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Succubus Games: The Review and Guest Post

Willow has had centuries in Sisyphus Prison to reinforce the hard-learned lesson that the jealous and capricious Greek gods are not to be trifled with. There are only two ways out, and both require Willow to compete in the annual gladiator match. The winner is freed while the loser marches straight to Tartarus to become one of Hades’ concubines. Willow plans to press all her succubus charms into service to gain the upper hand against her opponent…until she discovers who he is.

Helveticus is a demi-god with a devilish plan of his own to win his freedom, a plan that begins with the seduction of his lush adversary. He is the last person Willow wishes to battle because she’s not sure whether she wants to kill him or kiss him. Only one can be crowned the victor. Who will win the war of body over heart?

Caught in the Underworld and wanting a way out, what's a succubus to do?

Willow has been chosen to play gladiator in a fight for her freedom. The only problem is her competion is the man she slept with last night. Part incubus, he is immune to her charms and super hot to boot. This fight is going to be one hot love match. Only the best one will win. 

Oh, I loved this story! Succubi are such fun paranormals to write about and Lila Shaw has them down pat! I love the playfulness she uses to craft her characters and this story has some really fun ones. I could not put it down! Hot, fun, immortal...well, what else would you do to pass the time? 

5/5 For kick ass succubus hotness!

"I'm With the Gods"

Greek (and Roman) mythology and I have an old romance that began in my childhood. Thanks to some seasoning on my part and an inclination to write spicy stories, I've rekindled that love. Other authors, too, have drawn upon the myths--Rick Riordan, Aimee Carter, Jennifer Armentrout and P.C. Cast are a few who of the more famous ones who come to mind (though I'm betraying my fondness for YA books here).

What makes them so fascinating?

While I can't speak for others, I always liked how human they behaved despite being gods. They were murderers, rapists, adulterers, thieves, liars and cheats and weren't the least bit bothered by a little incest. Human motivators of power, greed, revenge, pride, jealousy often took center stage. Seriously, the daytime soaps had nothing on these beings.

They weren't all naughty. They could also embody love, faithfulness, sacrifice and courage. Interestingly, the demi-gods often fared better from a PR standpoint than the gods who created them. The myths of heroism by Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, and Odysseus come to mind. Everybody loves an underdog, even the Greeks, but especially the ones with mortal blood in their veins.

Titillating and exciting stories about relatable archetypes is the key to their popularity. The gods are some of the earliest paranormal and urban fantasy stars. Everyone is familiar with their natures and dominions so minimal back-story is needed to explain their powers and histories. Simply plop Poseidon into the tale and we know he's going to whip out some oceanic powers. Inclusion of the Greek gods not only makes deux ex machina convenient, it's practically a requirement.

Unlike the ancient Greeks, I do not treat the gods with any reverence; I enjoy making fun of them. In my book Succubus Games, Tyche, goddess of fortune is unlucky in love. Aphrodite, goddess of love, plays a dumb bunny who is shrewder than people give her credit for. And of course we have our hero, Helveticus (named for one of the fonts in my Word program), a demi-god similar to Hercules. Casting a non-Greek critter such as a succubus as the sympathetic but lusty heroine only adds to the motley character fun.

I hope you'll consider taking a playful romp through Purgatory with my characters and those I "borrowed" from the Greeks.


Lila Shaw is the pen name for a writer of works of erotica and erotic romance. Lila’s erotic writings typically involve strong-willed women with feminist tendencies, and are often playful, sarcastic and even silly.  She believes if you can’t occasionally laugh at the physical aspects of love, you’re taking life far too seriously…unless the condom breaks, then you have every right to fret.

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