Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unholy Cravings by Suzanne Rock

Book 2 in the Immoral Hungers series.

When Soren and Donar escape their hellish prison, their memories are erased and evil threatens to consume their goodness. They find solace in the same woman, a healer who’s lost faith in her powers and the respect of her people. As the men spend time with Tara, they begin to change…each taking on personality traits of the monsters inside them. They try to resist, but when Tara’s life is threatened, the darkness entwines with their human side, transforming them into sexually charged beings who crave so much more than the healer’s soothing touch.

Tara knows she should be wary of the evil inside Donar and Soren, but she craves their erotic interludes, only feeling complete when surrounded by both men and monsters. She wants to help them control their inner darkness, but can only offer peace to one, dooming the other to a life of torment. Who should she choose to save? With each erotic encounter, it becomes more impossible to decide.

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 What I Liked:

This book was fierce and sexy. The interaction between light and dark completely captured my attention. The BDSM elements blended with the dark paranormal added an edge that made it delicious. All three characters were people I would love to read more about. The sex was hot and the plot nicely twisty with a side of kink.

What I Didn't:

I probably should have read the first book in the series before reading this one.


Okay. So I try not to do spoilers but the scene with the spoon was really hot. The demon (deahman) fighting with Donar over who would be in control of his body while he took Tara was very well done. So was the episode with Soren in the bedroom. Both have demons that come out to play and Tara can take them and delight in the pleasure/pain. Hot and realistic sex scenes, good story line, excellent tension and characters you can fall for, this book is a great sexy paranormal read with some fun BDSM elements.

I will be looking for more from this author! 


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