Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pleasure Bound: The Review

Sam Tyler is thrilled to discover that her lover is whisking her away for a weekend of exotic luxury. As a woman who knows just what she wants—her man all tied up like a living, breathing present—she’s quick to take advantage of his generous mood and begins planning a surprise of her own. One she fears he’s not going to like very much.

Adam thought the biggest shock of the weekend would come courtesy of the diamond engagement ring he has stashed in his luggage. So he’s rocked to the core when he discovers the petite woman he hopes to make his loving wife turns out to have a secret and very kinky side, and that she wants to see him helplessly bound for her pleasure. Even with mind-blowing sex as an incentive, it’s a hell of a tough request for a man who’s always in control—and Adam may not have the strength to surrender.

Pleasure Bound
Kat Black

87 pages

Contemporary.   Sus/Myst
BDSM.    M/F

When we think things are happily and safely in place something changes and only time will tell if the change is for the good or not.  Sometimes it is hard to be true to oneself and listen to that inner voice.

With picturesque mouth water descriptions, this book keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Scenes full of action and sensuality take you to the edge of desire and have you coming back for more.

Anticipation, filled with heightened senses,  can sometimes wield unexpected results. I say no more! 

Great read!

5 stars

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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