Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taking On Tabytha by Reese Gabriel

Book 2 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.

Tabytha Quillen is used to having the last word, both in the bedroom and in her sassy column, “Tabytha Takes On”. Self-described sexual dominant and a trainer of submissive females, Harlan Blake is exactly the kind of target she lives for. A quick interview over coffee ought to be all it takes to make mincemeat of the man and his ideas, but when he turns out to be handsome as sin and as quick on his feet as she is, all bets are off.

Tabytha can hardly get a word in or a breath out. Is she a subconscious submissive? Harlan intends to find out by inviting her to his BDSM club for a little innocent entertainment. Tabytha knows she’s playing with fire but surely she can keep the upper hand with Harlan for a single night? It’s the ultimate cat-and-mouse, and fate may have a surprise for both of them in the form of a passion far deeper than mere sex.


What I Liked:

I enjoyed the sassy reporter being taken in hand by the oh so seductive Dom. The chemistry between Tabytha and Harlan was oil and water. The sex scenes were great and the interplay between the characters in the club was fun. She is a reporter with a fiery temper and he is a Dom that is used to getting his way. Very hot. 

What I Didn't:

By the end of the book, even I was ready to duct tape Tabytha's mouth shut. She slung curse words like no tomorrow. Whew! He also kept calling her Tabby Cat. I would have bit him in the leg, myself. Just sayin.


I enjoyed the tension between Harlan and Tabytha. The reporter being at the BDSM club was fun, especially when she witnessed the show. (no spoilers!!) Harlan was a masterful Dom, but I think I would have gagged her with all the curse words that flowed out of her mouth. Ball gag please! The sexual tension was good and I can't wait to read more from this author!

This book was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. I love Reese's "Tall, Dark and Dominant" books.


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