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Permanent Marker: Angel Payne- The Guest Post


Genre: BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary
Series: The Kinky Truth; Previous Book: Three-Part Harmony

When Mark Moore arrives in Nassau to conduct a corporate training meeting, his only expectation is a week of professional and personal enjoyment in an island paradise. Since stepping down from his senatorial duties to have more time for his pop star daughter, Dasha, he's liked having free time for projects like this--except for the moments when the memories attack of a love long lost, buried six years ago.

He never expects the sweet surprise of Rose Fabian, a student who soon becomes much more. Her kisses and her passion are a balm for his tattered soul--and her submission reawakens every Dominant instinct in his body. But Rose carries emotional scars of her own, wounds that are worsened by desiring Mark: an older man with social standing and integrity that will only be ruined by her influence. Only in finally surrendering to their love can she find the courage to believe that their future will be written in permanent marker.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements.

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Well, this one is a fun one on my e-reader "nightstand" and I can't wait to have a few minutes to dive in! I loved the first book in the series and can't wait to see what Angel has up her sleeve for this one! :)

Review to come....


It’s awesome to be back in the land of “Enchantments” to talk about my next release for Loose-Id, PERMANENT MARKER.

The story features Mark Moore, who is the father of Dasha Moore from THREE-PART HARMONY. I have to admit, I got a lot of sideways glances from folks when I announced that Mark would be my new hero! Mark isn’t exactly the most lovable of guys in Dasha’s story—but that’s what made him SO damned intriguing to me! I asked myself, “Man, what would make a guy just ignore his daughter like that?”

The answer came to me in a wild and very wicked rush. Mark’s been running from Dasha because he’s also been running from himself. He’s been living for four years basically clinging to the ghost of his wife, and frozen emotionally, unwilling to move on.

Needless to say, it’s going to take a very special woman to jar this boy out of his ever-lovin’ and tormented rut! I hope you agree that Rose Fabian is more than up for the job. At first, Mark’s dominant streak pretty much scares the crap out of her—but that’s only because she LIKES it so much! When she finally does let go and surrender to his seduction, she’s not sure whether she can give up the ghosts in her own closet to find her deep happiness with Mark.

I knew that with all this angst, I had to make sure there was a setting involved that brought a bit of a Zen factor for these two! Well, since I’m a girl who loves the water, I decided that Nassau, in the Bahamas, was a perfect fit. How can you go wrong with cascading waterfalls, gorgeous island sunsets, and the opportunities (which I certainly did NOT turn down) to set some hot scenes in the middle of island storms and on a pirate ship with lots and lots of ROPE!

Speaking of said yummy pirate ship scene…is anyone up for an excerpt? Yes? Why, it’s my pleasure…

Rose reacted instinctively, jerking her gaze from him. Mark palmed her cheek, forcing her to look back. “Nail on the fucking head, huh?”

“H-how do you even know his name?”

“What did he want to know about me?”

“Mark.” Tears hovered in her entreaty. “Sir. Please—”

“He told you to sleep with me, didn’t he?”

A weepy laugh spilled out. “God! And you think I ran because of that? You think I left you just to piss him off?” She struggled to look away again, but his grip didn’t relent. “Damn it, stop! It’s more complicated than that!”

“Okay. He told you not to sleep with me.”

“All Shane did was talk some sense into me, all right? Does that make you feel better now? Are you satisfied?”

His hold relaxed, but his voice hardened. “That’s it. I’m completely right. He drilled right in and got to you. That bastard punched all his old shit right back into your head, crap he’s been feeding you for years, even before Owen. He probably told you about being no good for me, to stay away and not corrupt the good senator with your eccentric reputation and your depraved sexual tendencies. No, wait. He didn’t stop there, did he? He likely found a great way to call you five kinds of alley cat too, right? Forget the ‘black sheep of the family’ shit. That’s much too easy for an asshole like him.”

“Stop! Please, just stop!” She drew a hard breath, getting ready to say it. Worth. The irony of all ironies. A safe word that embodied the furthest thing she felt right now.

“No.” It was a vicious syllable, spoken in the moment he captured hers in a fierce, fervent kiss. “No, goddamn it, we’re not stopping. Shane’s wrong, Rose. He couldn’t be more wrong.” With her face still pinned by his mouth, he slid his arms along hers, locking their hands, fitting his body atop hers with a thrust of undeniable intent. “To start with, I’d challenge him to name exactly who’s been corrupting who here…”

“Ohhhh, shit!” She moaned it as he dropped his head down to her breast. “Oh!” she cried again, as he bit one of her nipples like it was an exotic, tender piece of fruit. He closed a hand over her other breast, teasing that engorged nub with his thumb.

“Or,” he continued, growling seductively as he withdrew something from one of his pockets, “whether there’s been damn near enough corruption going on.”

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