Monday, August 20, 2012

Full Moon Fire

Daniel is a fireman with a full moon secret, and his job turns flaming hot when he saves a sexy stranger who turns out to be his destined mate.

Vincent feels trapped living the Santa Monica street life thanks to a secret of his own, but at least he’s in charge of his own destiny—or so he thinks. When he realizes he’s in danger of far more than losing himself to the erotic yet frightening animal power of his heroic rescuer, he must give in to the mating bond he fears in order for their passion—and Vincent—to survive.


If you like m/m erotica, this book will be a perfect addition to your collection. The characters are well put together and the the chemistry between them electric. When Daniel saves Vincent, he wants to stay with his mate. He is afraid of the other firefighters finding out about his true self and leaves. Vincent will have none of that. 

The story development and tension are wonderful and the shifter action is good too. A great m/m shifter story, even if I don't normally read m/m. 


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