ghost-hunters, I left no rock unturned.  I suppose it all began when I became fascinated with the paranormal. I already loved romance and sex so combining it all was a no-brainer.
So let’s start at the beginning. The Victorian Lure is the first in my Calum’s Curse Series.  So who’s Calum? Well, he was born a witch in colonial period America but long story short; he turned to dark magic and became a powerful warlock. Eventually, he got too cocky and his coven turned on him. In anger they sent three creatures of the night out into the world to destroy his descendants.
But Calum had a plan. Through the use of time-travel, he trapped the creatures in three separate houses he had built... a Victorian, Georgian and Tudor Revival.
Over a century later three paranormal investigators, Calum’s descendants, unleash the first beast in the Victorian. And though he’s only a ghost now, Calum is determined to help his young offspring, Leathan, Devin and Seth. These men are in all three Calum’s Curse books.
The Victorian Lure (Calum’s Curse: Ardetha Vampyre) is Leathan’s love story. The eldest and most knowledgeable of the three paranormal investigators, he leads. But even he could not have anticipated what the Victorian would hold within its walls. When he meets Dakota, the owner, he’s taken on a wild ride.
Here’s a little taste of the story. A moment when spooky meets sexy…
Leathan froze when a black figure caught the corner of his vision from deeper inside the room. His flashlight dimmed then snapped off without him touching it. Those in the paranormal world speculated spirits drew energy from their surroundings to manifest. He waited and watched.
He snatched Dakota from the doorway, brought her between him and the wood and brought a finger to her lips. “Quiet,” he whispered close to her ear.
“Heard you the first time,” she whispered back.
No time to wonder what she meant. Something was happening in the corner. With a protective arm around Dakota, he peered into the dark recesses of the room. Someone whispered. She trembled. He peered closer. Nothing. The temperature rose, returned to normal. Leathan stroked her shoulder reassuringly. Whatever it had been hadn’t stuck around long. While he wanted to explore the area more the feel of her long body against his drove all logical thought from his mind. Her heart pounded against his. Breath rushed from their lungs. They were caught in a heady mix of adrenaline combined with lust.
At last she spoke. “Did you see anything?”
What scent was she wearing? It smelled sweet and inviting. “Nay.” He continued stroking her shoulder, then the side of her neck. “You okay? Frightened?”
“At first,” she admitted, her body relaxed and pliant between his and the wood stack.
Without consciously realizing it, he had her sandwiched; his front nestled against hers, his renewed arousal pressed against her with interest. Spirit activity, no matter how slight, usually had him interested. Right now, nothing but the feel of her lithe body flattened against his mattered.
Leathan pressed closer, gently kissed the side of her neck, said very softly, “Does this frighten you?”
“What do you think?”
Hungry, eager, he found her mouth. Willing, her lips opened beneath his and as before, her hands came around his neck. Wedging a knee between her legs, he found her backside and lifted until he held her locked and secure, inescapably lodged between him and the woodpile. Her firm backside filled his palms perfectly. Her slender athletic thighs straddled his leg. Heat emanated from her core, and he nearly groaned. Tilting his head further, he explored her mouth, their tongues and lips in perfect unison. He could kiss her forever and never get bored.
Grinding his thigh against her, he protected her backside with his hands. The ache rose sharp and hard when he felt the heat increase between her legs, when a small whimper left her lips. All he could imagine was the moist clinging heat within her. What would she taste like? Feel like?
Her hands left his neck, bunched his sweater until she touched bare back. The light scrape of her nails made him grunt and thrust. His need was so strong and painful that he slid her down, and dropped to his knees. Unzipping her pants, he pulled them and her panties down. When he looked up her head was thrust back against the wood, eyes closed, chest rising and falling harshly, hands moving restlessly over the wood behind. She was damn hot and only lit by the small light at his hip.
Leathan wished she was naked.
Grasping her waist, he felt the taut smoothness of her backside with his fingers while grazing her curved hip bones with his thumbs. A trickle of sweat made its way down his forehead despite the frigid temperature. Carefully, feather light, he trailed the tip of his tongue around the tiny ring piercing her bellybutton.
Dakota groaned.
“You are so beautiful,” he whispered across her belly. She shivered. “Has anyone ever told you that before?” He moved his hands upward, allowed his thumbs to lightly skirt the underside of her breasts.
“Not sure,” she breathed.
As he moved his hands down over her waist once more, he peppered kisses over her smooth stomach. When he reached the area beneath, he moved slowly, savored every inch. She stopped breathing. Inhaling, he knew she was ready for him.
Sky here! Hope you enjoyed. And it gets even better. But only so much is allowed at a blog. *winks*
I love to hear from readers so be sure to visit me at my website,, to learn more about this book and those that follow.
Best Regards,

Thanks for joining us today Sky! I can't wait to read more of the series!

 Author Bio:

Best-selling author, Sky Purington lives in southern New Hampshire with her son and husband. The written word has been her obsession from the very beginning. Purington writes time-travel paranormal/fantasy romance heavily influenced by history.

From Irish Druids to Scottish Highlanders many of her novels possess strong Celtic elements. More recently, her vampire stories take the reader to medieval England and ancient Italy.

Enjoy strictly paranormal romance? Sky's latest novels follow three haunted houses in New England and the sexy ghost hunters determined to make sense of them. Make no mistake, in each and every tale told you'll travel back to another time and revisit the romanticism history holds at its heart.

Sky loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky's latest news and releases? Visit Sky's Website, to download her FREE App on iTunes and Android.


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