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Redemption of the Hypnotist: The Virtual Tour

Hypnotic Dreams


A demonstration of erotic hypnosis leads to two relationships, one inspiring and creative, the other abusive and destructive. 
Darren Braid was a respected psychology professor until a student accused him of trying to hypnotize her into sexual slavery. The accusation was recanted, but the university dismissed him anyway. Feeling betrayed, Darren retreated into seclusion. But the FBI believes that his exceptional skill with hypnosis and his tainted personal history make him the perfect undercover agent to infiltrate a sex slavery ring. 
Latoya Douglas works for the studio that’s fronting the slavery ring. She is a beautiful black woman and one of L.A.’s hottest rap producers. Latoya will do almost anything to support her artists. She decides to 'manage' Darren, and remake him into an evil mind-controlling genius. She becomes his lover and muse. She inspires and helps Darren produce a hypnosis program to make women eager for sex with her rappers, and she helps find women to test the program. After three years of solitude, Darren finds the relationship more inspiring and rewarding than anything he imagined. But he doesn’t know if he can trust her. Is she part of the slavery ring, or trying to find her missing sister? 

Marisa Martinez is a hotheaded young FBI agent. She asks Darren to hypnotize her to act submissive and obedient so she can get close to the slavers. But the hypnotic programming works too well. Marisa is in danger of losing herself to the submissive role and becoming a mindless sex toy. Can Darren restore her mind before she’s actually sold into sexual slavery?

Latoya filled both glasses and handed one to Darren, letting her fingers linger over his. "Music? Would you like R&B or Jazz?"

"No rock 'n roll?" he teased.

"Nope, sorry," she laughed as she swayed over to her stereo. 

Darren snapped his fingers, "Damn, nothing more romantic than Foreigner 4."

Latoya gave him a puzzled look and asked, "Urgent or Woman in Black?"

"Woman in Black, of course. But I'm surprised you know the album."

She started the music, a smooth jazz saxophone, and sauntered back towards him. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me." She stroked his face provocatively, rolled her body around, pressing her back against his chest and said, "I'm a very deep woman."

"And you'll go deeper," he chuckled.

Latoya paused briefly, her mind starting to slide into trance at the reference. But she recognized the sensation and shook it off.
She playfully slapped his cheek, "Naughty boy!" She pushed away, her butt pressing firmly against his loins. "Save that for later," strutting back to the kitchen area.

Darren followed her, enjoying the sight of her sensually swaying hips. She posed for him at the refrigerator; her stance highlighting her lovely figure. She opened the door and when she leaned in, she bent slowly at the hips, maintaining the sexy image. She straightened up holding a bag of baby carrots and a bunch of asparagus. "Just going to stand there gawking?" she playfully chided. "Or are you going to help a lady with the cooking?"

Darren backed up a little, unable to remember the last time he tried to prepare anything more fancy than a broiled steak. "I, ah, can't cook."

"You're kidding?"

Darren shrugged, "I live alone. I buy prepared meals or take-out."

"Every night? That's awful." She dumped the vegetables on the counter and pulled a large chopping knife from a drawer. "That's no way for anyone to live. Okay, wash your hands. Tonight you learn to cook."

Darren hesitated. She brandished the carving knife in his direction. "Tonight, lover," she said with a gleam in her eye," you learn to cook."

Darren set down the wine and threw up his hands. "Okay you got me. I never argue with a woman holding a sharp knife." Latoya set the knife down and laughed as he went to the sink.

What would you do if you could make anyone you wanted a hypnotized fuck bunny sex slave? Would you use your power for good or evil? 

It is an interesting premise. Hypnotizing women to do anything you wanted. Kind of kinky, really. Darren has been fired from his job as a professor for allegedly doing just that. Can he use his power for good and help in a missing person's case?

The tone of this book was straightforward but with a very definite male POV. Women were treated like mindless dolls and sometimes that left me cold. The behind the scenes angle with the investigation was strong, however and helped to make up for my first initial impressions. The journey into the music industry and the slave ring was creative and it was interesting to see how the hypnosis worked on different people. 

I have always wondered how a person could actually be taken somewhere in their mind and this book really illustrates the care that is taken by the hypnotherapist to accomplish whatever the goal is set. Very interesting. I am voting for the diet hypnosis and exercise motivation myself!

If you like stories that stretch your boundaries and are a fan of mind games, then this story might interest you. 



My name is Daniel, though I use the name Hypnotic Dreams as my 'brand' and my pseudonym. I hold a BS in Engineering and an MS in Technical Communication. I worked as a contract technical writer for 17 years, which gave me a broad range of experiences in several different industries.

 I began studying hypnosis in the 1990s and joined the online erotic hypnosis community in 1998. <i>Redemption for the Hypnotist</i> is my first full-length novel. I also have produced 19 hypnosis MP3s, which are available on my web site.


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My Highland Love Release Day!

How does a woman tell her betrothed that she murdered her first husband?

Elise Kingston is a wanted woman. Nothing, not even Highlander Marcus MacGregor, will stop her from returning home to ensure that the man responsible for her daughter’s death hangs.

Until she must choose between his life and her revenge.

Guest Post:

I've been asked quite a few times what my inspiration was for My Highland Love. My first impulse was to write about a hero who knew what he wanted. The tortured hero has always been in fashion, but I wanted to see a man openly pursue the woman he wanted. From there, I had to figure out everything else. I began researching Scottish history and was shocked to learn of the Scottish Clearances. which took place in the early nineteenth century. There were a few real life heroes at that time, and I decided that a romantic hero who was decisive would also be heroic in nature. So the Highland Clearances became the current political backdrop that our hero dealt with.

I also learned that the MacGregor clan was a clan that was singled out for persecution during the clearances. In fact, the MacGregors really were the rebels of the Scottish clans, and had been singled out throughout much of Scottish history. So Marcus MacGregor was born with a tempestuous family history and a troubled modern history. Here's an early scene that I believe sums up Marcus' past, as well as his feelings about how he must lead his people.  


Through the busy courtyard, he answered greetings, but his thoughts remained on the image of Elise as she vanished from sight. She had a forthright, strong quality. Yet—he bent his head to breathe her lingering scent from his clothes—the lavender bouquet in her hair was decidedly feminine. It would be some time before he forgot the feel of her buttocks across his thighs. But then, perhaps he wouldn't have to. Marcus entered the great hall to find his father sitting alone in his chair at the head of the table.
Cameron brightened. "So, ye decided to come home?"
Relaxing warmth rippled through Marcus.
"Tired of wandering the land?" Cameron made a wide sweeping gesture.
"You knew I was on my way, but, aye." He stopped at the chair to his father's right and lowered himself onto the seat. "I am pleased to be home."
"How is my grandson? I see you did not bring him with you."
Marcus sighed. "Nay, Father. You knew I wouldn't."
Cameron snorted. "We would not want to offend the mighty Sassenach."
"Father," Marcus said in a low tone.
Cameron shook his head. "The clan never asked you to concede to the English, you know. I never asked for it. Did you ever wonder if the sacrifice is worth your son?"
"Aye," Marcus murmured. He'd wondered. Politics had ruled the MacGregor clan for centuries and that wasn't easily changed. He paused. "Have I been gone too long, or is something different about the great hall?"
"You have the right of it, lad." Eyes that mirrored his own looked back at him. "More than you can imagine."
Marcus looked about the room. "I can't quite place it. What's happened?"
Cameron took a long, exaggerated draught of ale.
"Enough of your looks, lad. They do not work with me." He chuckled. "I taught them to you. Remember? It is no mystery, really. Look around. When did you last see the tapestries so bright, the floors so clean?" He motioned toward the wall that ran the length of the room, framed by stairs on either end. "When have you seen the weapons so polished?"
Marcus scanned the nearly two hundred gleaming weapons mounted across the wall. He rose and walked the wall's length, perusing the weapons. Each one glistened, some nearly as bright as newly forged steel. He glanced at the floor. The stone looked as if it had just been laid.
He looked at his father. "What happened?"
"The women came one day—or rather, one month—and swept out the cobwebs, cleaned the floors, the tapestries, weapons."
Marcus rose and crossed the room to the kitchen door where the women worked. The housekeeper sat at the kitchen table. Ancient blue eyes, still shining with the bloom of youth, smiled back at him. Winnie had been present at his birth. Marcus knew she loved him like the son she'd never had. He, in turn, regarded her with as much affection as he had his own mother.
She turned her attention to the raw chicken she carved. "So, you've returned at last."
"Aye, milady."
A corner of her mouth twitched with amusement.
"I am looking forward to the company of some fine lasses tonight," he said. "'Tis a long and lonely trip I've had. Perhaps next time I shall take you with me." He gave her a roguish wink before striding back to his seat in the hall.
Marcus lowered himself into the chair he had occupied earlier. "Must have taken an army just to shine the weapons alone. Not to mention the walls and floors."
"It did. You will see the same throughout the castle. Not a room went untouched."
"Whatever possessed them to do it?"
"It was the hand of a sweet lass," Cameron replied.
"Which one? Not Winnie—"
"Nay. The lass Shannon and Josh found washed ashore on the coast. They brought her when they returned from the south."
"Washed ashore?"
"An American woman. Her ship perished in a fire."
Cameron scowled. "Are you deaf? Shannon is the one who discovered her at Solway Firth."
"What in God's name was she doing there?"
Cameron gave his chin a speculative scratch. "Damned if I know. They were headed for London."
"London? Sailing through Solway Firth requires sailing around the north of Ireland. That would add a week or more to the journey."
His father's mouth twisted into a wry grin. "You know the English, probably got lost."
"I thought you said she was American."
"English, American, 'tis all the same." Cameron's expression sobered. "But dinna' mistake me, she is a fine lass. She came to us just after you left for Ashlund four months ago. You should have seen her when they brought her here. Proud little thing."
"Proud, indeed," Marcus repeated.
"'Tis what I said." Cameron eyed him. "Are you sure something isn't ailing you?"
Marcus shook his head.
"At first, she didn't say much," Cameron went on. "But I could see a storm brewed in her head. Then one day, she informed me Brahan Seer was in dire need of something." He sighed deeply. "She was more right than she knew."
Marcus understood his father's meaning. His mother's death five years ago had affected Cameron dramatically. Only last year had his father finally sought female comfort. The gaping hole created by her absence left them both thirsting for a firm, feminine hand.
"It's a miracle she survived the fire," Cameron said. "'Course, if you knew her, you would not be surprised."
"I believe I do," Marcus remarked.
"What? You only just arrived."
"I picked up passengers on the way home—Tavis, little Bonnie, and an American woman." Marcus related the tale. "I recognized her accent," he ended. "Got accustomed to it while on campaign in America."
Cameron smiled. "Elise is forever chasing after those children."
His father's expression darkened. "Shamus was murdered."
Marcus straightened. "Murdered?"
"By God, how—Lauren, what of her?"
Sadness softened the hard lines around his father's mouth. "She is fine, in body, but… her mind has no' been the same since Shamus died. We tried consoling her, but she will have none of it."
A tingling sensation crept up Marcus's back. "What happened?"
"We found him just over the border in Montal Cove with his skull bashed in."
"Any idea who did it?"
"Aye," Cameron said. "Campbells."
Marcus surged to his feet. He strode to the wall, where hung the claymore belonging to his ancestor Ryan MacGregor, the man who saved their clan from annihilation. Marcus ran a finger along the blade, the cold, hard steel heating his blood as nothing else could. Except… Campbells.
Had two centuries of bloodshed not been enough?
Fifty years ago, King George finally proclaimed the MacGregors no longer outlaws and restored their Highland name. General John Murray, Marcus's great uncle, was named clan chief. Only recently, the MacGregors were given a place of honor in the escort, which carried the "Honors of Scotland" before the sovereign. Marcus had been there, marching alongside his clansmen.
Too many dark years had passed under this cloud. Would the hunted feeling Ryan MacGregor experienced ever fade from the clan? Perhaps it would have been better if Helena hadn't saved Ryan that fateful day so long ago. But Ryan had lived, and his clan thrived, not by the sword, but by the timeless power of gold. Aye, the Ashlund name Helena gave Ryan saved them. Yet, Ryan MacGregor's soul demanded recompense.
How could Ryan rest while his people still perished?
Marcus removed his hand from the sword and faced his father. "It's time the MacGregors brought down the Campbell dogs."







Award winning published author Tarah Scott cut her teeth on authors such as, Georgette Heyer, Zane Grey, and Amanda Quick. She writes classical romance, suspense, horror and mainstream. She is assistant director of the advanced writer's group Paper, Candlelight and Quill, and leads Word Zone, a weekly advanced critique group, as well as participates in, Creative Heights, an intense critique group.

Tarah grew up in Texas, and currently resides in Westchester County, New York with her daughter. Her favorite book is a Tale of Two Cities, with Gone With the Wind as a close second.

Brie #8 and #9: The Final Weeks

Brie #8

The 5th week of submissive training proves challenging as Brie surrenders her will. She enjoys the thrill of objectification and the excitement of completing erotic tasks. With the end of the course around the corner, the trainers encourage Brie to dig deep. Marquis presents her with a scene she ended in the past, Tono displays the art of suspension, and Faelan releases Brie’s inner animal.

This bewitching novelette will wet your appetite for objectification, tease you with a little rope action, and have you panting for melted chocolate.

Extended Description:

The girls are quickly coming to the end of their submissive course, which means their trainers are becoming increasingly demanding. The pressure begins to tear at their friendship, but Brie is a determined little sub. She bravely faces Marquis’ challenging scene, revels in the joy of suspension with Tono, receives vindication from Master Coen, and learns a thing or two about respect from Ms. Clark. Brie’s attempt to bring her friends back together ends up getting them all in trouble, but the punishment draws Brie closer to the Dom who decreed it.

Red's new website:

The final week at the Submissive Training Center has arrived! Join Brie as she encounters challenging sessions crafted specifically for her - five extraordinary days of training and pleasure. Her graduation includes interviews with potential Doms, but things get horribly complicated for Brie. The determined little sub will experience heartbreak, betrayal, and true love in this fitting ending to the series.

An exciting and unexpected finale completes Brie’s journey into submission. Brie Bows to Her Master is a roller coaster ride you won’t soon forget.

Extended Description:

Brie, Lea, and Mary are about to experience their last week at the Submissive Training Center. The friends embrace it with a sense of humor and excitement, unaware that the final week involves individual lessons with each of the five trainers. Can Brie handle Ms. Clark’s instruction? Will her heart survive when Sir takes her out on a private outing? As graduation approaches, things unravel forcing her to make an unexpected choice. Which Dom will earn Brie’s devotion and become Master of her heart?

Finishing Brie 9 today, I smiled even as I wept. As one of the first bloggers to reach out to Red, I have traveled with her through each book and marveled at Brie and her adventures. Without giving away any spoilers, I have to say I was pleased with the choice that was made and the future that lies ahead next year when we find out what happens after the Submission Training Center. 

Nine was a roller coaster with the interviews and heart wrenching choices Brie had to make. I am sad for the Doms that were not chosen, but love the ultimate ending. Thank you Red for sharing your vision with us. I can't wait until next year for more!

Both of these books were a credit to the series and I loved them dearly. 


Now...I said we were going to vote on the best Dom for Brie. Since the book has come out sooner (yay!) than anyone ever expected, how about I hear your thoughts on what adventures you want to see Brie encounter with her new Master next year...

Eternal Bliss: An Interview with Bonnie Sansom

Being a wedding planner with altar issues isn’t exactly good for business. Laine Peyton-Stanton has everything she needs. Money to burn, a thriving wedding boutique, a five thousand square foot house to herself, but the only thing missing is the husband she was supposed to have that left her at the altar a year ago. Leary of relationships, she hesitates getting back into one. On her way to work a traffic jam forced her to take an alternate route, where she met Kyle Logan quite by accident. Great, her day just got so much better. Not.

Minding his own business, Kyle Logan, a fire fighter for Atlanta, has no idea he’s about to meet the woman of his dreams. He’s been looking for the right woman to settle down with and hadn’t been having any luck until a woman in a Prius crashes right in front of him. She’s a bit of a bitch, but that makes the Dom in him want to tame her. He’s determined to win her over, but they don’t even know each other’s names.

What started off as a one night stand quickly develops into something more and one broken glow-in-the-dark lollipop condom could keep them together forever, until Kyle has an accident and lands himself in a coma. Will he recover and remember Laine and what they had or will he lose her forever?

1. How did you get started in erotica?

 I don’t really know. I read a lot of it so it must have happened there. When I write I don’t intentionally turn my hero into a Dom, but rather he evolves that way. I write a love story as my characters shape what kind. It just turns out that way.

2. What is your favorite thing about using BDSM elements in your work?

 It has to be the excitement of the sex play. It gets me going so I imagine it gets my readers going too.

3. How do you think the advent of the 50 Shades phenomenon has
effected your career as an erotica author? Maybe draws more attention to it. I haven’t seen a negative side to it yet, other than I wish my books would sell like that.

4. What are some of your favorite authors?

 Wow, I get this question a lot, but I’m always hesitant to answer. I love so many there is hardly room for favorites.

5. Pizza or sushi?

 Pizza all the way. Pepperoni and extra cheese.

6. What is your favorite kind of BDSM character to write about?

 The hero is always fun for me. I love writing those powerful scenes with the hero all pumped up.

7. What was your inspiration for Eternal Bliss?

 Ah! Eternal Bliss is my baby. It happened to be the fourth one published, but the first one written. It just came to me. Laine came first and talked to me for a while and then when Kyle came along, it was time to write. There’s a lot of me in Laine and some of me in Kyle. I love them both so much their story had to be told.

8. Do you prefer to write long works of fiction or short stories?

 I don’t do well with shorts. I usually end up with 25k plus on any given work. I’ve tried to write a short, but it ended up being over 40k. lol

9. What qualities in a Dom or Domme do you find appealing?

 Their strength. The ability to see in someone the truth instead of the front they put up. Like with Kat and Jarrod in The Bank Job, Kat has this rough exterior and Jarrod sees so much more than that in her. He sees to her very soul and it’s not the hard exterior she fronts, but rather a soft loving person who wants to be loved. 

10. If you were going to train a sub, what would be the first thing
you would do?

 The very first thing I would do is negotiate the contract and set rules. If you miss this step, then you could be headed into dangerous territory completely blind. 

11. What is next on the writing horizon for you?

 Oh, I have many projects on the horizon. Now if I could just stay focused on them instead of playing on Facebook I just might get them done. Lol Thanks for having me on your blog. I had a great time. One lucky commenter will win a copy of Eternal Bliss. Have fun and good luck.


“Come in.” She backed up, pulling the door open.

“You look beautiful.” He seared her from the inside out with his intense glare. She could feel the heat from her head to her toes, which would be curling any second now, she was sure. His Ice blue eyes held her captive, helpless to do or say anything.

“I’m sorry, but I have to kiss you, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” His mouth crashed onto hers, his spicy flavor bombarded her mouth. Such a heady feeling washed over her. Their tongues dueled deliciously, moment by moment, causing moisture to pool between her thighs. God, she was lost in him. 

He broke the kiss and said, “We’re not going to make it to the bedroom for the first round.” He started unbuttoning her green silk blouse, revealing a white lace bra that boosted her ample globes right up to him. He let the shirt fall to the floor.

“That’s fine with me. The couch is comfy.” Instead of being backed up to the couch, he turned them and backed her up against the door. He dropped his jeans to his knees, and had a condom on in a second. He lifted her, eliciting a small squeal as her legs automatically gripped his slender hips. He hiked her skirt up, pulled the silky scrap of a thong aside, fitted himself to her tiny hole and plunged in balls deep in one long languid stroke, making them both moan.

“Had to have you now,” he gritted out through clenched teeth. His strokes became frenzied, frantic, and had her bobbing and banging against the door. She loved every second of it.

“Thank you, Mr. Orgasm,” she said, in a lust induced haze.
“He slowed mid-stroke. “Mr. Orgasm?”

“I’ll explain it later, just please don’t stop.” Her arms wrapped tighter around his shoulders she pulled herself closer to him, kissing him on his neck. She licked and sucked, torturing him just as he had her the night before. She felt the goose flesh form on his back and shoulders. She nibbled, eliciting a feral growl from him.

“Can’t stop, damn, I can’t get enough.” He squeezed her ass tighter; spreading her cheeks in is palms. He slid a long finger between them, using the slick moisture from her arousal to lube her puckered star and then pushed in.

She gasped at the new sensation. It burned and felt good all at the same time, throwing her over into oblivion. Her orgasm crashed over her fast and wild. She bucked and writhed against him, her pussy gripped him as her sensitive flesh rippled around his shaft. She had no idea that was even an erogenous zone. She loved the small bite of pain with the delectable pleasure.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it, come for me.” His pumps became uneven and frenzied. Her release spurred him on, bringing him over, growling out his own release. Their foreheads rested together, both panting out of breath. His body shook, she knew from his orgasm, because hers did, too.

“Wow that was amazing.” Her legs felt like quivering jelly. They were almost too weak to hold on any longer. She squirmed a bit and looked into his eyes. 

“Kyle, can you put me down now?”

He seemed to come out of his daze. “Yeah, sorry.” He pulled out, and lowered her to her feet. He tilted her chin up and kissed her gently. He poured all of his unspoken feelings into this kiss.

No way would she get away now. She was his; she just didn’t realize it yet. He knew by the way she’d said just a sexual relationship, someone had hurt her bad. He had no idea who the idiot was, but it was his loss, because no way would he give Laine up to another man. Not now.

“Where is the closest bathroom?” He needed to ditch the condom and get back to making her squirm. He just didn’t want to get lost.

“Take a right down this hall and it’s the second door on the right.” She pointed him in the right direction, and sat on the sofa.

Kyle felt relief wash over him. She hadn’t pulled away from him when he’d held her after her climax. She’d come around in time and want more than just sex.

He threw the condom in the wastebasket and washed off in the sink. Now all he had to do was get back to her. He kept to the same path he’d used to get there, and found Laine lying on the couch. She had her eyes closed. Serene was the only word he could think of to describe the look on her face.
Damn, she was beautiful.

He hated to disturb her, but he wanted to keep that look on her face the entire night. He hoped to anyway. He wanted to fall asleep with her wrapped in his arms, not wake up in her bed alone like he had the night before. He was pretty sure already that he wanted all of her.

“Laine, sweetheart, wake up.” He gently shook her. She stirred with a sleepy look on her face.

“Sorry, I guess you wore me out.”

“Babe, we’re just getting started.”

He held out his hand helping her up. Upon standing, she brought their bodies flush against each other. 

His cock instantly stirred.

“Here or the bedroom?” His nostrils flared, smelling her arousal.

“The bedroom Please.”

“Lead the way sweetheart.” She took him by the hand, and led him down the long hallway, through the den to her room.

“So what’s with this ‘Mr. Orgasm’ stuff?” He gave her a lopsided grin.

Her pale skin turned pink right before his eyes. She turned her face away from him. “Um…It was the first thing I called you before I knew your name.”
He turned her head, putting his finger under her chin, lifting those grass green eyes to his gaze. No way would he allow her to pull away from him. “I’m glad you told me and I aim to please. So, I plan to live up to my nickname.” He kissed her gently, giving her the tenderness she needed, letting her know she didn’t have to be embarrassed with him.

He knew he had a long road ahead of him to earn her trust, but he wouldn’t back down from the challenge.
“Lay back on the bed. I want to taste you.”

She scooted back on the bed, letting her creamy thighs fall open.

“That’s it baby, open wide. I want to see your pretty bare pussy.” Her legs opened farther, giving him complete access to her tender flesh. He situated himself between her thighs, and tongued her slit from back to front. As he came up, he licked his lips. 

“Delicious. I knew you’d taste as sweet as honey.”

“Mmm, you really do have a silver tongue.” She lifted her pelvis, demanding more.

It was a request that he was more than happy to oblige.

He swiped the tip of his tongue across the hard nub, back and forth, eliciting tiny whimpers from her. Her head thrashed from side to side on the pillow. He pursed his lips and sucked her clit into his mouth, rolling his tongue across it and she screamed his name. He wanted to try as many things as he could to find what worked best.

Her movements became wild and frenzied. He lapped and sucked, loving her pussy with his tongue, giving her all the pleasure he could. He delved inside her tight little hole, fucking her with his tongue and she exploded. She came in jerky movements, muttering her thanks to a higher power. He buried his face in her, lapping her nectar. Her cream, a tasty explosion on his tongue. She made him impossibly harder than he’d ever been, and was by far, the best lover he’d ever had.

“I swear woman, you will be the death of me. I just can’t get enough of you.” His lips glistened in the soft lamplight, showing proof of her arousal. He got up and donned a condom, and climbed on top of her. 

“So, are you ready for another one of Mr. Orgasm’ specialties?”

She blushed. “Yes, please?”

He lined himself up with her center and thrust in one long stroke. The electricity between them was almost a palpable thing. He felt a chemistry with her, a connection he’d never felt with another. The problem was she just didn’t trust anyone with her heart. He’d have to find a way around that. Maybe he could woo her with pleasure. Find out all about her, and get her to confide in him the reason behind her guarded heart. He knew she’d surrender sexually, but would she surrender her heart?


Laine woke up tangled with Kyle. What a night, after a record breaking six orgasms she didn’t have the strength to make him leave. Truth was she’d collapsed, falling right to sleep after the last one. She had to admit the man was very talented. He had ways of getting her off even she hadn’t known about.

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Nine out of ten of the voices in my head agree I'm completely sane.

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