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The Last of His Kind: An Interview with Doris O'Connor

What do you do when you stumble upon a naked, injured Adonis on your morning jog? You take him home and nurse him back to health, of course. If that involves the hottest sex a girl ever had, than so much the better, right?

Penelope Jefferson has returned to her childhood vacation spot at Loch Ness for peace, solitude, and inspiration. When she stumbles upon Doric she is floored by her body's instantaneous reaction to the stranger who washed up from the Loch.

Doric is the last of his kind. Cursed into the Loch by a witches spell, he needs acceptance from the very species he detests. When his little human is abducted after their night of bliss, will it spell the end for them both, or will they get to live the fairy tale?


This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review.

What I liked:

This book was hot. Finding a naked guy next to a loch and having hot and wild monkey sex with him. Oh yes. Great believable action scenes and a dominant male that made me want to just go all melty. You read lots of vampire romances and erotica-or at least I do, and it was really nice to read about another kind of supernatural being that doesn't stay within stereotypes.

What I didn't:

The villain being another shape shifter that got a little too up close and personal with the heroine was unpleasant, but thankfully it didn't get to rape. Using the term "spunk" was also one that I don't usually like, but that didn't change how I felt about the story line.


I enjoyed the Loch Ness supernatural aspects of this book.  I loved the fiercely hot sex scenes but some of the terminology (spunk) was a little squidgy. Doric was a hot dominant male and Penelope was the perfect companion. The anal sex component was rich with feeling and done very well. This book was a very naughty fairy tale and was an enjoyable summer read.


A visit with the author:

1. Writing erotica, as I am finding out, has its own challenges and rewards. How did you become interested in writing in this genre and what were some of the hardest things to overcome?

I was trying to find a home for my first manuscript, Scandinavian Scandal, and I noticed that those authors I knew writing Erotic Romance seemed to be doing much better than anyone else. So, I decided to completely re-write the manuscript from scratch. It already had several sex scenes in it, but you could say I upped the ante considerably, lol. I had started reading a lot of Erotic Romance, and really liked what I was reading, so writing it was the next logical step.

That manuscript contains the first anal sex scene I have ever written and boy oh boy, did that take me ages to write. I didn't want to write it, but my hero made it very clear to me that it was an important scene, and needed to be in there. He was right of course, it's all part of my heroine's healing process.

The hardest thing to overcome has been my personal embarrassment at writing sex scenes. They didn't come easy at first. In fact, one of my critique partners helped me with the first sex scene I'd ever written. But, as in real life, practice makes perfect, and I really enjoy writing them now. J

2. In The Last of His Kind you write about the Loch Ness monster with some interesting twists to the tale. Have you ever been to the loch and what inspired you to write this particular story line?

I have been to Scotland, but not the Loch. I will have to visit it one day. I've always been fascinated with the idea of the Loch Ness Monster, though.

I can't take credit for the original idea. A very good friend shared her mum's idea about a dinosaur type creature, which shifts into a human. Naturally my thoughts went to Loch Ness. Where else could you hide such a huge being? I did some research into the origins of the legend and Doric himself told me the rest. He was an instant, strong voice in my head, and my fingers flew across the keyboard.

3. Do you have any favorite music you think of when you write erotica, or have a playlist for this book?

I can't write to music. I find it too distracting, so no, I haven't.

4. Writing sex scenes that flow is one of the things I liked about your book. What would you tell a new writer to the genre about how to write character movement effectively?

Listen to your characters. They know who they are, and they know what fits them. I'm a panster and my stories are completely character driven, so as long as I simply take narration, it works J

I try and argue with them from time to time, but that never works, 'cause the story grinds to a halt, until I give in and write what they want me to. And they regularly push my writing boundaries.

5. What is your next project?

I am working on a Halloween short right now, involving destined lovers through time. I have a f/f story being released in August as part of Evernight Publishing's Lover Unexpected Anthology, and I have book three of my Club Ink Series and The Giovanni Clan to write.

Just a few things to keep me busy ;-) 

Doris O'Connor

Multi Published Author of Erotic Romance

Twitter: @mamaD8

Thank you Doris for stopping in at Erzabet's Enchantments! We are looking forward to your next book!

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Beauty's Enchanted Beasts Interview and Giveaway

Spells of Seduction—Book 1
By Jessica Frost

Erotic Historical Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves

Elizabeth Stuart thought she couldn’t hate the Duke of Norfolk any more than she did. After he wins her in a bet and she’s forced to live in his castle, she learns she was wrong. Penniless and distraught, she moves in, vowing to make him pay.

Richard Albert has loved Elizabeth for so long. When her father asks his help in protecting Elizabeth from the evil sorceress Pondora, he agrees wholeheartedly, not knowing Elizabeth’s father lied about why she’ll be staying with him. Now she thinks he’s evil incarnate.

George Albert’s not happy his brother brought Lady Elizabeth there. Considering the danger that lurks in Castle Norfolk’s dungeon, she’s no safer with them. But after seeing how much Richard loves her and realizing she’s the woman of George’s sexual dreams, whom he so desires, he changes his mind and plans on making every one of his erotic dreams come true.

Soon these three get caught in a web of deceit, sex, and love. Little do they know Pondora has figured a way past the castle’s enchantment and intends on executing her deadly curse.

This book was a joy to read for the pure historical erotic romance and paranormal elements. I am a sucker for a werewolf erotica and this one was a treat. The fairy tale elements, combined with the erotica were wonderful. I haven't read many historical erotica pieces, and had to pause a little to get used to the language, but once I did, it was very enjoyable.

What I Liked:

 The plot was flowing and the sex was hot! Who doesn't like sexy werewolves?

What I Didn't:

It wasn't really a dislike, but it took a bit to get used to the historical nature of the story. I am used to contemporary erotica. Once the story began to flow, I was fine.  


If you like smoking hot erotica, give this a try. The period piece will grab your attention and not let go. The dialogue is believable, the action between the characters natural and the sex scenes are steamy? What more can you ask for on a hot summers night than that?


Elizabeth continued to search, opening doors to empty rooms or storage areas, until she came to a door and, upon opening it, was surprised to see a man sat on a chaise longue reading a book.
“I’m terribly sorry. I thought this was the door leading outside,” she said blushing, trying to close the door behind her.
He instantly stood up, a look of shock plastered on his face. His wide eyes just stared at her while he remained silent. Then he broke eye contact and cleared his throat.
“It’s quite all right.” He approached her with a bright smile. The sparkle in his sharp eyes looked familiar and she lost her breath for a moment. “You must either be Lady Elizabeth or her sister, Ann.”
He took her hand and bowed, bringing her hand to his warm lips. Never breaking his fixed gaze on her, he continued, “But from my brother’s description, you must be the beautiful Lady Elizabeth, no doubt.”
Her cheeks warmed at his compliment and she couldn’t help but stare back at him in a trance. His beautiful azure eyes bewitched her, as did his full lips and strong chin. When she finally acknowledged in her mind she had been gawking, she immediately lowered her gaze to the floor in embarrassment. Words to reply came languidly as time seemed to stop. After taking a shallow breath, she said, “I didn’t realize the Duke of Norfolk had a brother.”
He chuckled. “Younger brother who gives him more headaches than he’d care to have, I’m afraid. Perhaps that is the reason he never mentioned me. My name is George.”
“Oh, well, your brother and I haven’t really spoken often, or for long. We’ve barely conversed.”
His brow lifted in apparent surprise. “Really? And yet here you are, Norfolk Castle your new permanent residence.”
“That, my lord, is your brother’s doing, not mine. I had no say in this arrangement he and my father made.” Her anger rose.
“Ah, yes, the supposed bet. Yes, yes, I had forgotten about that.” He walked around her tapping his index finger on his pursed lips while he looked her over like a prize.
It was obvious the Duke’s brother had his same rude manners and disrespect for women. Yet surprisingly a part of her found George’s admiring attention flattering. Before she could open her mouth to put him in his place, he remarked, “What if there were no bet, my lady?”
“Pardon me?” She frowned, not understanding his question completely.
“What if there really were no bet? Would you have come to live here just the same?” he asked as he came to stand before her a mere few inches away. She could swear she heard his heart beating for how close he stood. His virility seemed to intoxicate her that instant.
“If there were no bet? Well, of course I wouldn’t.”
“Ever!” she reiterated with a firm tone.
“Even if your life were in danger?” George said, inching his face closer to hers while his gorgeous eyes fixed on her lips.
Her lips throbbed under his hungry stare and her voice cracked. “No, not even then.”
He broke his gaze then and frowned. “I see.” He turned and walked to the window, staring outside with a blank, far-off expression for a moment.
Feeling awkward, and disappointed he had diverted his attention elsewhere, she made her way to the door. “I’m sorry for interrupting you. I’ll be on my way now.”
He turned to look at her. “Where was it you were headed, my lady?”
“I was trying to find the door that led to the garden outside. I saw it from my bedroom upstairs and wanted to take a leisurely walk in it.”
“It’s a beautiful day outside and the perfect time for a walk in the gardens.” He walked up to her and extended his arm for her to take. His brow lifted and a smile spread over his lips. “If my lady would allow me the honor of showing her our prized gardens, I’d love to show them to you.”
Blushing once more, she replied, “I don’t want to be a bother, my lord. You were reading when I interrupted you.”
“Yes, and the book was dreadfully boring. I’d much prefer the company of a beautiful lady.”
Her brow lifted in warning at his wording and he laughed at his gaffe. “I mean I’d much rather accompany a beautiful lady to see our gardens than read a boring book.”
She looped her arm through his. A tiny shock, when her hand made contact with his, traveled through her arm and targeted her chest. Her breath caught in her throat and her legs became weak for a second.
He pulled her in closer, wrapping his arm around her waist, and began to guide her through the door into the corridor.
Being so close to him as they walked made her palms sweaty and her mouth dry. She wished the lump in her throat would dislodge so she could begin to breathe again. Her bodice tightened on her breasts as she tried to expand her chest to take in air. Then an uncontrollable, arousing urge she had never before experienced overcame her.
In fear of the unbounded excitement surging in her body, she desperately wanted to break free from him and run in urgency.

An interview with the author...

1. Erotica and fairy tales are a potent mix. What inspired you about this story?

My story isn’t really based on a fairytale. It is something completely different and the first novel opens up the reader to a much more complicated storyline that will take time to unfold. With each new installment, more layers to the big story will unravel for the reader and for the characters. But you do see creatures from fairytales and folklore in the stories, so in that sense it does follow the fairytale pattern. There are mermaids, shape shifters, werewolves, vampires, witches and sorcerers in the series.  

2. What was the spiciest scene you ever wrote?

Spiciest? Hmm, I have to think about that…

I’d say it’s one of the sex scenes in “Pleasuring a Slave”, the third novella in my “Spells of Seduction” series coming out in July. It involves a make-shift apparatus that has the heroine bobbing up and down in throes of ecstasy. Ordinarily that would be physically impossible to pull off, but the heroes are sorcerers, so…where there is magic, there is a way. J

3. Menage books have a spicy quality all their own. How did you get interested in writing erotica and menage in particular?

I write exclusively for Siren Publishing and I kind of stepped into it. In the beginning I didn’t know if I could do it, but then I found my voice and tricks that helped me create the stories and make my heroes stand apart from each other. Now the stories come naturally to me. What I like about writing m/f/m ménage stories is that there is not only sexual tension between the heroine and the heroes, but there is at times this competitive nature the heroes take on simply by instinct or nature. Nature’s law is that there is only one alpha, but in a ménage story, the role can be appointed only to one, or shift later onto the other. What gets interesting and fun to write is having the role shift back and forth. It makes the sex scenes pretty hot and dynamic to say the least. J

4. Tell us about the first time you had to write a sex scene. Did you blush? Laugh?

No, I cursed at myself because I had writer’s block. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to write. It’s one thing to write the love scene in a romance story, but it’s entirely a different thing to have to write explicit sex scenes where graphic descriptions depict almost everything that’s happening.

But then I thought about it and said that the job of a writer is to have the reader feel, see, hear, smell and taste what is happening to the characters in the story. So the reader of an erotic romance is looking for this in the story, and especially in the sex scenes, of the book he or she buys to read. If I didn’t have the reader actually feel like he or she was sensing every sexual, emotional, and physical pleasure happening to the heroes and heroine, then I didn’t live up to the job of the writer.

Once I focused on my goal, then it got easier to write and now I have no problems writing the sex scenes anymore. They come as easily as the rest of the storyline does.

5. What is the one erotica book that makes you go all melty?

I don’t read erotica stories. I do read erotic romance stories, but none comes to mind that made me melt. Believe it or not, I’m a sucker for sweet historical romance. “Pride and Prejudice” is one of my favorite. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. Mr. Darcy is the best hero ever in my eyes!

6. What is your favorite kind of erotica? BDSM, fantasy, romantic...

It would be a tie between fantasy and historical, I’d say. I love both and it depends on my mood.

7. What one thing would you tell prospective erotica writers?

Try to find your own voice in prose and be true and constant to it. Don’t try to mimic the best selling erotic authors’ styles because the muse will not always back you. Creativity must be spontaneous and liberated. Follow your heart and mind and write something you can be proud of in the end. Don’t just go for the hot bondage sex or male/ male storylines that are popular nowadays, or whatever else that is selling like hotcakes.

I think readers can empathize and sense when a writer forces a writing style and it didn’t coming naturally. And in some way, this does take away from the story and the readers’ appreciation for it.

You will always have fans of your work as you will always have critiques of it. But in the end it is your opinion that really counts. If you love it, all of it, then that’s what matters most.

8. Do you listen to music while you write?

Most definitely. It lets me shut out the world and immerse myself into the fantasy world I am creating. I love to listen to instrumental music, especially soundtracks to popular movies like “Gladiator”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Lord of the Rings”, etc.
The music is so powerful that it inspires my mood and thus my muse to write. It also relaxes me and makes the time breeze by effortlessly.

9. What is your idea for the perfect summer night?

A full moon, an isolated sandy beach to walk on, a gentle breeze, soft romantic music playing in the background and not a worry in the world. Just pure enjoyment, rest and relaxation.

10. What is your current writing project?

I am writing the fourth novella in my “Spells of Seduction” series, tentatively entitled “True Loves’ Bites”. It involves vampires, but they aren’t your stereotypical vampires we’ve come to know so well. They are far more complicated and misunderstood creatures whose sexual urges seem to have no limits.
They try to defy the laws and physics of vampirism and get themselves into loads of trouble for it. They will meet and interact with important past characters in the series, and that’s when the fun begins and the danger intensifies. 

 About the Author:

Jessica Frost has always had a passion for fiction and the written word. Add to that her wild, vivid imagination and her pure romantic tendencies and she soon realized she had the traits needed to become a romance author. She decided to take the very big first step not that long ago and wrote her first erotic romance story. And she has not looked back since. Being a romance writer is a dream come true for her. Having the opportunity to create fantasy worlds where anything and everything can happen is an amazing feeling. She hopes these worlds and the delightful characters she creates will bring hours of enjoyment to her readers as they have done for her.

Now for the giveaway!

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Codename Autumn

Undercover Embassy, Book One

In a future where women have few choices, Autumn fears she’ll never again know the pleasure of a man’s touch. Then General Ra’jen Noirte rescues her from a whipping gone wrong. The sexy alien captivates her, reawaking dormant desires. On the surface he radiates deadly aggression, but Autumn has glimpsed his tormented soul. Though he commands the occupation army, she suspects they have similar goals.

Ra’jen returns from combat to find a woman bound, abused and abandoned. His healing touch soon turns to hunger as she stirs beneath his hands. With milk-white skin and flame-red hair, Autumn tempts him to abandon his responsibilities and indulge long-neglected needs. Every kiss, every caress distracts from his mission, and the fate of Earth depends on his success. More than love is on the line as they form an uneasy alliance and fight their mutual enemies.


 I received this e-book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What I Liked:

The futuristic atmosphere was an interesting story element. I like dystopian stories and this definitely fell into that category. The alien nature of the hero in the story was also intriguing. It added a taste of the forbidden, as did the elements of BDSM. There is a spy plot line going on and this being the beginning of a series, I am interested in seeing where the author takes it. The love scenes were hot and natural. What more can a girl want?

What I Didn't:

The beating scene at the onset of the story was a little disturbing, as was the society where rape was a consistent fear among the women. Yes, in any society that does exist, but it felt almost palpable here. A girl had to prostitute herself just to be semi-protected against it. Harsh.



I liked the dystopian story line and the hot sex with the main characters. The beating was a lead in to the hero saving the heroine, and that worked withing the context of the story. The threat of rape in this world was kind of a looming presence, however.  The spy back story is interesting and I will be checking out more in this series.

If you like futuristic stories with elements of BDSM, give this one a try. The alien sex and mental bond was good and had me turning the pages pretty quickly.

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Charmed In the Big Easy

 Under the Rainbow by Paisley Smith

Novice witch MeLeah McKinney is on a mission to retrieve a talisman from the grave of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. The relic must be energized via a sex-magick ritual—a tall order since MeLeah has no partner. She decides to gather energy at a live sex show on Bourbon Street. She doesn’t count on help from Celestine Laveau’s ghost, who’s crossed the rainbow bridge to bring ecstasy to the young witch—and serve her own agenda.

Defeating an ancient vampire requires not one talisman, but two…

The Mambo’s Door by Delilah Devlin

Ingrid Kassel isn’t in complete control of her witch powers—especially after drinking a double shot of vampire blood. Attempting to retrieve a candle buried with the Voodoo Queen’s daughter, Ingrid angers the spirit guarding the tomb. She finds herself in a shadowy limbo, where the daughter Marie lives in fear of a demon who also desires the relic. In desperation Marie tricks Ingrid, captures her, seduces her, shows her exquisite pleasure while charging the candle with sex magick…for Marie’s own attempt at freedom from the world of the dead.


 I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

What I liked:

This book is the second book in a series and lacked nothing for it. The novella took off from where it began, but you are introduced to new characters and more sexy f/f scenes. This book takes the vampire and witch story combo to new heights with some voodoo ghosts and loas with agendas of their own.

What I didn't:

It ended and I have to wait for the next installment. (cries a little)


This book was a worthy continuation for a series that is right up there with Laurel K. Hamilton in writing quality and pure sexiness. I loved the interaction of the characters and the raw passion of the erotic scenes. The authors again divide up the novella, so you get to meet two sets of characters. Excellent read!


Bitten In the Big Easy

Femme Noir, Book One

Butterfly by Paisley Smith

Vampire Narcissa Csintalan is in a New Orleans bar, waiting on her tardy sister Elena, when she develops a raging fang-on for the bar’s sinfully sexy, butch bass player. The bite marks on the songbird’s neck put her at the top of Cissy’s must-feed list.

Butterfly Baudelaire has sworn off strays, but the blonde coming on to her has a killer pair of fangs and looks like she knows how to use ’em. Butterfly’s not banking on the bite Cissy takes out of her heart—or the fact that more than her well-spanked bottom is in danger from her vampire lover.

Gilded Cage by Delilah Devlin

Since her turning, Elena Csintalan has wrestled her inner demon on a nightly basis. She never expects her limits to be tested—until she finds herself drawn to a tawny woman whose lush curves make her eyeteeth spike. Before she knows it, she’s dangling inside an iron cage, one that’s frighteningly familiar. And the punishment she endures is oh so divine…

Despite a surprising empathy she feels for the vampire she’s captured, Cassia proceeds with her coven’s plan—drain Elena of her blood at the height of orgasm to complete a potion that will protect them from Elena’s maker. Cassia scried the darkness coming their way, and the monster has a name—the Countess Elizabeth Bathory.


I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.

What I liked:

I loved the vampire and witch combination and the way the two authors divided the book into two segments, each covering one character. The f/f erotica was very well written and absolutely engaging. The plot twists were epic and the characters and dialogue snappy and sharp. 

What I didn't:

It ended oh so soon. Thank goodness there are more coming in the series.


This novella was one you just did not want to put down. The f/f erotica was alluring and had me swiping the pages to find out what happened next. The mix of pleasure and pain was sublime. Bringing in a historical figure like Elizabeth Bathory was perfect-it added yet another dimension to the already stellar plot. The two authors pairing up to cover a character and dividing up the book into two pieces was a great idea and totally worked. 


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Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop!

Summer is back! The heat is on and I am grooving to a new album called Crates Remix Fundamentals Vol 1. coming out this month by Jill Scott the Grammy winning poet. Full of R&B, club dance rhythms and pure motion, I can't help but feel like this summer is going to be smokin' hot. Joining us today are authors Shyla Colt and Rebecca Lyndon. I wanted to ask them some probing questions about what it means to be an author in the erotica genre. Stay tuned for some sizzling answers!

What are some of your favorite things about summer? Being a major book addict, I love ice cream (and all the things you can do with it!) and a hot read to make my nights fun and exciting. (When I am not out with the hubby or experimenting with ice cream that is!) Pair that up with some sexy music and that is all you need. 

Themed questions:

1. What is the sexiest thing you have ever done with ice cream? 

2. I love a great song that has sex appeal. What are some of your favorites?

I hope you enjoy the blog hop. There are over 100 erotica and naughty bloggers to visit, so make sure you get ready to start hopping! Enter to win by putting a comment in the comment portion below. Please leave your email address so you can be contacted if you are a winner!  You will be eligible for the grand prize book giveaway (including Shyla Colt's Lessons From the Professor), a $100 gift card to Eden's Fantasy and a collection of Rebecca Lyndon's books posted below as the prize from my blog. 

Shyla Colt joins us for the blog hop with her new book, Lessons From the Professor. She agreed to answer a few interview questions to let us warm up to her new summertime release!

 What is your favorite part about writing erotica?

I’d have to say the research, and no not “that” kind.  ;). Each
character has their own unique style, fetish, etc.  Sometimes it
requires research to get just right. For example, with Lessons from
the Professor, I spent a few weeks, reading books, and watching
documents to make sure my portrayal would come across as authentic.

 Who are some authors that have inspired you in your craft?

Dahlia Rose, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Laurel K. Hamilton, to name a few

 In Lessons From the Professor, you talk about the medical
profession. Were you ever in the field?

I’ve never worked in the medical field personally, but I have a number of friends who do.

 What are some of the challenges you face as an erotica author?

I would have to say keeping things fresh, and steamy. You have to make sure the romance fits the character without getting repetitive, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

 What are your current writing projects? 
I’m working on a Paranormal fiction, and my first Paranormal YA book.

Thanks Shyla for stopping in to visit with us on the blog hop!

Our next author has a spicy series of BDSM fantasies that have kept me up late on more than one occasion. Luscious and addictive, these novellas are ones you will want in your erotica collection. Rebecca Lyndon joins us today for a short interview:

 In your Masters of Mercy series, you write about the BDSM lifestyle. How did you find yourself interested in writing about bondage?

First, I’d like to say thank you to Erzabet for inviting me to come do this interview. I’m so happy to be here today.

Even though I’ve been interested in BDSM for most of my adult life, it actually took me while to decide to write about it. Not because of shame or anything as interesting as that, I’m afraid, but because I was busy writing other things.

I am a romance writer at heart. Love stories are my passion. It’s never much mattered to me what sub-genre. As long as there are two people falling in love, facing obstacles, and coming out on the other side better people because of each other, I’m usually on board, but for a long time I stuck to historical and paranormal romance.

One day over our weekly coffee session, a couple of friends, suggested that I try my hand at erotic romance. It was simple suggestion, but for some reason I had never thought of it. My mind immediately lit up. The BDSM theme was a natural choice for me. By the end of that day I had fully-formed ideas for three series. Something had caught me and wasn’t letting go. I loved it.

The theme of forbidden desires appears often in your work. How did you come up with the story line?

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of the forbidden. It brings up strong emotions in people--shame, fear, desire. The theater of BDSM makes a great backdrop for this kind of story. You can take this symbolic conflict inside a character and make it tangible. Fear and shame can literally be beaten into submission, forcing the characters to face who they are without those protective shields. That’s a journey that appeals to me both as a reader and a writer.

Using paranormal blended with BDSM has really crafted three super hot novellas. What are you planning next?

Ah, the fun part!

There will be more Masters of Mercy shorts coming out. All nine of the Masters will get their stories.

Also, the first in a longer series I’ve been working on coming out in July. The Acadian Curse tells the stories of a family of brothers who are cursed to transform into beasts that cannot hide of their true desires. I like to think of them as kinky Jekylls and Hydes. The first story, Bound By Desire, deals with the oldest brother, Grant, who has spent his life running from the curse until the day he meets a woman who embraces him for all that he is.

Who are some authors that have really inspired you in your work?

Going way back, I’d have to say Clive Barker and Anne Rice. Those two were probably the most important influences when I playing around with the idea of becoming a writer. Clive Barker’s prose is so dark and beautiful that it’s awe inspiring. And Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles were the first books I read that really pulled me into another fully-formed world. My style doesn’t run as dark as either of them now days.

I read all over the map--mostly genre fiction with a sprinkling of history, mythology, biographies. It doesn’t matter who I’m reading. There’s always something there to be learned.

Though if you want a good erotic recommendation, try Lisa Alder or Delilah Claire. Full disclosure: they’re two good friends of mine, but, man, they can write. Lisa Alder is a master storyteller, and the quality of Delilah Claire’s writing will blow you away.

Name an erotic movie or book that just melts you where you stand.

These days anything with Chris Hemsworth does the trick.

But I’d have to say The Piano. That movie proved without a doubt that sexy has nothing to do with traditional attractiveness.

Thanks Rebecca for stopping by to talk with us about the Masters of Mercy series. I know I will be watching for the next installment. Fill out a comment with your email below to have a chance at winning the three books in the series so far.


Every comment added gives you a chance to win a gift card for fun and sexy toys from Eden Fantasys. 

You could also win this incredible e-book prize pack of over 40 books! Talk about some steamy summer nights!

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Undone Rebel by Lila Dubois

Book one in the Undone Lovers series.

When amateur fetish model and rockabilly princess Adelita “Addie” Sanchez is asked to model for an instructional BDSM book, she turns the offer down—she’s not a porn star. Then she meets the three male Dominants behind the project, including Lane Therres, who convinces her the book is more art than porn, and she’ll be safe in his hands.

The rules of the photo sessions are clear—there’s no sex, and Addie can call a halt to anything she’s uncomfortable with. But self-reliant, strong-willed Addie doesn’t count on liking what the powerful Doms do to her body with their ropes, chains and toys. Enjoying Emory’s touch after falling for Lane, Addie turns away from both men, scared of what they’re making her feel. She’s worried that a relationship built on a BDSM contract can never be anything but whips and chains.

Lane will exchange Dom leather for shining armor to prove to his rockabilly princess that even the most gallant knights sometimes prefer dungeons.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


What I Liked:

This book had some snappy dialogue and action to boot.  Addie is a girl who knows what she wants, or so she thinks. When she takes a modeling job for a new BDSM book, she soon finds out that there will be more to the job than a few flashbulbs and photo shoots. From the second Lane begins to train her in the fine art of BDSM, I was hooked just as much as Addie was.

The other interesting part about this book was the different approaches by different styles of Doms. You have a Dom who focuses on the overall aspects of BDSM and then you have another who really hones in on specific scenes designed to make the most impact on the sub involved. In the next book in the series, I am hoping to meet yet another style.

What I Didn't:

Not a thing.



This book held my interest and I had to sneak off to read whenever I could, just to see what techniques were used on Addie. If you want something with a bit of flair, give this book a try. I think you will enjoy Lila Dubois' writing style. I know I did. The Taboo line at Ellora's Cave is full of fun reads that delve into the BDSM lifestyle and all of the ones I have read so far are quality books that keep me wanting to explore more by their authors.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dark Side Night: An Interview with Maryn Sinclair

Domination, submission, bondage…Laura Holden has only fantasized about them while reading the pages of her favorite erotica novels. A longtime widow, she’s been content to raise her son and run her bookstore. But when she meets her son’s sexy future father-in-law, he offers her a taste of the real thing. Though no man has ignited her desires like Blake, Laura senses he’s holding back a secret.

After Blake Conover’s ex-wife dumped him for a Dom, he vowed he’d no longer be a sexual bore, changing his ways by exploring the world of BDSM clubs. In Laura Holden he finds a hot new partner eager to live out her fantasies, and he’s more than happy to comply. He’ll take her on an erotic adventure at The Dark Side, a private club where anything goes. But one part of his past he’ll keep to himself, at least for now.

Will their games of sexual one-upmanship turn into something more? After a night at The Dark Side, neither Blake nor Laura can stay the same.


When I received Dark Side Night from the publisher for review, I started reading and couldn't put it down. The idea of a bookseller who had read books about BDSM and had  the opportunity to actually go to a club and see the lifestyle first hand had me more than a little interested. What I didn't expect was to fall into the story at page one by falling into a historical erotic romance. Throughout  the novel, you as a reader fall into the book the main character is reading and then follow her adventure into a new relationship and with some moderate BDSM overtones.

What I liked about this book:

The characters felt like real people. That has to be one of the most important things that either grabs me as a reader, or turns me off completely. With this book, there was no question. The voice had me at the onset-even when I was confused at the opening of the book as it ramped into a stereotypical erotic romance period piece. 

Something else I am learning as I explore new and wonderful erotica novels-the love scenes have to feel natural. Maryn did a great job making you feel like you were right there as new experiences changed the dynamics of their relationship. Having characters that are in their 40's and may not be airbrush perfect is something I want to see more of. Erotica that touches how real life can be. Erotica doesn't have to be just on pages of romance novels, as our leading lady found in this book. It can happen in the everyday.

What I didn't: 

Not a thing. 


This book was a second chance at romance with a bookseller (dear to my heart) who loved romance novels and erotica and read one whenever she could (hmmm...sounds familiar too!) and a professor with some interesting secrets of his own. Their kids are getting married and they also hit it off with some pretty interesting fireworks. The action and dialogue were real feeling and I found myself turning the pages to see whether we would be catching up on the period romance or finding a new BDSM trick from the handsome professor. 


I loved this book. It is a great summer read! If you enjoyed books like The Dark Garden, 50 Shades of Grey, Undone Rebel and many more that are a journey of awakening and finding that little kink that makes life interesting.

Now for the interview!

1. In your book, I love the way you balance the reading of the historical erotica novel with the main character's life. I loved that! How hard was that to write?

First I had to decide what period I wanted for the secondary story. My first choice was right after the Civil War, but there were complications I didn’t want to deal with. I settled on the first decade of the twentieth century, then researched whether there was gas for lighting or the emerging new technology of electricity in rural Georgia at that time. Easy―gas. Also, since the female in that part of the story was Parisian, what did she wear, what did the Georgia landowner wear—i.e. how were his pants constructed, his living style, etc. Researching the clothes was easy. There were plenty of references. 

2. Having the main character a bookseller who has read erotica for years and now has the chance to experience some of it first hand was a great story line. What inspired you to write this story?

I think some people get to a certain age and wonder what they’ve missed, so I set out for two interesting, educated, middle-aged characters who, for their own personal reasons, want to explore their sexual, even kinky sides. Older characters aren’t very common in erotic romance. The H/h are always young and mostly hot. Why couldn’t a couple in their mid-forties be leads in an erotic romance? 

3. Visiting the BDSM club was quite the experience! Have you ever been to one and was it much like you portrayed?

No, I’ve never been to an adult club. I read about some real ones and incorporated different aspects into The Dark Side.

4. Do you listen to music as you write, or prefer silence? Do your books inspire a playlist-because I would love to hear it.

Total silence. I often write outdoors and hear birds, but that’s about it.

5. What would you tell a new author that is considering a career of writing erotica?

What I would tell any author writing any genre. Do your homework and write a good story. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. Rely on strong verbs. Make the characters believable. Keep the writing straight―in other words, don’t go over the top with cheesy adjectives and descriptions. If some simile or metaphor stops me as a reader, it also stops the story. Don’t do it.

6. Can you tell me some erotica authors that have inspired you in your work?

Since I’m always writing, my reading time is limited, but I love Nikita Black, aka Nina Bruhns. She puts her characters in the most outrageous situations—really over the top, but somehow she makes it work and with humor. That’s very hard to do.

7. Do you write anything else other than erotica?

Yes, I write suspense/mystery/romantic suspense as Polly Iyer, my real name. (I have no problem divulging that since I’m not ashamed of writing erotic romance. I do want to keep the genres separate, though.) “She” has four books on Amazon and has had very good reviews. There’s always a murder or two—or three—a romance, and a character who treads ethical lines. Always. Storylines: A blind psychologist and a deaf cop forced into counseling, a psychic entertainer in New Orleans stalked by a psychic killer, an ex-high-class call girl forced into working for a sexy sex crimes investigator, and a man who served 15 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit being framed for a similar crime. 

8. What are some of your hobbies when you don't have pen (or keyboard) in hand?

Reading, of course, movies when I have the chance. I’ve had four different careers, worked hard over the years, so I’m enjoying my passion right now, which is writing.

9. What is your favorite kind of erotica to write? (BDSM, conflicted characters, romantic, edgy...)

I will not write anything that demeans or humiliates women. Just won’t. I don’t see anything wrong with others writing or reading it, but it’s just not anything that turns me on. Women fought too hard to get equal rights, still fighting for them, so I won’t make their plight more difficult by putting them in a subservient position. I don’t mind a little D/s, but it has to be reciprocal and/or consensual. If it’s consensual, it can’t be because she’s insecure. It has to be because she’s curious. If you don’t understand that, read DARK SIDE NIGHT. 

I don’t think I’ve ever written anything in any genre that didn’t have a conflicted character, more than one sometimes. I love my characters to overcome adversity. My hero in The Escort is a blind Iraq war vet. He’s rich, handsome, limited by his disability but not tortured by it, and amazingly sexy. The female has a history as an abused wife. In Sexual Persuasion, my male character questions his own sexual identity, hence the play on words in the title. And since you read DARK SIDE NIGHT, you know that the male character is driven by his past. These types of characters intrigue me. I would find writing the perfect man or woman boring. For me, my characters drive the story. Oh, and I must fall in love with the heroes. If I don’t, I don’t see how my female characters could.

10. What is your current writing project? (So I can make sure it ends up on my Goodreads list!)

I have two going right now. I don’t want to get heavily into the erotic romance novel, because I’m not sure how it ends. But I will say that it’s in the suspense genre, and the characters are a former Black Ops soldier and two lesbians. You can put your imagination to work with that description, but I bet you won’t come up with the storyline. My other book is a sequel to one of my thrillers. The main character is a psychic entertainer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these, Maryn!

Thanks for having me. You asked great questions. 

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