Friday, November 16, 2012

To Catch A Fox

To Catch a Fox

Eleanor may be a lady, but even she knows that there's more than one way to catch a fox...

When Eleanor was told the foxes had returned to Wilderwood, she wondered and hoped it wasn't just any old foxes. She'd spoken to no one of her week of passion with Alexander and Stanford Foxxe. The Foxxe brothers had warned her about their other lives, but Eleanor had been skeptical until that magical night where they had showed her their true selves. They shifted from human to animal; howled at the moon, and mated with her. Now six years later, the foxes were back. Had they come for her? If they had, would her changed circumstances alter all their plans? How would they cope with what she had become?

To Catch a Fox. 
Wilder Wood. Book 1

Raven McAllan
77 pages
Action/Adv.  Historical  Paranormal.  Sus/Myst
BDSM. M/F.   M/F/M.  M/M.   Ménage   Voyeurism.  Spanking

Lords and Ladies abound as do traditions and I am glad that I am not bound by them.  I am also very glad that even tho I was lost in the first chapter with some terms and expressions that I continued to read on as it soon became clear that much was to come.

Eleanor is a woman who finds her own way to survive and a life she is forced to endure.  Insidious accusations force this woman to live a life she never anticipated.  She is truly a very passionate and devoted lover.

Stanford is a devoted lover as well as Alexander is.  They both prove that actions speak louder and words.  We are accountable in some way or another for what we do.  The big question here is the price worth the prize?

The search for the answers many have are so worth the efforts put forth as you will discover in this story page by page.

I give a 4 rating to this only because chapter one left me wondering many times, the rest was fantastic.

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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