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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taliasman Release Day!

Title: Taliasman
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 20K (66 pages)
Heat level: 3
Hashtags: #lgbt #lesbian #spanking
Pairing: F/F
Genre: Fantasy, Erotic fiction


Will Talia accept love, or will she reject the one who offers her everything? @AnastasiaVitsky #BeyondFairytales

Taliasman blurb:

Born to a destitute woodworker who wanted a son to carry on the family business, Talia grew up with one phrase on her lips: “If I had been born a boy.” If she had been born a boy, she would have been cherished, supported, and launched into the world with her father’s legacy. As only a worthless girl, she toils all day long to earn her handful of inferior grain.

Far away in the heavenly palace, Queen Vina receives a mysterious coin necklace from Nicodemus, teller of stories. Compelled by the throbbing heartbeat, she scours the earth to come across Talia, enslaved to a family who never wanted her. Rather than admit her motives, Vina purchases the girl with a sack full of gold. Furious, betrayed, and homesick, Talia endeavors to share her misery with the entire palace. Vina, afraid to confess her love, allows herself to become trapped in the role of brutal slave owner.

Talia, bred to expect nothing but misery, faces the first choice of her life. Will she accept love, even if it comes from an unlikely source? Or will she reject the one who offers her everything?

A Beyond Fairytales Adaptation of Our Lady’s Child

Taliasman excerpt:

If I had been born a boy, I would have followed in my father’s footsteps to become a tradesman. Because I was a girl, he sold me instead.
“No,” Vina corrects me when I bring up the story, which is not often. She doesn’t like the facts, and I dislike her pretty lies. “Your mother agonized whether to let you go, but she knew you would be better off here. She wanted to give you a better life.”
I would call Vina on her mistruths, but she claims I still reason as a child. All of my protests to the contrary serve to prove her right, at least in her mind. Only when I agree with her does she admit I am a full-grown adult.
“You’re happy with me, aren’t you?” Vina makes me sit next to her at the formal dinners she hosts most nights, and she dresses me in rich silks with real lace. If I tell her “no,” she sends me to my room as punishment for my petulance. If I resist, she gives me one of her lessons in obedience. Some are painful, some pleasurable, and all serve to narrow my world and make me focus on her. How could I not, when she owns me?
“No,” Vina corrects me when I call her my owner. “I set you free, and I gave you the life you never could have had otherwise.”
When I turned nineteen, no one wanted to marry me. My mother fussed with my “hope chest,” if it could be called that, and arranged the one cotton handkerchief as if it could attract a suitor.
“Let me stay with you,” I entreated, and I won. I always did. The house needed new walls, and I wielded the power tools.
“You’ve turned her into such a tomboy no one will want her,” Mother chided Father, and the truth stung. I could have cared for my parents into their old age, but they wanted me gone.

Where to buy Taliasman:

Where to find out more about Anastasia Vitsky and her books:


From the first page I was hooked on Talia's story. "If only I had been a boy." As a young girl, I often felt that frustration watching boys playing on the playground and having a grand time. As a girl we are often placed into situations we would rather not be in and so in many ways is Talia. Sold to a wealthy woman, she resents her circumstance and longs to return to her parents, even though her heart burns at the memory of them selling her.

Day by day, Queen Vina tries to win the affection of Talia but she fights her at every turn. Spankings and punishments do not curb the girl's tongue and willful ways. It is only when the winds of fate are altered nearly irrevocably that love's true form is discovered when all hope is nearly lost.

This was a fast paced read that kept me up late and eagerly anticipating my breaks at work so I could revisit Talia and Vina. I wonder if they are accepting house guests...


Author bio:

Cookie queen, wooden spoon lady, and champion of carbs, Anastasia Vitsky specializes in F/F erotic fiction. She hates shoes and is allergic to leather. When not writing about women who live spankily ever after, she coordinates reader and author events such as Spank or Treat, Love Spanks, and Sci Spanks.  Her favorite event is Ana’s Advent Calendar, a month-long celebration of community, books, and making a difference.

She is too afraid to watch Dr. Who, but she adores The Good Wife and anything with Audrey Hepburn. In her next life, she will learn how to make the perfect pie crust.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow10659054_547605785370496_1845422447020687680_o
Synopsis The Cat’s Meow SEALS, INC., Book 5
Tess Michaels, bookkeeper and human calculator, keeps business at The Cathouse clearly profitable - until the numbers begin to fade. When the profit margin drops, she realizes that there is no number more final than zero. Matt Brooks, former Army Ranger and newest member of SEALS, Inc., agrees to investigate, immediately intrigued and aroused by Tess’ numerical ability. Her uncanny love of numbers strikes a chord with his own analytical mind and he soon learns that there is a whole lot more to the sexy number-cruncher than he thought. Swept into a whirlwind romance, the couple works diligently to discover the cause of the profit loss. Yet when Tess becomes his prime suspect, Matt must do some quick calculations of his own to prove her innocence.
Ranger stood at the counter, his broad shoulders and muscled biceps on display. His low but rich, deep voice filled the air, traveling the distance to the table and teasing her nerve-endings. The young girl at the counter giggled and then shrugged as she snapped lids on two paper coffee cups. Tess chuckled under her breath. Flirt. Ranger picked up the cups and then headed toward her, his trademark cocky smirk on his handsome face. Mesmerized by the picture of pure male sauntering her direction, Tess caught a flash of something on his arm, peeking from beneath the cuff of his t-shirt. Something black that she only saw once when he made a certain movement. She watched closely as he placed the cups on the table and then sat opposite her, curious when she didn’t see the mark again. “Do you have a tattoo?” Since she was fairly confident in her observation, she expected a quick admission. Instead, he raised his eyebrows. “Were you checking me out?” “No, I just noticed something on your arm. Either you have a major bruise, or you have a tattoo.” “You were checking me out.” “Okay, fine. Yes, I was checking you out.” She leaned forward and squinted at his right biceps. “Do you have a tattoo or not?” “Do you?” Although his avoidance somewhat irritated her, she found it extremely arousing. Two could play his game. She leaned back in her chair, crossed her legs, and raised an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Yes.” “Maybe.” “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”
The Cat’s Meow Playlist
Livin’ On The Edge – Aerosmith
Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
Hell on Heels – Pistol Annie’s
Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns ‘N Roses
Back in Black - AC/DC
Gorilla – Bruno Mars
It’z Just What We Do – Florida Georgia Line
Angel – Theory of A Deadman
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns ‘N Roses
Guest Post
Greetings from the hot and humid state of Oklahoma! My name is Mia Dymond and I write sexy contemporary romance novels with a twist of sass. I currently have fourteen novels available on retailers including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Smashwords. My most recent release is The Cat’s Meow, Book 5 in the SEALs, Inc. series. Due to popular demand, this novel is the story of Tess Michaels and Matt Brooks, the newest member of SEALs, Inc. The SEALs, Inc. team is a close-knit, kick ass and take names kind of group – and their women are just the ones to do it. Set in the town of Diablo, Arizona, the private investigators / bodyguards / husbands / fathers have taken on a variety of adventures to eliminate a variety of villains, including an international terrorist, an ex-boyfriend stalker, an unethical attorney, a corrupt district attorney, and now a mob-connected loan shark. The SEALs have been busy; business is good. I hope you’ll enjoy The Cat’s Meow! Happy Reading!!! Other Books in the Seals Series Leather Lace & Rock 'N' Roll (Book 1) ~ Amazon 1   Brains before Beauty, that's Rachel Newberry's motto, especially when her quiet, orderly life is interrupted by international rock star, Jaydon Hawke. And true to her word, brains take center stage when she discovers Hawke has a lot more on his mind than beautiful music. Targeted by a madman, Rachel puts her trust in Hawke, a move that may cost both their lives.     Outspoken Angel (Book 2) ~ Amazon2 Handbags, stilettos, and spa dates -- not retired SEAL Max Sterling's usual m.o. Until Cameron Tremaine. Duty bound, Max tolerates her sass and smart mouth until she pushes too far. Cameron doesn't need a bald, bossy bodyguard, thank you very much. Especially one oh, so delectable as Max. Except, when someone decides to silence her for good, Cameron realizes bold and brassy go hand in hand. Freaky By Nature (Book 3) ~ Amazon 3 Former Navy SEAL and private investigator Brett Steele didn't realize there was a politically correct term for stripping until he met Holly London. Initially drawn to her long legs and curvy, toned body, Brett soon learns there is more to the "sensual dance" instructor than he thought. Holly has a colorful secret: psychic ability allows her to read aura through color. Believing she is a freak of nature, Holly avoids personal relationships and ignores her curse, rendering it a nuisance. Until the atmosphere warns her she has become the target of a madman. Faced with exposing her secret, Holly must risk trusting Brett in order to stay alive. Tightly Wound (Book 4) ~ Amazon 4 Claire Steele has spent her whole life dodging shadows. Psychic since birth, she uses her talent to chase the evil lurking in the recesses of her mind. For years, Lt. Malcolm "Shadow" Windsor has walked the fragile boundary of friendship, silently waiting for Claire to acknowledge her love for him. An ex-Navy SEAL and expert tracker, he knows patience is the key to her surrender. Until sinister forces threaten to eliminate her. Caught between love and death, Claire and Shadow must combine both talent and skill to survive. About The Author diamondMia Dymond I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you! ~ Facebook  
$10 Amazon Gift Card
3 Swag Packs

Breathless Monday: His Cemetery Doll

Today please welcome the lovely Brantwijn Serrah and her new and very amazing book, His Cemetery Doll. Take it away Brantwijn!

1. How did you start writing erotic romance?
I read too many erotic romance novels that ended up disappointing me. It already seems like romance and erotica aren't taken very seriously as literary genres... and the authors of these novels weren't taking their work seriously either. I wanted to write something that was not only erotic and emotional, but had a strong story and solid plot as well.  As I wrote Lotus Petals, my first erotic romance, I discovered I really enjoyed the freedom and creative potential of writing erotic stories. Since then, I find a lot of great fun and expression in telling stories embracing eroticism and relationships.
2. Plotter or pantster?
I plot, mostly, though I don't like to use outlines or other more 'structured' methods.  Most of my scenes come to me in little nuggets, and I sort of 'massage' them into a plot.  For His Cemetery Doll, much of the plot has been involving and developing since my earliest days of writing stories for myself and my friends. It's evolved from a very special love story my husband and I made up together as kids, and has gone through a few incarnations.
3. What are three things you have on your writing desk?
Sometimes it depends on what I'm writing. When I was writing my supernatural western series, I kept a deck of Nordic Rune Cards near so I could shuffle and draw them while I worked. These days it's usually a large iced tea, the controller for the TV (even if I'm not watching anything I seem to need background noise to work), and my iPod.
4. Favorite food?
I love Macaroni and Cheese, especially if it's sharp cheese or white cheddar.
5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
His Cemetery Doll has been a really fun project for me, from the start. I had an easy time connecting to both the main characters, Conall Mackay and his Broken Doll. I like to get out of the female point-of-view every now and then, and write from the perspective of a male main. Con made for a good partner in that sense; I could really get into his head. The Broken Doll spoke to me in a very different way, of course, and I usually connected to her with music. With the right piece playing, I could slip into her perspective quite nicely.
6. I write because I have stories to share, and my biggest dream is to know others might enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy telling them.
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? I like to vary my characters and try out new things, though by this time I've got so many in my head there are, of course, some very similar personalities. I have to admit I'm a fan of the independent "warrior" woman, like Rhiannon (from Lotus Petals) and Reagan both are. That doesn't mean I don't write other characters, though: Sarayana, my dragoness from Equinox, is infinitely more feminine and Talaith, Reagan's paramour, is much more a thinker and a schemer.  I'm always looking to stretch my boundaries, but I think the gals like Rhi and Reagan are definitely my most comfortable types.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
If we're just talking straight-up, X-rated, no-holds-barred sexy, I'm going to say Bad Dreams, the experimental "tentacle" story Breathless Press released in early October.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field?
Don't limit yourself to stories reflecting your own fantasies or lifestyle. Be open to possibility of writing a something new and different, something you haven't experienced and maybe never even considered. Do some research, talk to people 'in the lifestyle' (whatever that lifestyle might be). For years, I wanted to write a story about a polyamorous trio, a concept I thought of as 'a perfect love triangle'. I'm not poly myself and have never really felt the desire to explore the lifestyle in my own relationship, but I knew there could be a really wonderful story there, if I took the time to learn, ask questions, and discover new things.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
One day I'm going to learn to stop adding new projects to my writing desk!. I'm currently working on the sequel to Goblin Fires (and I've been looking forward to getting into my half-elf male's head). I've got my first novella, Angel's Keeping, in edits with Breathless Press, and for the longest time I've been wanting to get out a story about a deep Master/slave, BDSM relationship.

Social and buy links
Brantwijn's Facebook Page:
Foreplay and Fangs on Facebook:
Find Brantwijn on Google+
And on Goodreads
Say hi to her on Twitter

Author bio:
When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, Claymore or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.
In addition to her novels, Brantwijn has had several stories published in anthologies by Breathless Press, including the 2013 Crimson Anthology and 2014 Ravaged Anthology.  She's also had a short story published in the Cleiss Press Big Book of Orgasm and the anthology Coming Together Through The Storm. She hopes to have several more tales to tell as time goes on.  She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog at


There's a woman in the graveyard.
Conall Mackay never put stock in ghost stories. Not even after thirteen years serving as the cemetery keeper in the village of Whitetail Knoll. But things change. Now, his daughter is dreaming of a figure among the tombstones. The grounds are overrun by dark thorns almost faster than Con can clear them. White fog and gray ribbons creep up on him in the night, and a voiceless beauty beckons him from the darkest corners of the graves.
When the world he knows starts to unravel, Conall might finally be forced to believe.

Buy Link

Book excerpt:
He hadn't slept long before he heard sounds from down in the kitchen below.
"Shyla!" he called gruffly. "Weren't you heading into town?"
No answer came from below, but the sounds of pots clanging told him his daughter toyed about down there. Perhaps she'd decided not to leave him after all and taken it into her head to now re-organize the house, since he'd so clearly wanted her to stay out of the cemetery. With a low groan, Conall rolled out of bed and stepped out into the hall.
"Shyla!" he called again, coming to the head of the stairs. If she had stayed home, she could at least do it without making a lot of noise.
"Shyla, I—"
He staggered then, as the hallway dimmed. Afternoon light flickered strangely, lightning cracking a dismal sky outside, and in the space of time afterward everything else darkened. Conall darted a glance around him as the house fell into shadow.
From the top of the stairwell, he saw the first whispering tendrils of white fog.
The heat of adrenaline shot through his limbs. Conall stumbled back into his bedroom, even as the fog pursued. His gaze shot to the window as the last gray light of day faded away and eerie darkness replaced it, like an eclipse sliding over the sun.
More cold mists veiled the glass, dancing and floating. Trembling overtook him as he spun to find another escape.
He froze, finding himself face-to-face with the broken mask of the cemetery doll.
"You—" he gasped. His breath came out white as the fog enveloped them both, leaving a space of mere inches between them, so he could still see her expressionless face. Gray ribbons wound and curled through the air around him.
"Who are you?" he asked.
The doll stared up at him. He sensed her searching, looking into his eyes even though hers remained covered. She held him there with her unseen gaze, until her cool, cold hand came up to touch his bare chest.
Conall let out a low breath. He closed his eyes, and a shudder of strange ease rippled through his body. The cool pads of her fingers ran down his sternum, to his navel. The silky ribbons brushed along his side.
Then he noticed her other hand. She lifted it up, to her own chest, and she held something tightly in her fingers: Shyla's stuffed dog.
"I made that...for my daughter," he whispered. The woman with the broken mask tilted her head down toward the small toy, studying it. For a fraction of a second, her fingers appeared to tighten around it. She returned her gaze to him, then, and the toy fell from her grip into the fog, forgotten.
"Wait—" he said, but she brought her other hand up to his chest to join the first, and he recognized eagerness in the way she pressed her icy skin against his. Her face tilted to him, and then came her lips again, ivory and flawless.
"I—" Conall breathed. "I...don't understand..."
Her fingers slid up, around his neck, but he pulled away.
"No, this...this can't real. I'm asleep. I must be."
Gray ribbons danced, pulling him back to her, and she stroked his face. He sucked in a breath at her touch and found his own hand coming up to brush hers.
"You're so cold," he said. "Like stone...but..."

Her cool touch thrilled him; it made his skin tingle and the heat of his own body sing. Her perfect flesh did, in fact, prove soft under his hands, as if the contact with his worn calluses infused cold ivory with yearning. She caressed his cheek, and Conall leaned into it. Before he could stop himself, he bowed his head to her and kissed her frozen lips.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Claiming A Demon's Heart

Hello and thank you Erzabet for letting write about my newest book, Claiming a Demon’s Heart. First, I’d like to talk a bit about writing series in general and the snags that come with weaving all those different stories into a recognizable flow!
I’m always asked is it difficult to write a series. The answer is no, but also yes… For me personally, I can’t seem to write just one standalone book. I’ve tried, but those pesky secondary characters knock around and whine, and before I know it, they are a full blown novel of their own. Sometimes so annoying that I have to jot down their story or never get any sleep.
A series, for me, is filled with people. Each of them is a person with a story just waiting to be told. When I first started writing, I wrote Midnight Star, Silver’s Chance and Golden’s Rule simultaneously. That’s right. I wrote all three books at one time. I was new to writing, and after years of suppressing my stories, they just burst from me! If I hit a snag in one, I’d work on the other two.
I’d not recommend it as a way to write. My stories, at that point, shared scenes. Ugh….I’ll take a second to explain that in a bit, but when I write now, I make certain the other characters don’t take over. (That’s why I jot down their story!)
I also keep notes. Not so detailed as you’d think, but for example, those shared scenes – which I swore to my editor to never do again – have to be perfect. That requires notes on what the scenes look like, what is happening prior, and so on.
If you’ve read A Spartan’s Kiss and Golden’s Rule, or A Spartan’s Kiss and Silver’s Chance, then you’ve read some shared scenes. The scene shared between Golden and Spartan is small, actually it got trimmed down to just Aeros thinking about what Beauty and Torque told him on his men having a perfect match out there.
Tabithia and Aeros share an entire fight scene with Samantha and Derrick. Holy moley! How did I do that? Why? Well, back then, remember I was new to writing, and I hadn’t plotted out Tabbie’s story. She came later and her story was a difficult one to write because of her ordeal with cutting herself. Anyway, I had this scene, in an alley, where she and Aeros race up, meet Derrick for the first time, then fight a few really disgusting Death Stalkers. It had to stay. In both books. So, I had to pull the focus in Silver’s Chance out of Samantha’s point of view, and turn it to Derrick – who always focuses on her. J It worked. In A Spartan’s Kiss, I didn’t have as much of a problem and kept the scene short and sweet.
Confused? I was too. Should I have nicked the scenes and not shared them? Maybe. But Silver’s Chance was written and published. The time line was set. So, in a way, I challenged myself to get that right, and I hope I did. I might have a few gray hairs now, but I wouldn’t change either book now.
So, a series can overlap, as I just wrote, but it can also flow one after another. But think about it. While you are reading my blog and enjoying it (I hope!) your friends might be out meeting the man of their dreams, getting married and moving to Alaska. You’re doing your own thing too. No news is good news, is a saying for a reason. I guess I take that to heart. A lot of my books overlap, not with scenes but happen at the same time. At this point, though, I can’t claim they are standalone books. The progression of them builds with some of the battles they fight.
I guess I think of a series as weaving this huge tapestry, with the lives of my characters connecting in various areas, some strongly woven together, while others barely blend into the enormous picture. They’re all colorful and bright, but merge in different parts of the whole.
The experience of writing shared scenes helped a great deal in working on Agni and Bethany’s epic novel. Those two….sigh. I was one stressed out author writing their story. I might have thrown things, it’s blurry. I think I drank too much at one point.
Because even though I’d sworn never to write a shared scene again in their story I had to break that oath. Several times.
Bethany, who takes the name Blood Moon, is a character I’ve known for years. She’s percolated while her sisters got their stories, while I wrote about other witches finding their mates, and while she bonded, Agni popped in and out of all of those stories sometimes annoying the heck out of people, but always, always helping out when he could. So, Moon was there, growing up. Boy did she grow up. J Agni, the ancient demon wasn’t quite ready for how fast, but then he made one fatal mistake with her – he didn’t trust her to be strong enough to stand by his side. Mistake of course, she is young, but strong enough. But if he’d not made that judgment error, we might not have a book and that would be sad. 
I hope you get a chance to read Claiming a Demon’s Heart and see for yourself.
Any questions? Please ask! I’ll try my best to answer them.

Hugs, billi jean

This is book seven in the Sisterhood of Jade series.
Agni’s obsession will either claim his heart or bring him more pain than any other event in his existence.
Since first learning his mate is the third Sister of the Moon, Agni Fe Tarra, Prince of the Fire Demon Realm, has stayed as far away from the young girl as the mortal world would allow. But when she ventures to the Fay Realm and returns a full grown—and fully developed—woman secure in her Wiccan powers as well as in her Fay abilities, can he still stay away even if that’s the only way to keep her safe?
Blood Moon, once called Bethany by her family and friends, knows with Agni’s first kiss, he’s hers—but the demon’s first words to her don’t seem to match up. Is she to listen to what he says and leave him forever—or stay with him until she can claim his heart?

About Billi Jean:
Billi Jean was born in California but didn't stay put for long. She's lived in New York, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Vermont. She's lived in and worked from ranches to beach-side coffee shops to the woods in western Massachusetts. Now living and working in China, she continues to write for Totally Bound Publishing.
Billi Jean has been writing since high school when she couldn't wait for Robert Jordon to write his Wheel of Time series faster. As an adult, she still finds herself drawn to fantasy-adventure stories, but with an erotic romance flair. Her books are extremely hot, with a focus on strong characters that are shoved into fast-paced adventures. Her unique style of incredible journeys infused with hot passion leave her fans hoping for more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take the Heat Review Tour

Take the Heat

by Skye Warren


The ultimate bad boys, criminals capture our attention and awaken our darkest desires. Celebrate the illicit in this romantic suspense anthology, where handcuffs are used for more than play. These stories are shocking, sexy, and thought-provoking.

In New York Times Bestselling Author Skye Warren’s Magnolia Hotel, meet the heroine who pays her brother’s debt to a loan shark—who happens to be her childhood crush. Find out if the jury made the right decision in Acquitted by award-winning author Giselle Renarde. Explore a dark and sensual psychology with New York Times Bestselling Author Pam Godwin in Unlawful Seduction.

Ride the edge of desire and see if you can TAKE THE HEAT…

Skye Warren – Magnolia Hotel
Cynthia Richards – Captivated
Pam Godwin – Unlawful Seduction
Sheri Savill – Slipknot
Shoshanna Evers – This Might Hurt A Bit
Candy Quinn – The Bombshell
Tamsin Flowers – Playing with Fire
Elizabeth Coldwell – Disposing of Donnie
Audrey Lusk – Surprise Witness
Trent Evans – Last Day
Giselle Renarde – Acquitted



Leather. Sexy and tight. Perfect. Yep, this is the one. This is the one I’m taking.

Mia took a deep breath and, in one smooth move, rolled and tucked the metal hanger—and the soft black leather miniskirt still clipped to it—into her black shoulder bag. Right over the open zipper and down into the gaping hole at the top of the purse, all without a hitch.

Thank God the fucking price tag didn’t catch on the zipper track.

Once it was all pushed down inside the darkness of her purse, she rested the crook of her elbow over the opening again, for extra camouflage, in case prying eyes should happen to look too closely as she left the shop. Four hundreds dollars’ worth? really? The tiny skirt was easy enough to conceal. It was an obscene price for a leather mini, anyway, she rationalized. Even for a skirt as sexy and well-made as this one, that was too much money. She could smell the richness of fine leather wafting from the other skirts still on the rack in front of her as she glanced sideways again. All quiet. Not a soul in the shop but her and the guy behind the counter. And he was still gone.

God, that was really just too easy.

She felt her lips pursing together a little in spite of herself, barely suppressing her self-satisfaction. Still, no reason to be cocky. She’d planned this carefully enough in advance. Stupid thieves were always being caught because they didn’t think things through, or they became too brazen, too greedy. The news was full of dumb criminal stories. She’d resolved not to be one of them.

Mia shifted her weight a little in her black heels and then took a few small steps down the aisle toward the ball gags, crops, hoods…glancing sideways again toward the cash register, now bathed in a soft greenish glow of a banker’s lamp on the counter. The dimmer-than-usual lighting meant that Flesh Factory—the largest kinky sex emporium and BDSM equipment supplier in the city—was empty, about to close for the night—which was exactly what she had counted on. But even as the last customer of the day, she’d taken no chances and sent the lone employee—friendly, handsome, ever-so-helpful “Michael”—on an errand to the stockroom to check for fence-net thigh-highs she knew he wouldn’t find. They didn’t even carry them anymore. She knew the stripper-wear section well and pretty much owned one of everything they sold by now.

She continued to pretend to browse, exhaling another slow breath. It was exciting, breaking the law. She’d done it. And now the leather skirt was hers. All that was left to do was make a hasty yet friendly exit shortly after Michael returned, apologetic and empty-handed, from the goose chase she’d sent him on.

The short, low-cut white dress she’d worn tonight—no bra, of course—had been extra insurance that she’d have his cooperation. The idea was to disengage his brain while engaging his cock and she noted earlier, with pleasure, that her chosen outfit had indeed done just that. The bulge in Michael’s jeans confirmed it more than once, even before she’d made a point of bending to examine sale items set on a low shelf. Oh, but men were so easily entranced, so easily guided. And she knew now that her bare pussy and the twin curves of her ass just peeking from under the tight white fabric of her dress had done the trick with Michael. Plus it just made her feel sexy and like a bad girl; the playful exhibitionist side of her submissive tendencies, she supposed, now helping her steal a skirt.

Her thoughts snapped back to the present. A voice. Michael’s.

“Sorry…Mia, was it? Looks like we don’t even carry those anymore. I can call the supplier tomorrow, if you want, and see if we can special order them. That could take a few weeks, though. You probably don’t want to wait ...” He shrugged and turned a key in the register, locking it for the night.

She smiled at him.

“Oh no…Michael. Sorry for the trouble. I just thought—”
He was still aroused, his erection huge and straining in his jeans, and he was making no effort to hide it now. He’d come around the counter and was looking her up and down, his dark eyes taking in her nipples, the corners of his mouth turning up, approving. His eyes then moved down to her long tanned legs in the black heels.

“Love the white dress.”

“Thanks. Look, it’s late and I’ve already kept you from closing up on time. I gotta get going. But thanks, again, for checking on the fence-net stockings.” Her elbow squeezed the shoulder bag in closer to her body as she turned toward the exit. Another rush of satisfaction flooded her. She’d just scored a premium leather miniskirt and was about to walk right out the door with it and leave a hunky guy with a huge hard-on.

“You have a good night, then” she heard his husky voice calling behind her. The red neon of the “open” sign in the front window flickered a little, buzzing, and then went black. Maybe he couldn’t wait to get her out of the store. Probably wants to jerk off.

Her hand closed around the doorknob when she sensed someone moving up quickly behind her. Before she could turn, a large hand encircled her throat as an arm clamped around her belly, pulling her backward. It happened so fast.

A deep male voice—not Michael’s—breathed into her ear.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”


Crack. That would be the one word to describe this awesome anthology. I could not put it down. Not for deadlines of my own, bedtimes if I had better sense or any other reason. I crawled back to my e-reader on breaks and hugged it during morning coffee. Each story is different but holds the same sweet edge of sex and danger that always keeps me coming back for more. Hot!!!

5/5 for sheer panty soaking heat. I loved it!!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Skye Warren is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of dark romantic fiction. Her books are raw, sexual and perversely romantic.

Visit Skye’s website for her current booklist:

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The author will be awarding a $15 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter between this tour and the Review Tour, here.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Breathless Monday: Asylum

Asylum Media Kit:
ISBN: 978-1-77101-393-2
By Dana Wright
Heat Rating: 1
Word Count: 16435
Release Date: October 10, 2014

The voices of the past are alive behind the iron gates of Bremore Asylum. Can Rachel and Matt deduce its secrets before it's too late?
When Rachel agrees to take the job investigating the disappearance of a fellow ghost hunter at Bremore Asylum, she is totally unprepared for the sexy and stubborn psychic debunker Matt Rutledge to be a part of the package. Can these two opposing forces find the answers behind the asylum's crumbling walls before they become the newest victims to the asylum's grim history?

Rachel narrowed her eyes. What little hold she held on her frayed temper snapped. Self-doubt flared, but she stamped it out as quickly as it came.
"What's that supposed to mean?" She stepped forward, hands clenched into fists, her foot brushing against the luggage. Her hoodie slid off the suitcase and flopped unceremoniously into the dirt.
"We haven't even started on the project and you're trying to displace me already?"
Rutledge stepped back, surprise clear on his lightly parted lips. Lips she apparently still wanted to kiss, damn his eyes. God, what was wrong with her?
"My friend almost died because of a mistake I made. But you're already aware of that, aren't you, Mr. High and Mighty? Listen to me and listen good. I'm here because my grandmother needs me. I'm a damn fine ghost hunter, which you would already know if you bothered to see beyond what happened to Jeannie." She poked her finger into his chest and had the satisfaction of seeing him wince.
Matt stepped back and held up his hands, a ruddy flush creeping up his cheeks. "Okay. I was out of line. Truce?" He bent down and carefully picked up her hoodie, handing it to her gingerly.
"Thank you, Mr. Rutledge." Rachel snatched the hoodie from his hands and tied it around her waist with a firm yank. She didn't want to chance it falling in the dirt again and it was going to be a long weekend. At the rate they were going, it was going to be a full-on ice storm between them.
A flash of humor crossed his face. "Do you think maybe you could call me Matt?"
"That depends."
"On what?" Matt cocked his eyebrow with surprise.
"On whether you can stop dissecting me like one of your frauds."

Buy Link:

Guest post:

Hi and thanks for having me on the blog today. I'm Dana Wright and I'm the author of the new Ghost Echoes series. The first book is called Asylum and it introduces a line of ghost hunting characters. Rachel is the central figure. She can see ghosts and interact with them. Matt is the skeptic and he finds out the hard way that Rachel knows what she's about. It's a story I really love and I see it going lots of places. 

Ten things to know about me:

1. Chocolate-It's an addiction.
2. I am a dog mom.
3. Reading is an obsession.
4. Some of you probably know me from my pen name. 
5. Tacos are a good group.
6. When I'm not writing I love to knit and crochet.
7. I am a bookstore manager in my day to day life.
8. I've been writing steadily for about 2 years now and it has started to really take off.
9. My favorite comfort foods are pizza and macaroni and cheese.
10. I write every day. No matter what. 

Thanks for having me. I hope you'll check out Asylum and share with me what places creep you out the most. Who knows-you may find your idea in one of the upcoming books in the series.

Happy reading!


About the author:
Dana Wright has always had a fascination with things that go bump in the night. She is often found playing at local bookstores, trying not to maim herself with crochet hooks or knitting needles, watching monster movies with her husband and furry kids or blogging about books. More commonly, she is chained to her computers, writing like a woman possessed. She is currently working on several children's stories, young adult fiction, romantic suspense, short stories and is trying her hand at poetry. She is a contributing author to Ghost Sniffer’s CYOA, Siren’s Call E-zine in their “Women in Horror” issue in February 2013 and "Revenge" in October 2013, a contributing author to Potatoes!, Fossil Lake, Of Dragons and Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds, Undead in Pictures, Potnia, Shadows and Light, Dark Corners, Wonderstruck, Shifters: A Charity Anthology, Dead Harvest, Monster Diaries (upcoming), Holiday Horrors and the Roms, Bombs and Zoms Anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media. She is the author of Asylum due out in October 2014.   Dana has also reviewed music for specializing in New Age and alternative music and has been a contributing writer to Eternal Haunted Summer, Nightmare Illustrated, Massacre Magazine, Metaphor Magazine, The Were Traveler October 2013 edition: The Little Magazine of Magnificent Monsters, the December 2013 issue The Day the Zombies Ruled the Earth. She currently reviews music at New Age Music Reviews and Write a Music Review.

Follow Dana’s reviews:
Twitter: @danawrite

Breathless Monday: Touch of a Ghost

Drew Jessop wants a life without ghosts. He doesn’t want to see, hear, or talk to them. Ignoring them should be relatively simple.
But Drew soon finds that Benji Richards, an eternally gorgeous ghost from the fifties, is not so easy to ignore.
Halloween night is approaching and both Drew and Benji know what it could mean for them. From sunset to sunrise, it is the one night of the year when a mortal can feel the touch of a ghost.
 Buy Link

1. How did you start writing erotic romance?
I ended up writing erotic romance rather by default since I write m/m stories and they do have a tendency to get automatically put into the erotic romance category simply because of the pairings. This is actually one of my pet peeves since not all of my stories are particularly erotic.  Some of them are.  I recently had one story’s sex scenes described as hot enough to boil the oceans. But there are others that are very much sweet romances, though they are probably fewer in number because people tend to want hotter stories when they read about two (or more) men together.
How I started writing romances at all is through fan fiction.  I am an escapee from the Harry Potter fandom where I wrote a lot of genres including “slash” romances. From there it was only a small step to writing original fiction and romances, erotic or otherwise.

2. Plotter or pantster?
I am probably a little bit of both.  I plot out my stories before I start but I often find my characters have minds of their own.  This results in my often finding my neat little notes of the plot flying out the window and my pantsing my way to the end of the story.

3. What are three things you have on your writing desk?
I don’t actually have a desk.  Well, I do have one but it isn’t where I write. I write on my laptop which is on one of those cushioned trays on my lap. There isn’t even room on the tray to fit so much as a pen – though I often find I have a cat on it – usually sprawled across the keyboard!  What I tend to have nearby – scattered on the sofa – is my iPod, snacks, and whatever book I happen to be reading at the moment. The latter sits there until I have been a good writer and got some words down each day.

4. Favorite food?
Probably chocolate with pizza running a close second.  Neither of which I have very often as I am on a constant diet.

5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
My new release is a ghostly romance called Touch of a Ghost. It is the story of Drew, a psychic who has had enough of interfering ghosts in his life and is determined to ignore them from now on.  Unfortunately, when he moves into his new flat he finds himself being haunted by the ghost of a sexy young man who died in the 1950s, and Benji is not easy to ignore.  
Of the two main characters in Touch of a Ghost I had thought Drew would speak to me the most since he is very much alive and a firm believer in the paranormal, much like myself.  However, when I wrote the story I found Benji was far more talkative. Each time I do a character interview I find Benji is the one who speaks to me while Drew merely watches from the sidelines. 
Benji is an optimistic and engaging young spirit who is very difficult to ignore. I guess it was only natural he would be the one to speak to me too.

6. I write because ____...
I would probably go crazy from all the voices in my head if I didn’t.  There’s that and I just love getting stories down onto paper (or the computer screen to be precise).  There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you type “the end” that makes it all worthwhile.  Even if I never found a publisher and had an inbox full of rejections I would still want to write, just because I love it.

7. What is your favorite type of character to write about?
I am not sure I have a favourite type, though I do have a fondness for paranormal characters with special abilities.  As well as my ghost, Benji, I have written about aliens, angels, demons, and mermen.  I like characters who are not quite human because they are so much fun to play with.

8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
Probably one of my threesome scenes from either the Heavenly Sins series or the Mermen & Magic series.  There are plenty to choose from where there are three people present, as well as some where an invisible voyeur is watching the other two.  In my ménage stories it is very much the more the merrier.
Touch of a Ghost is actually quite tame compared to those, although I know the “couch scene” was pretty popular when it was first released.

9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field?
Not to give up and to keep writing – the same as in any other writing field.  Specifically for the erotica/romance field – learn not to overuse a certain four letter word starting with C.  ;-)  Apparently it is very overused by all of us, so start as you mean to go on and find other names for that particular body part.

10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
I have a lot of projects on the go right now, though with five releases/re-releases before the end of the year most of them are on hold until 2015.
Once my Heavenly Sins series are all available as well as my novella One Perfect Wish I have two big projects to get back to. The second Mermen & Magic book needs some polishing and submitting to my publisher and then I have four fairy tale novellas to find a home for – one is a re-release, the rest are all brand new. Two are actually not completely written yet, but I am hoping they will be by the end of the year.
I also want to find homes for some more of my orphaned books following the closure of one of my former publishers.  It is slow going as I want to make revisions to some of the stories, but I am hoping to get at least a couple of them submitted in 2015.
So, yes, I have quite a lot on at the moment and I suspect 2015 is going to be just as manic, though I am going to try to manage my time better if I can.  It is only September (at the time of typing) and I am already looking at what my New Year Resolution is going to be.


Website & Blog –
Facebook –
Twitter - @LMBrownAuthor

Author bio:

L.M. Brown lives in England, in a quaint little village time doesn't seem to have touched. No, wait a minute—that's the retirement biography. Right now, she is in England in a medium sized town no one has ever heard of, so she won't bore you with the details. Keeping her company are numerous sexy men. She just wishes they weren't all inside her head.
L.M. believes there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three.
L.M. Brown loves hearing from readers so don't be shy.

Book excerpt: 
Drew leaned forward and put his empty bottle on the table. The match had finished and the commentators were recapping the highlights, so Drew reached for the remote control.
"Well, thank you for having us." Flora stood up and stretched, as though her joints were still giving her grief as they had apparently done in life.
 Drew turned off the television and picked up the crisp packet together with the nearly empty bowl. He tossed the last few crisps into his mouth as he stood up and walked into the kitchen. He left the beer bottles on the table as he contemplated whether to have another. Remembering he had an early start in the morning, he decided against drinking too much. He had a feeling Flora might have an opinion on alcohol intake too. However, when he turned back toward the living area, Flora had vanished.
Benji, on the other hand, still lingered. He remained on the sofa, his arm stretched along the back and his chin resting on it as he stared at Drew directly.
"You're very rude, you know?" Benji commented idly. "Not saying a single word to us all evening like that. You could at least have said hello."
Drew ignored him as he turned off the lights.
"I know you can see us. Your eyes give you away."
Drew suspected Benji might be guessing, but if he said a single word in response that guess would be confirmed. He had to keep quiet. That way he could still maintain a normal life.
"Not going to admit it, huh?" Benji said. "Well, I'll stop by again tomorrow. Maybe you'll be more talkative then. If you are, I might just tell you how I know you're gay, if you ask nicely." With that comment, Benji flashed Drew one final killer smile and vanished from the room.
Drew reacted to Benji the same way he would any other handsome man. His mind may tell him Benji was off limits, but his body thought otherwise. Drew wondered whether he could keep up the pretense of not seeing and hearing the ghosts who were as real to him as the rest of the human race. If this evening was anything to go by, it might not be as easy as he thought.