Monday, August 6, 2012

Blood Lust: The Review

It had to be nuns.

Some vampires had a thing for B+. Some preferred redheads. Others preferred blondes.

For Jasper, it had to be nuns--and he's been regretting that since the day he bit Amabel de Woodville, almost two centuries ago.

She'd done something to him. Something that restored his conscience, pointed his moral compass straight north, and ended his career of seducing virgin nuns and killing as he pleased. But even worse--she'd gotten under his skin, and he hasn't forgotten the green-eyed witch who'd been immune to his charms.

When Amabel ends up in his office, still as young as the day they'd met and seeking a charity sponsor, Jasper has the chance he's ached for: to show her the pleasure that's haunted her dreams for decades. He's taken the virginity of a hundred nuns...but a vampire nun? That's new.

And Jasper has always enjoyed a challenge.

What I Liked:

This book was an intimate encounter with a vampire with a bit of a problem. Jasper has a thing for nuns. I love the odd combination and this book was a perfect read for a summer afternoon. Amabel's character was interesting as well. She was made vampire and became even more virginal afterward and that is the ultimate challenge for Jasper. It seems they were destined to meet and what a great combination! I also liked that the book was from a man's point of view. It was sexy, through and through.

What I Didn't:

There was a scene where Jasper is outed as a vigilante vampire by Amabel. It was too quick and I wanted a little more development and not an epiphany that it must be Jasper because he has a taste for munching on evildoers. 


This book was a fun hour long read. You have Amabel who has closed herself off from practically everything and Jasper who has taken it upon himself to be a vigilante, trying to keep his lust for blood intact. It didn't help that when he bit Amabel over a century ago, she cursed him with a conscience. His imperfect character is lovable and her vulnerability makes her even more real. The two are a dynamic combination of dark and light, lust and love. Lots of humor and dialogue that packs a punch give this book a solid base. I really enjoyed it and will be looking for more from this author.


About the author:

Faye Robertson lives in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand with her wonderful husband and gorgeous teenage son, and this beautiful country is the setting for many of her stories. Often called the “winterless north”, the Northland is famous for its kiwifruit, lemons and mandarins, palm trees, and truly exceptional coffee, without which Faye would inevitably fall asleep over her keyboard most days. She’s also a big fan of the All Blacks—the New Zealand national rugby team. If you haven’t seen them perform the haka, do yourself a favour and check it out on YouTube!

Faye writes fun, flirty, and sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and hunky but approachable heroes. Her stories are frequently laugh-out-loud funny, sizzling hot and often heartbreakingly sad before the guaranteed happy-ever-after.

She’s won several romance writing competitions and is a member of the Romance Writers of New Zealand. She would much rather immerse herself in reading or writing romance than do the dusting and ironing, which is why it’s not a great idea to pop around if you have any allergies. She’s on Facebook and Twitter, and you can check her out at

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