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Friday, October 24, 2014

Spank or Treat 2014

Spank or Treat 2014 is finally here! Visit Governing Ana for the prize list, sign-up sheet, and full instructions. You can win from a prize pool valued at over $1,000, including a Kindle Fire or Nook HD donated by Blushing Books!
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3.If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize.

4.Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -5) on Sunday, October 26th!

5. If you successfully completed a previous challenge (Sci Spanks 2014, Love Spanks 2014, Spank or Treat 2013, Spankee Doodle 2013, Love Spanks 2013, or Spank or Treat 2012), you may add “VIP” to your comments.  You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize.  (Yes, we will be doing this again.  Yes, if you successfully complete the Spank or Treat 2014 challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)

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10. To win, you must answer the questions on the blogs. Any discourteous answers will be disqualified.

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 Charity Benshaw's Enchanted Paddle Emporium

Erzabet Bishop

Chapter One
Charity Benshaw stared hopelessly at the line of applicants for the job fair, each one more dreadful than the last. What she'd expected to find when her compatriot from the shopping center mentioned she was going was a fleet of semiprofessional candidates. Or perhaps some students looking for a part time job.   Finding an apprentice for her shop should have been an easy task. At least in her mind. But the reality was turning out to be far more difficult than she otherwise would have anticipated. 

"Goddess bless, this is like speed dating. Only worse." Her friend Matilda slumped in her chair.


"I'm sorry I asked you to come. I just figured since we were both hiring, it made sense to be each other's backup."

Matilda glanced at the nondescript rubber paddle resting on the table in front of Charity.
"So do you sell those to game stores? I'm sorry I haven’t been by since I moved in."

Charity's lips twitched. "Something like that." Her glasses had found their way down her nose and she pushed them back into place.

"I bet they're great for ping pong. I was an ace at that in college." Matilda stretched and stood up. 

"How much longer are you going to stay? I'm thinking of packing it in."

"A little longer. I have someone covering the store until I get back.

"No problem." The perky blond slung her purse on her shoulder. Her blue striped business suit accentuated every curve, the heels giving her legs a long and shapely appearance. "I'm only sorry nothing much came out of it."

"You and me both," Charity snorted. She observed Matilda walk away and sighed. The sea of applicants was drying up but then again so was her time. This was pointless and she needed to get back to the shop. She had an order of paddles waiting to go out and the darned things didn't spell themselves.

"Excuse me? Are you hiring?"
Chapter Two

Mercy Franklin smiled at the woman in the stylish business suit. The plum color was most unusual, as were the lovely strappy shoes she wore. One didn't see heels with quite that height normally and it made her pause. How did she walk and not topple over? It boggled Mercy's mind.  Surely someone who wore shoes like that wouldn't be a bad boss to work for. At least she hoped not. Mercy had heard things about The Enchanted Paddle Emporium and she had a hunch it would be just the job for her. A few more steps and she would be able to meet the witch who would hopefully be the answer to her prayers.

She clutched the ad in Witch's Weekly and marched up to the table, smoothing out her expression as she went.

You are calm.

You are competent.

There is no spell you can't do.

Breathe. Just breathe.

The woman's brown hair was arranged into an attractive up-do and she wore blocky purple glasses that kept sliding down her nose. The rhinestone sparkles on the sides of the frames made Mercy smile. She was busy packing away the items on her table, reaching up every few moments to slide the errant glasses back onto her face. Alarm pulsed through Mercy. Was she too late then? Had the job fair ended?

Mercy checked her wristwatch. The event was over in two hours but the woman was closing down early. Not good. What if she had already found someone? Mercy rushed forward and cleared her throat, tamping down the anxiety that warred within her. She needed this job. It fit all of her requirements. The Enchanted Paddle Emporium. What could be better than that? Blue spell fire singed the edges of her fingers and she rubbed them against her own plain gray suit.

Be normal.

No out of control magic.

Just apply for the job…

"Excuse me. Are you hiring?"

The woman glanced at her askance. "I was. Yes."

"I'm sorry to bother you. Were you leaving?"

"Yes. Can I help you?" The woman barely glanced her way.

"Are you by chance Charity Benshaw?"

The woman's lips curved upward and her eyes finally lifted from what she was doing.

 "I am."

"Mercy Franklin." Mercy held out her hand and heaved a sigh of relief when Ms. Benshaw shook it and didn't get zapped. "I read in the paper you were looking for an assistant."

"Nice to meet you. Do you have a resume?"

"I do." Mercy handed the other woman a folder with her resume and references enclosed. She only hoped against hope that she didn't actually try to call any of them. The spell she cast on the paperwork would only hold, at best, until the next day and she really didn’t want to take a chance on her finding out everything all at once. All she needed was one chance. A foot in the door and this job would be the right one.

"Is this rubber?" Mercy reached down and picked up the implement from the table and gave it a swing. She was no stranger to paddles.

"It is." Charity smiled, her peculiar violet eyes observing Mercy's movements.

"What position are…ur…were you hiring for?"

Charity sighed and pushed the glasses back up onto her nose. "I was looking for someone to mind the shop and have a hand in making paddles."

Mercy nodded. "I could absolutely do that."

"Do you have experience?"

Mercy nodded once again. "Yes Ma'am. I certainly do." Nervous sparks burst from her fingertips and she rubbed them on her skirt.

The other woman met her eyes and considered her for a moment.

"What paper did you say you read about the job?"

"Witches Weekly."

"I see." Charity opened up the folder and scanned the contents, closing it immediately.

"Well then, Ms. Franklin. I do believe you're hired. Can you start tomorrow?"

Mercy grinned as Charity held out her hand.

"What time do you want me?"
Chapter Three

"This is the Paddle Emporium." Charity led Mercy into the back room. A wall of shelves lined the room but unfortunately they were bare.

Mercy had shown up as instructed in khakis and a pullover shirt with workable shoes, her long brown hair neatly secured in a ponytail. She looked like a co-ed going to a part time job at a pizza shop.

"Where are they?"

"That my dear is why I hired you." Charity walked over to a large wooden work table with Mercy following close behind. Her own sneakered feet tread across the concrete floor and her jeans brushed together as she moved. Might as well be comfortable. It was going to be a long afternoon.

"What kind of spells have you done previously?"

Mercy fingered an example of a paddle on the table and smiled. "I've done replication spells before and a few activities based ones. You know, giving life to inanimate objects and that sort of thing."

"Good. That's what I'm looking for here as well. We need to take the base material-- wood or rubber and craft a paddle that will do what the customer asks."

Mercy nodded. "Okay."

"Why don't you give it a try? Make a wooden paddle like this one here." Charity pointed to a wooden paddle painted with flowers.

"That's pretty."

"It's one of our more popular models actually."

Mercy lowered her head and nibbled on her lip. "So do you need to watch me do it?"

Charity narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Um, I'm shy?" Mercy fiddled with the bottom of her shirt and stared at the floor.

"I know you're probably nervous. How about I watch from the window into the workshop? Would that help?"

Mercy nodded, relief sweeping across her features.

"Yes. Thank you."

Charity moved toward the door, but turned back. "Don't blow anything up, okay?"

"No. Absolutely not." The girl shook her head, her movements jerky and odd.

Oh boy. I've hired a nut.

"I'll be right outside."

Chapter Four

Mercy sucked in a breath and held it as Charity walked out the door. If she wasn't watching there was a chance she might get it right without her usual side effects.


Her fingers tingled as she ran them over the wooden paddle, letting the energy of the object leave its signature. Mercy's stomach clenched and her palms began to sweat.

"Goddess grant me
Power to see
The witch I'm truly
Supposed to be.
Grant my boon
All quarters call
Morning noon
With evening's pall
Make this paddle
And only this.
Seek no mischief
But magical bliss."

The paddle rose into the air, a purple glamour surrounding it. Mercy sighed as the warmth seeped from the center of her body. Her lips parted in desire as her fingers tingled with blue fire.


The paddle duplicated. But it didn't stop there. A dozen more erupted from the air, clattering loudly onto the wooden table. Painted with lovely blue wisps of flowers and green the implements rested where they landed.

A burst of heat rolled through Mercy as her body was consumed by sexual desire. It was always this way. Magic kindled a fire deep inside of her that couldn't be assuaged. She'd tried everything. The best she could hope for was a job where she could perform her spells in private where others might savor the magic that drove her into an orgasm every time she used it.
Not exactly something a girl could put on a resume.

"Goddess!" Flames grew under her skin and her nipples tightened. Her channel slickened and she slapped her hands on the table as the wave of orgasm from the power exploding inside of her moved through her body.

As Mercy touched the table her mind conjured up the first thought in her head and it fell from the air, landing in the middle of the paddles.
Chapter Five

Charity watched the scene through the window and didn't know whether to barge in or just lock the door. Mercy braced herself against the counter as the onslaught of magic worked its way through her system. She'd heard of magic involving sexual energy but this…this was something so far beyond anything she'd ever experienced. It was like something over taking her…a possession of sorts.
She heard the girl chant something and watched her lips part and the spark of something from the edges of her fingertips. Mercy moved like she was being stoked from within by a force that demanded nothing but her complete and utter sexual submission. Charity's panties were wet just watching her. It was erotic. It was breath taking.

Paddles began to fall from the air and just as she thought the event was over, something else followed. Several something elses.  Long and wooden, she couldn’t make out what they were. Of course it couldn't be just one. The girl was gifted but severely uncontrolled. 

Charity pushed open the workroom door and rushed to catch Mercy as she tumbled into her arms. Limp and unresponsive, Mercy's head lulled against her breast as Charity hefted her up and onto the work table. Her eyes strayed past the unconscious girl and narrowed in on the mysterious objects in the middle of the paddles. Long and slightly bent, they were smooth and looked strangely familiar.
Her mind honed in on what they were and she marveled at the girl in front of her.

Dildos. They were wooden freaking dildos made out of the same hard wood as the beautifully painted paddles.

Charity reached out her hand and took one of the finely wrought objects in her hand. They were lovely. She'd heard about wooden sex toys but hadn't placed much stock in them. I mean…splinters. How awkward would that have been to explain to a doctor? But this. This was…her fingers wrapped around the smooth elongated form and lovingly caressed the curvature of the piece. This wasn't something to hide in the bottom drawer of a nightstand. This was, quite simply, beautiful.

She'd only carried paddles thus far, but the possibilities were staring her right in the face. Did she do this every time she tried to cast a spell? Charity nibbled on her lip and watched as Mercy began to stir. 

I hope you all enjoyed this foray into Charity's shop. Stay tuned for more delicious fun when the novella is complete in a few months. Don't forget to check out my newest releases out this week from Ylva!

Question for the readers:

If you were a witch with magical abilities, what would you use the power for? Answer for a chance to win a copy of Written on Skin and the other wonderful prizes for Spank or Treat!

About the author:

Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parents’ old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books. She is a contributing author to the Silk Words website with her Fetish Fair, Gingerbread Dreams, Holiday Cruise and Temptation Resorts interactive romances, Sci Spanks 2014 Anthology, Potnia, A Christmas To Remember, Taboo II, Forbidden Fruit, Club Rook: The Series, Sweat, Bossy, Cougars, Spank or Treat, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, Wicked Things, Unwrap these Presents (upcoming), Unbound Box, Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, Holidays in Hell, Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World, Vaginas and Vulvas, Man vs. Machine: The Sex Toy Issue, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2, Can’t Get Enough, Slave Girls, The Big Book of Submission, Hungry for More, Gratis II, Gratis III, Anything She Wants, Dirty Little Numbers, Kink-E magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, Coming Together: Girl on Girl, Shifters and Coming Together: Hungry for Love among others. She is the author of Lipstick (upcoming), Dinner Date, Tethered, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection (upcoming), Red Moon Rising (upcoming), Red Boots (upcoming),Pomegranate (upcoming), Sigil Fire, Written on Skin: A Sigil Fire Short, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation. Erzabet was a finalist for the GCLS 2014 awards in two separate categories. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.
Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.

Amazon author page: http://

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Isabella's Submission

Isabellas Submisson
A dedicated teacher of homeless children, Isabella Camarena's life is interrupted by a midnight call threatening her students. Isabella speeds across state to save a family of kidnapped migrant farm workers, but is soon in over her head helping a family lost to the world of human trafficking. During an undercover assignment at Isabella's school, former Special Forces Army Rangers Leif Johansen and Caleb Samuels met Isabella. After the assignment ends, they continue volunteering there, to pursue a relationship with Isabella, only to discover she's missing. After a harrowing rescue, Leif and Caleb bring Isabella home with them to recuperate. She reluctantly agrees so that she can stay close to the rescued children. Amid the struggle to ensure the safety of the families, Leif and Caleb are determined to win Isabella's heart. Despite her fierce independence, Isabella is naive to the ways in which they want to love her. Can these former Rangers help Isabella embrace her submissive nature? ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Isabellas Submission sexy teaser
Caleb made sure the door was shut softly and they were well away from Isabella’s room, before he rounded on Leif. “Are you out of your goddamn mind?” Though his tone was low, he knew that Leif was aware he was being shouted at. “What is your problem?” “You looked like you were ready to spank that girl in there.” Caleb looked at his friend, and didn’t see a single bit of remorse on Leif’s face. He couldn’t believe the level of stupidity that was surrounding him today. First, there was Isabella who couldn’t see that she had been a child wracked with sorrow, reaching out for comfort, and used by predatory scum in college. Now here was Leif, with his inner Dom in full force, planning on showing her the error of her ways because she didn’t think she was worthy. “Caleb, didn’t you hear the crap that she was saying about herself?” “Yes, Leif, I did. Shall I recap for you?” Caleb knew his voice was sarcastic, but his temper was blown. Leif should know better than this. He continued, “I know that we are dealing with someone who has almost no sexual experience. Would you agree?” Caleb waited, and finally Leif nodded. “We are dealing with someone who thinks she has been promiscuous and if I had to guess, based on her upbringing, she sees what happened to her as something sinful that she alone caused. Are you with me, Leif? Are you tracking?” “Yes, Samuels, I’m tracking.” “We are dealing with someone who is sheltered and by her own admission, is still struggling with her deep attraction to the two of us. Still with me?” Leif just stared at him. “And that precious woman in there just basically said that she cared enough for us, that she could see herself falling in love with us. She told us that she wants us to have the best possible woman to make a life with, but that she doesn’t think that she is good enough to be that woman.” Caleb took a deep breath and continued. “She said that, Leif, because she is empathetic, caring, loving and wonderful. Meanwhile, you’re over there thinking with your goddamn dominant dick, instead of realizing that we have a chance to nurture and love and be loved by the best thing that has ever happened to us.” Caleb watched as his words sank in. “But how can she doubt herself like that, Caleb? It makes no sense!” Leif walked over to the counter where he had left his beer, felt the warm bottle and poured it down the sink before getting a cold one out of the fridge. “Didn’t you ever spend any time with your mom or your sister?” Caleb held out his hand and Leif handed him a beer as well. “Yeah, I guess Kara was going through some stuff where she didn’t know which way was up, but she always knew her own worth.” Seriously surrounded by stupidity, Caleb thought to himself as he took a pull from his beer. “Leif, let’s look at this from another angle. I know that there were times when all four of you Johansen kids took shit because you had two dads.” “We sure as hell didn’t take it for long.” Leif’s grin was feral. Caleb couldn’t help but smile back. Growing up in Fate Harbor, he was often right beside Caleb and his siblings whenever a disparaging comment was made about the Johansen parents being a triad. Soon there was no kid in school who had anything to say about the Johansens or any triad families, because they knew they’d get the shit kicked out of them. “What I’m saying is that Isabella is cut from a different cloth than the Johansen clan. Clearly, she got called some pretty vicious names while she was in college. These accusatory labels apparently tied into her moral upbringing. So it’s easy to see how she ended up with some deep-seated beliefs about who she is, and level of worthiness she’s assigned to herself since those days. This is not about somebody who is mouthing off things to offend her Dom so she can get spanked, Leif! This is a young woman who has a broken mirror.” Caleb took another long pull off his beer and set it down on the counter, happy to see Leif really thinking about what he had said. He turned and made his way back down the hall.
Other books by Caitlyn O'Leary:
Trusting Chance
Trusting Chance
Josie Decker and Chance Reynolds knew each other years ago when they were in the same foster home, before Josie's birth mother reclaimed her. Now, Chance and his best friend, Sam Booth an Afghan war veteran are living in Fate Harbor, Washington, when Josie reestablishes ties with her foster parents and opens a bakery in the quaint town. Chance realizes that growing up with her birth mother has left Josie with physical and emotional scars and a deep belief that she is unworthy of love. Fate Harbor is very accepting of triad alliances, and Chance believes that the relationship that will ultimately heal Josie is one that includes both he and Sam. Sam's recent trauma, fighting for his country, has left him beyond hurt. Chance has despaired of saving the brother of his heart, but finding Josie again has given him hope, and a plan. Can the three of them make the perfect future together?
protecting olivia
Protecting Olivia
After almost being beaten to death, Olivia Prescott is recovering in Fate Harbor. There she meets firefighter Joshua Parker, who was everything she wants in a man, and she begins to fall in love. Later, his best friend and fellow firefighter, Ian Ransom, returns, and she recognizes a long lost piece of her soul. Rather than coming between the two friends, she flees back to Boston. When Joshua and Ian find out that Olivia's life is in danger, they realize that their friendship and Olivia mean more to them than any sense of betrayal. They recognize that to keep her they must learn to share her. Their background in law enforcement allows Joshua and Ian to protect Olivia while helping to discover who is behind the attempts on her life. While finding out who is behind the plot to kill Olivia, can they convince Olivia that the three of them are meant to be together and make a life in Fate Harbor?
Claiming Kara
claiming kara
Five years ago, Kara Johansen met and fell in love with brothers Ben and Quinn Shotbrook while on vacation with her fire fighter brothers in Sitka, Alaska.They planned to marry, when tragedy struck the Shotbrook family, leaving the brothers to care for their mother and younger brothers again. They sent Kara back home to Fate Harbor, Washington, promising that one day they would reunite. Years later, Kara has made the decision that she wants to marry and start a family of her own. She has put away her dreams of ever being with Ben and Quinn and instead focuses on men who are available to her here and now. Her meddling brothers inform Ben and Quinn of her plans. The brothers Shotbrook rush to Fate Harbor to do whatever it takes to reclaim the woman they never stopped loving. Has too much changed between them to save their love?

Guest post:

I have “I feel Lucky” and “What a Wonderful World” in the songs I listen to when writing, because it’s so true.  I’m an author, people read my stories, could I be any luckier?  Could my life be any more wonderful?  And even when it hasn’t been wonderful, I’ve been surrounded by some wonderful people who have loved and supported me.  Even when I’ve been “Broken” I’ve been able to “Imagine” what would be waiting around the corner.  I have a funny, fantastic and often dysfunctional family….but truly…who doesn’t?  Mine might have sometimes taken it to the outer edges, but there were always love and good intentions, and that’s what I have always focused on, the intentions of the person.  Hell, we all screw up, but most be are really trying to do good.

That’s what I always try to communicate in my books.  Pretty much all of my characters are real people with real flaws that they need to confront and overcome.  I hope that you enjoy their journeys and growth.  I hope you can relate to the people in the stories and at the same time get carried away in the love story.

In eighth grade I was caught reading “Sweet, Savage Love” by Rosemary Rogers in my Biology class and having the book confiscated by the teacher.  He told me it wasn’t appropriate reading material for his class.  I remember thinking I was sure learning more about biology from the book than I was from him!  I’ve been a fan of romance for almost forty years.  So as much as I want you to relate to my characters, I sure hope that when you read one of my books “you escape into a great love story!”

Author Bio
caitlynI write the Fate Harbor series for Siren. Fate Harbor is based on the Pacific Northwest town where I grew up, and filled with the same kind of quirky, loving people I remember. My books are filled with men and women who aren't perfect. They have problems, issues, angst, but every single one of them are good people who are deserving of love, (and steamy ménage sex.) On May 23rd 2014, USA Today Recommended "Protecting Olivia" in their Hot New Romance Books. "Protecting Olivia" is book number two in the Fate Harbor Series. I hope you'll take your time to explore the site, check out the books and excerpts and sign up for the newsletter. You can also send me comments. I would LOVE to hear whose story your think should be next.
$50 Amazon Gift Card

Covenant of Thorns Series: Rogue's Paradise

Rogue’s Paradise
Book Three
Jeffe Kennedy

Pregnant, possessed, and in love with a man I don’t dare to trust-those are the consequences of the risks I took to save my life. But Faerie, the land of blood and magic, is filled with bitter ironies, and the bargains I made now threaten me and my unborn child.

The darkly sensual fae noble Rogue still tempts me to danger and desire. As we await the birth of our child, I’ve been forced to question whether our offspring is part of a bargain Rogue once made to save himself. He can’t tell me the truth due to a spell the vicious Queen Titania has him under. Would he betray our family against his will? Could I ever forgive him if he does?

Rogue insists on an eternal commitment from me, even as Titania’s forces close in on us. I don’t know if Rogue and I can withstand her onslaught, or that of the beast within me. But I will not stop looking for answers-even if it brings the walls of Faerie crashing down.


Jeffe Kennedy is my hero. She is sassy and her characters often have me in turns snorting through my hand with laughter and biting my nails for the sheer edge of your seat action. All three books in this series walk the line of dark sensuality, Fae hotness and women who can't help but fall for the dangerous man they know they shouldn't. Hot! Hot! Hot!

This book in particular had a special edge about it that kept me at the edge of my seat. Anytime you deal with the Fae you have to know something is going to go wrong. Politics and betrayal is in their blood...but is the deepest love a man can have for his bride and child? You'll have to read this one to find out. Not telling...but trust me. You'll want to. 


About the Author:

Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author with a writing career that spans decades. Her works include non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, and novels. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and was awarded a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award. Her essays have appeared in many publications, including Redbook. 
Her most recent works include a number of fiction series: the fantasy romance novels of A Covenant of Thorns;  the contemporary BDSM novellas of the Facets of Passion, and an erotic  contemporary serial novel, Master of the Opera, which released beginning January 2, 2014. A fourth series, the fantasy trilogy The Twelve Kingdoms, hit the shelves starting in May 2014 and a fifth, the highly anticipated erotic romance trilogy, Falling Under, will release starting in July. 
She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with two Maine coon cats, plentiful free-range lizards and a very handsome Doctor of Oriental Medicine.
Jeffe can be found online at her website:, every Sunday at the popular Word Whores blog, on Facebook, and pretty much constantly on Twitter @jeffekennedy. She is represented by Foreword Literary.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taliasman Release Day!

Title: Taliasman
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 20K (66 pages)
Heat level: 3
Hashtags: #lgbt #lesbian #spanking
Pairing: F/F
Genre: Fantasy, Erotic fiction


Will Talia accept love, or will she reject the one who offers her everything? @AnastasiaVitsky #BeyondFairytales

Taliasman blurb:

Born to a destitute woodworker who wanted a son to carry on the family business, Talia grew up with one phrase on her lips: “If I had been born a boy.” If she had been born a boy, she would have been cherished, supported, and launched into the world with her father’s legacy. As only a worthless girl, she toils all day long to earn her handful of inferior grain.

Far away in the heavenly palace, Queen Vina receives a mysterious coin necklace from Nicodemus, teller of stories. Compelled by the throbbing heartbeat, she scours the earth to come across Talia, enslaved to a family who never wanted her. Rather than admit her motives, Vina purchases the girl with a sack full of gold. Furious, betrayed, and homesick, Talia endeavors to share her misery with the entire palace. Vina, afraid to confess her love, allows herself to become trapped in the role of brutal slave owner.

Talia, bred to expect nothing but misery, faces the first choice of her life. Will she accept love, even if it comes from an unlikely source? Or will she reject the one who offers her everything?

A Beyond Fairytales Adaptation of Our Lady’s Child

Taliasman excerpt:

If I had been born a boy, I would have followed in my father’s footsteps to become a tradesman. Because I was a girl, he sold me instead.
“No,” Vina corrects me when I bring up the story, which is not often. She doesn’t like the facts, and I dislike her pretty lies. “Your mother agonized whether to let you go, but she knew you would be better off here. She wanted to give you a better life.”
I would call Vina on her mistruths, but she claims I still reason as a child. All of my protests to the contrary serve to prove her right, at least in her mind. Only when I agree with her does she admit I am a full-grown adult.
“You’re happy with me, aren’t you?” Vina makes me sit next to her at the formal dinners she hosts most nights, and she dresses me in rich silks with real lace. If I tell her “no,” she sends me to my room as punishment for my petulance. If I resist, she gives me one of her lessons in obedience. Some are painful, some pleasurable, and all serve to narrow my world and make me focus on her. How could I not, when she owns me?
“No,” Vina corrects me when I call her my owner. “I set you free, and I gave you the life you never could have had otherwise.”
When I turned nineteen, no one wanted to marry me. My mother fussed with my “hope chest,” if it could be called that, and arranged the one cotton handkerchief as if it could attract a suitor.
“Let me stay with you,” I entreated, and I won. I always did. The house needed new walls, and I wielded the power tools.
“You’ve turned her into such a tomboy no one will want her,” Mother chided Father, and the truth stung. I could have cared for my parents into their old age, but they wanted me gone.

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From the first page I was hooked on Talia's story. "If only I had been a boy." As a young girl, I often felt that frustration watching boys playing on the playground and having a grand time. As a girl we are often placed into situations we would rather not be in and so in many ways is Talia. Sold to a wealthy woman, she resents her circumstance and longs to return to her parents, even though her heart burns at the memory of them selling her.

Day by day, Queen Vina tries to win the affection of Talia but she fights her at every turn. Spankings and punishments do not curb the girl's tongue and willful ways. It is only when the winds of fate are altered nearly irrevocably that love's true form is discovered when all hope is nearly lost.

This was a fast paced read that kept me up late and eagerly anticipating my breaks at work so I could revisit Talia and Vina. I wonder if they are accepting house guests...


Author bio:

Cookie queen, wooden spoon lady, and champion of carbs, Anastasia Vitsky specializes in F/F erotic fiction. She hates shoes and is allergic to leather. When not writing about women who live spankily ever after, she coordinates reader and author events such as Spank or Treat, Love Spanks, and Sci Spanks.  Her favorite event is Ana’s Advent Calendar, a month-long celebration of community, books, and making a difference.

She is too afraid to watch Dr. Who, but she adores The Good Wife and anything with Audrey Hepburn. In her next life, she will learn how to make the perfect pie crust.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow10659054_547605785370496_1845422447020687680_o
Synopsis The Cat’s Meow SEALS, INC., Book 5
Tess Michaels, bookkeeper and human calculator, keeps business at The Cathouse clearly profitable - until the numbers begin to fade. When the profit margin drops, she realizes that there is no number more final than zero. Matt Brooks, former Army Ranger and newest member of SEALS, Inc., agrees to investigate, immediately intrigued and aroused by Tess’ numerical ability. Her uncanny love of numbers strikes a chord with his own analytical mind and he soon learns that there is a whole lot more to the sexy number-cruncher than he thought. Swept into a whirlwind romance, the couple works diligently to discover the cause of the profit loss. Yet when Tess becomes his prime suspect, Matt must do some quick calculations of his own to prove her innocence.
Ranger stood at the counter, his broad shoulders and muscled biceps on display. His low but rich, deep voice filled the air, traveling the distance to the table and teasing her nerve-endings. The young girl at the counter giggled and then shrugged as she snapped lids on two paper coffee cups. Tess chuckled under her breath. Flirt. Ranger picked up the cups and then headed toward her, his trademark cocky smirk on his handsome face. Mesmerized by the picture of pure male sauntering her direction, Tess caught a flash of something on his arm, peeking from beneath the cuff of his t-shirt. Something black that she only saw once when he made a certain movement. She watched closely as he placed the cups on the table and then sat opposite her, curious when she didn’t see the mark again. “Do you have a tattoo?” Since she was fairly confident in her observation, she expected a quick admission. Instead, he raised his eyebrows. “Were you checking me out?” “No, I just noticed something on your arm. Either you have a major bruise, or you have a tattoo.” “You were checking me out.” “Okay, fine. Yes, I was checking you out.” She leaned forward and squinted at his right biceps. “Do you have a tattoo or not?” “Do you?” Although his avoidance somewhat irritated her, she found it extremely arousing. Two could play his game. She leaned back in her chair, crossed her legs, and raised an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Yes.” “Maybe.” “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”
The Cat’s Meow Playlist
Livin’ On The Edge – Aerosmith
Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
Hell on Heels – Pistol Annie’s
Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns ‘N Roses
Back in Black - AC/DC
Gorilla – Bruno Mars
It’z Just What We Do – Florida Georgia Line
Angel – Theory of A Deadman
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns ‘N Roses
Guest Post
Greetings from the hot and humid state of Oklahoma! My name is Mia Dymond and I write sexy contemporary romance novels with a twist of sass. I currently have fourteen novels available on retailers including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Smashwords. My most recent release is The Cat’s Meow, Book 5 in the SEALs, Inc. series. Due to popular demand, this novel is the story of Tess Michaels and Matt Brooks, the newest member of SEALs, Inc. The SEALs, Inc. team is a close-knit, kick ass and take names kind of group – and their women are just the ones to do it. Set in the town of Diablo, Arizona, the private investigators / bodyguards / husbands / fathers have taken on a variety of adventures to eliminate a variety of villains, including an international terrorist, an ex-boyfriend stalker, an unethical attorney, a corrupt district attorney, and now a mob-connected loan shark. The SEALs have been busy; business is good. I hope you’ll enjoy The Cat’s Meow! Happy Reading!!! Other Books in the Seals Series Leather Lace & Rock 'N' Roll (Book 1) ~ Amazon 1   Brains before Beauty, that's Rachel Newberry's motto, especially when her quiet, orderly life is interrupted by international rock star, Jaydon Hawke. And true to her word, brains take center stage when she discovers Hawke has a lot more on his mind than beautiful music. Targeted by a madman, Rachel puts her trust in Hawke, a move that may cost both their lives.     Outspoken Angel (Book 2) ~ Amazon2 Handbags, stilettos, and spa dates -- not retired SEAL Max Sterling's usual m.o. Until Cameron Tremaine. Duty bound, Max tolerates her sass and smart mouth until she pushes too far. Cameron doesn't need a bald, bossy bodyguard, thank you very much. Especially one oh, so delectable as Max. Except, when someone decides to silence her for good, Cameron realizes bold and brassy go hand in hand. Freaky By Nature (Book 3) ~ Amazon 3 Former Navy SEAL and private investigator Brett Steele didn't realize there was a politically correct term for stripping until he met Holly London. Initially drawn to her long legs and curvy, toned body, Brett soon learns there is more to the "sensual dance" instructor than he thought. Holly has a colorful secret: psychic ability allows her to read aura through color. Believing she is a freak of nature, Holly avoids personal relationships and ignores her curse, rendering it a nuisance. Until the atmosphere warns her she has become the target of a madman. Faced with exposing her secret, Holly must risk trusting Brett in order to stay alive. Tightly Wound (Book 4) ~ Amazon 4 Claire Steele has spent her whole life dodging shadows. Psychic since birth, she uses her talent to chase the evil lurking in the recesses of her mind. For years, Lt. Malcolm "Shadow" Windsor has walked the fragile boundary of friendship, silently waiting for Claire to acknowledge her love for him. An ex-Navy SEAL and expert tracker, he knows patience is the key to her surrender. Until sinister forces threaten to eliminate her. Caught between love and death, Claire and Shadow must combine both talent and skill to survive. About The Author diamondMia Dymond I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you! ~ Facebook  
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Breathless Monday: Point of No Return

Today please welcome the amazing Torie James with her newest Halloween Flirt! Torie is a talented author and I just finished reading another fun adventure from her today...take it away Torie!

1. How did you start writing erotic romance? A personal dare. There was a time when I'd thought I'd ever only want to write historical romance fiction (a la Barbara Cartland!) but I've yet to pen anything remotely resembling that. *laughs* I made the mistake of discovering some erotica and fell in love.
2. Plotter or pantster? Total punster. I have plotter tendencies and good intentions but never matters. I'm winging it!
3. What are three things you have on your writing desk? My Excalibur letter opener, a black rose and my Harry Potter wand!
4. Favorite food? Tacos!
5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you? Point of No Return is a prequel of sorts to a full length novel I'm working on. It tells the story of Avan Noxturna, the only daughter of the Devil himself and anxious to prove to her father that she is more than capable of taking over the business. However, both Heaven and Hell are conspiring against her and a very big, arrogant fly is about to land in her personal ointment. Avan spoke to me right from the beginning. She's challenge to write because she is very much into business, numbers, statistics and data. I, however, am not! *laughs* I love her independence. Yeah, her dad is Lucifer and all that jazz but she wants her life to mean more than just being a pampered princess. She's very somber and serious. Another challenge as I am neither!
6. I write because I have no other desire...
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? I love writing about imperfection. We all have flaws, character defects, issues, etc. Mostly, I find joy in writing about women or men who are different, yet confident with it.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote? My first book, Timeless Night. My heroine, Sabrina, had finally had enough of the sexual tension between her and her protector, Alex. She lured him to a night club and teased him mercilessly into losing his cool and shattering his reserve. He took her up to the roof of the club, under the stars and made her his. It was beautiful and poignant for them both and in the end, sensual and loving.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field? Hold on. Don't let go. Write from your heart and soul and go from there. Do NOT worry about what anyone else thinks and carry on. Trust your voice!
10. What is next on your writerly horizon? Book 4 of my New Camelot Series, I'm outlining Fables of Fire and Stone, as well as researching for a book on the Tudor family. Oh, and happily planning work for my book about the Greek Goddess of Fate, Clotho.

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Author Bio
"If you really want to read a book that hasn't been written yet, then you must write it" ~Toni Morrison~

Torie James has loved reading since she was old enough to hold a book in her lap. While her friends were out playing, she was generally curled up nearby falling down rabbit holes, catching second stars to the right, and stepping through wardrobes into mysterious lands and countless adventures. When those stories ended, she made up her own and kept going. This later on translated into a strong passion for writing that has helped her keep her feet on the ground while her head stayed firmly in the clouds. Lover of Dr. Pepper, all things chocolate, and Duran Duran, her dreams finally became a reality with the publication of Timeless Night and Timeless Desire, Books One and Two of the award winning New Camelot Series. Slated for 3 more books in that series, she's also currently working on The Cloie Chronicles, The Tudor Files, Avan Noxturna: Soul Broker and the Fables of Blood and Stone. Two short stories, No Change Policy in Room 8 and Reclaiming the Rabbit Hole can be found in My Bloody Valentine and Wonderland Tales, respectively, through her publisher, Breathless Press.
Torie lives in Southern California with her family and a houseful of pets who rule the roost.

Full of seething, sensual shadows and hidden faces, the annual Masquerade Ball at Lymbo Resort is one event anyone would sell their soul for.

One night a year, impiety and temptation take center court at the invitation only event hosted by the mysterious Avan Noxturna. Decadent darkness, burning lust, and wicked intentions hide behind innocent masks in the most innocuous places.
The fires of hell may blaze hot, but the flames of passion consume common sense when obsessive memories escape to ignite an inferno of intimate bliss that will sear both saint and sinner.
She enjoyed being a highly sexual female who felt no shame in shagging a man for recreational purposes. Guys did it all the time and they were called studs. A woman with the same goal? Slut. Luckily, she didn't much care what anyone thought. She had no desire to settle into a bullshit relationship where she lost her identity. Her mother had schooled her. She was an island and it suited her fine when the occasional ship came into port, docking on a temporary pass. A lustful interlude with a masked stranger on Halloween? Cliché. And tempting. She did have a few extra minutes.
Then he filled her vision and she grew damp under the heated gaze.
One. Quick. Fuck.
Medicinal purposes only.

He opened his mouth to speak and she shook her head. "Shh. Don't talk. You'll ruin it." 

Breathless Monday: His Cemetery Doll

Today please welcome the lovely Brantwijn Serrah and her new and very amazing book, His Cemetery Doll. Take it away Brantwijn!

1. How did you start writing erotic romance?
I read too many erotic romance novels that ended up disappointing me. It already seems like romance and erotica aren't taken very seriously as literary genres... and the authors of these novels weren't taking their work seriously either. I wanted to write something that was not only erotic and emotional, but had a strong story and solid plot as well.  As I wrote Lotus Petals, my first erotic romance, I discovered I really enjoyed the freedom and creative potential of writing erotic stories. Since then, I find a lot of great fun and expression in telling stories embracing eroticism and relationships.
2. Plotter or pantster?
I plot, mostly, though I don't like to use outlines or other more 'structured' methods.  Most of my scenes come to me in little nuggets, and I sort of 'massage' them into a plot.  For His Cemetery Doll, much of the plot has been involving and developing since my earliest days of writing stories for myself and my friends. It's evolved from a very special love story my husband and I made up together as kids, and has gone through a few incarnations.
3. What are three things you have on your writing desk?
Sometimes it depends on what I'm writing. When I was writing my supernatural western series, I kept a deck of Nordic Rune Cards near so I could shuffle and draw them while I worked. These days it's usually a large iced tea, the controller for the TV (even if I'm not watching anything I seem to need background noise to work), and my iPod.
4. Favorite food?
I love Macaroni and Cheese, especially if it's sharp cheese or white cheddar.
5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
His Cemetery Doll has been a really fun project for me, from the start. I had an easy time connecting to both the main characters, Conall Mackay and his Broken Doll. I like to get out of the female point-of-view every now and then, and write from the perspective of a male main. Con made for a good partner in that sense; I could really get into his head. The Broken Doll spoke to me in a very different way, of course, and I usually connected to her with music. With the right piece playing, I could slip into her perspective quite nicely.
6. I write because I have stories to share, and my biggest dream is to know others might enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy telling them.
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? I like to vary my characters and try out new things, though by this time I've got so many in my head there are, of course, some very similar personalities. I have to admit I'm a fan of the independent "warrior" woman, like Rhiannon (from Lotus Petals) and Reagan both are. That doesn't mean I don't write other characters, though: Sarayana, my dragoness from Equinox, is infinitely more feminine and Talaith, Reagan's paramour, is much more a thinker and a schemer.  I'm always looking to stretch my boundaries, but I think the gals like Rhi and Reagan are definitely my most comfortable types.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
If we're just talking straight-up, X-rated, no-holds-barred sexy, I'm going to say Bad Dreams, the experimental "tentacle" story Breathless Press released in early October.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field?
Don't limit yourself to stories reflecting your own fantasies or lifestyle. Be open to possibility of writing a something new and different, something you haven't experienced and maybe never even considered. Do some research, talk to people 'in the lifestyle' (whatever that lifestyle might be). For years, I wanted to write a story about a polyamorous trio, a concept I thought of as 'a perfect love triangle'. I'm not poly myself and have never really felt the desire to explore the lifestyle in my own relationship, but I knew there could be a really wonderful story there, if I took the time to learn, ask questions, and discover new things.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
One day I'm going to learn to stop adding new projects to my writing desk!. I'm currently working on the sequel to Goblin Fires (and I've been looking forward to getting into my half-elf male's head). I've got my first novella, Angel's Keeping, in edits with Breathless Press, and for the longest time I've been wanting to get out a story about a deep Master/slave, BDSM relationship.

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Author bio:
When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, Claymore or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.
In addition to her novels, Brantwijn has had several stories published in anthologies by Breathless Press, including the 2013 Crimson Anthology and 2014 Ravaged Anthology.  She's also had a short story published in the Cleiss Press Big Book of Orgasm and the anthology Coming Together Through The Storm. She hopes to have several more tales to tell as time goes on.  She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog at


There's a woman in the graveyard.
Conall Mackay never put stock in ghost stories. Not even after thirteen years serving as the cemetery keeper in the village of Whitetail Knoll. But things change. Now, his daughter is dreaming of a figure among the tombstones. The grounds are overrun by dark thorns almost faster than Con can clear them. White fog and gray ribbons creep up on him in the night, and a voiceless beauty beckons him from the darkest corners of the graves.
When the world he knows starts to unravel, Conall might finally be forced to believe.

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Book excerpt:
He hadn't slept long before he heard sounds from down in the kitchen below.
"Shyla!" he called gruffly. "Weren't you heading into town?"
No answer came from below, but the sounds of pots clanging told him his daughter toyed about down there. Perhaps she'd decided not to leave him after all and taken it into her head to now re-organize the house, since he'd so clearly wanted her to stay out of the cemetery. With a low groan, Conall rolled out of bed and stepped out into the hall.
"Shyla!" he called again, coming to the head of the stairs. If she had stayed home, she could at least do it without making a lot of noise.
"Shyla, I—"
He staggered then, as the hallway dimmed. Afternoon light flickered strangely, lightning cracking a dismal sky outside, and in the space of time afterward everything else darkened. Conall darted a glance around him as the house fell into shadow.
From the top of the stairwell, he saw the first whispering tendrils of white fog.
The heat of adrenaline shot through his limbs. Conall stumbled back into his bedroom, even as the fog pursued. His gaze shot to the window as the last gray light of day faded away and eerie darkness replaced it, like an eclipse sliding over the sun.
More cold mists veiled the glass, dancing and floating. Trembling overtook him as he spun to find another escape.
He froze, finding himself face-to-face with the broken mask of the cemetery doll.
"You—" he gasped. His breath came out white as the fog enveloped them both, leaving a space of mere inches between them, so he could still see her expressionless face. Gray ribbons wound and curled through the air around him.
"Who are you?" he asked.
The doll stared up at him. He sensed her searching, looking into his eyes even though hers remained covered. She held him there with her unseen gaze, until her cool, cold hand came up to touch his bare chest.
Conall let out a low breath. He closed his eyes, and a shudder of strange ease rippled through his body. The cool pads of her fingers ran down his sternum, to his navel. The silky ribbons brushed along his side.
Then he noticed her other hand. She lifted it up, to her own chest, and she held something tightly in her fingers: Shyla's stuffed dog.
"I made that...for my daughter," he whispered. The woman with the broken mask tilted her head down toward the small toy, studying it. For a fraction of a second, her fingers appeared to tighten around it. She returned her gaze to him, then, and the toy fell from her grip into the fog, forgotten.
"Wait—" he said, but she brought her other hand up to his chest to join the first, and he recognized eagerness in the way she pressed her icy skin against his. Her face tilted to him, and then came her lips again, ivory and flawless.
"I—" Conall breathed. "I...don't understand..."
Her fingers slid up, around his neck, but he pulled away.
"No, this...this can't real. I'm asleep. I must be."
Gray ribbons danced, pulling him back to her, and she stroked his face. He sucked in a breath at her touch and found his own hand coming up to brush hers.
"You're so cold," he said. "Like stone...but..."

Her cool touch thrilled him; it made his skin tingle and the heat of his own body sing. Her perfect flesh did, in fact, prove soft under his hands, as if the contact with his worn calluses infused cold ivory with yearning. She caressed his cheek, and Conall leaned into it. Before he could stop himself, he bowed his head to her and kissed her frozen lips.