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Halloween Submission by Bonnie Bliss: A Smoking Hot Interview

Holiday Doms; Book 2
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Word Count: 14053
Now Available in the Wicked Nights Sale for .99 cents: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Halloween has arrived and Tom Newton is stressed with his job as a fireman. His best friend Rob, a submissives’ wet dream, is having a play party on Halloween night. Lucy, a nurse who has secretly been crushing on Tom, has decided to go to the party. Tom has decided that he needs to release some tension, and have some fun during his time off. What Lucy and Tom don’t know is that Rob, his best friend, and Millie, Tom’s sister, have set this up. Join them as they enjoy a hot night of bondage play. Can it all run smoothly? Will true love blossom? Will the Master get his slave? There is only one way to find out.

A story packed with sultry moments of Dominance and submission. Halloween Submission promises to be the hottest holiday this year.

Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains, but is not limited to intense bondage play, references of Sadomasochism, impact play, anal play, and one hot night on All Hollow’s Eve, you aren’t soon to forget.

1. How did you get started writing erotica?

I always seem to be that writer that has to have intimacy in my books. Someone after a great hot battle, all that rampant emotions, and I need to have them get down.

2. What was the toughest scene you ever wrote and why?

I actually write Urban Fantasy. I have a whole world that is created ready for publication. It was originally a 200k word epic fantasy. I would say a lot of the battle scenes and emotions in that world were the hardest for me to write. My main character is very complicated. She is my internal alter ego. Feels too much, loves too much, and kills too hard. You can imagine the battle I have with her. She tends to take over.

3. What inspired you to write Halloween Submission?

I think it was bigger than inspiration. I develop people first. People in the world that have issues and real vulnerabilities. People tend to forget that we have those. So used to the fantasy Doms created in stories. I like to show that the real world isn’t perfect, and that is where this series and this book came to light. I didn’t want to cross the line of ‘too real’ while still keeping with the fantasy of romance and BDSM.

4. What other holiday Dom books are you working on?

I have a Valentine books in the works for February. Christmas will have A Slave for Christmas which is Kenny’s book. Then in April I’m hoping to have all the stories in a print edition with an Easter short added in.

I also would like to introduce a Dom in the Valentines book. And from there create a full length book with all these characters. I love them so much it will be hard to let go of them.

5. Tell us about your favorite flavor of ice cream.

World Class chocolate, from 31 Flavors. It is a little bit of everything white chocolate, dark, and milk in one ice cream. I sort of have issues with being classed as a ice cream flavor lol. I’m not one person, I’m a lot of different people. I’m not full kink, but I’m also a little bit of vanilla because sometimes I just like to love my husband. Life is too short ;-)

6. Pizza, sushi or cheeseburgers?

Cheeseburger! And not just any cheeseburger. A double double animal style from In N Out

7. Writing about BDSM is very exhilarating. What is your favorite kind of character to focus on?

A woman that likes pain. A woman that is a little insecure, is vulnerable, but has power over her own emotions. She doesn’t get manipulated. But she knows what she wants, what she needs in the long run. I don’t like characters that lie to themselves, they accept and sometimes that is their vulnerable side.

8. Tell us about your Oz series. What kind of kinky things are going on over there?

Ahhhh, my twisted land of Oz. See, that is hard to explain without giving away all my plans. I have always believed that Oz is what you make it. It is a space that is forever the battle between good and evil. The great American fairy tale, for me Oz is a world of danger, lust, excitement, and a Queen that is forever lost from the throne. So far The Wizard is my favorite.Well, I really love D.G. my version of Dorothy. Dorothy should be everyone’s warrior. 

9. What is one thing you would tell newbie erotica writers to help them succeed?

Don’t try too hard. And don’t take advantage of anyone willing to lend you a hand. People that offer you kindness are people that really want to see you thrive as a writer. There are a lot of unsupportive people around. Write what you love, take the advice critiques give you, but stay true to YOUR voice.

10. What are you working on now?

I have a few things. Right now I’m working on finishing up the Holiday Doms, another Twisted Oz book. I am working on a full length lion shifter book that I plan on submitting to publishers. And of course reworking my whole Urban Fantasy Series.

11. If you were going to train a sub, what would you start with first?

Communication. You can do what YOU want to do, you need to make sure you are doing what that sub wants and needs. It isn’t a selfish lifestyle no matter what anyone says. It is very giving for me. Open a line of dialogue first. I have met a lot of people curious after the 50 Shades explosion. I had to reeducate a lot of people that didn’t understand the full depth. And you can’t treat people like they are stupid for asking. Every question is very valid in the lifestyle.

12. Tell us some of your favorite erotica writers.

D. Cristiana is one of my favorites. She writes an incredible serial about a couple named Marcus and Marguerite, she can’t write them fast enough for me.

Skye Warren is not just a fantastic author but she is an awesome person. She has included me in so much and I am so thankful to know her.

Gianna Simone writes some of the best Dubious Consent BDSM I have ever read. And it is historical to boot!

As far as erotica goes, they inspire me the most. They drive me to push my own limits.

Thanks Bonnie! It was wonderful having you on the blog today! I am looking forward to reading more of your Holiday Doms and exploring your Oz books.

Overall Review:

Who wants to go to a Halloween party where the theme is a bit of bondage and some pretty hot tricks and treats with a Dom who is famous for his surprise goodie bag? I know I do!

Lucy is a nurse working herself to death on a shift that never ends. When hunky fireman and lust fixation Tom shows up with a burn victim, she knows her night is going to go downhill. With no sleep and more patients to help, having fun for Halloween just isn't in the cards. When she gets home, her roomie has other plans for her: Halloween. Bondage Party!!! How can a girl say no to that?

Millie drags Lucy to the party and after a fun bout of spanking, a mystery Dom takes over for an evening of tricks, treats and some adventurous  fun. When things don't turn out exactly as planned, fireworks commence . (Oh, you don't know how bad I want to share this one with you.)

This is a must read for a Halloween party you won't ever forget. Ghosts aren't the only things that go bump in the night that get to play with chains. Check out this short book for some steamy BDSM scenes that will have you coming back for more of this talented author. Everything I read by Bonnie Bliss has that hot e-reader melting quality that keeps you coming back for more!


Praise for Halloween Submission:

Bonnie Bliss does a great job of building up the main protagonist’s personalities and backgrounds before the intense play begins. “ 4 Stars, Becs (Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews)

The chemistry between Tom and Lucy will have you e-reader melting!! I suggest keeping a fan and a glass of ice water handy. Yet again Bonnie has delivered us a HOT AS HELL quickie!” 4 Stars KcLu (Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews)

“Hot and heavy, this was a read that could not have been more satisfying.” 4 Stars Sally Bibary (Bending the Bookshelf)

I love Bonnie Bliss’s writing. She writes these totally engaging novellas with so such strong story lines and characters you just can’t help like. Reading her shorts are like reading a full book and the sex is ALWAYS hot, exciting and very arousing…just the way I like it.” 5 Stars Sharonda (Salacious Book Reviews)


**Mature Content**

“Is your ass sore?”

“A little. Yes, Sir.”

Tom smiled as she took another sip. It was obvious she had plenty of expertise at being a submissive. It came naturally. The way she called him Sir after every sentence; the way she sat with her submissive posture. Tom glanced over at the far wall, completely mirrored. He watched her, watched her responses.

“Stand up, bend over, place your hands on your knees and face the mirror.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tom took the bottle from her and placed it on the floor. She got up. He admired her figure, the sexy cat costume. Stockings turned him on and she made him wet. The strain was intense. His cock felt imprisoned in the tight leather.

Leaning forward, following exactly the orders he gave, she presented herself to him. Tom sat a moment, looking not touching.

“You have a pretty ass, kitty cat. It’s nice and rosy.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Tom sat up and leaned, reaching out. Slowly he slipped his fingers under the rim of her shorts and pulled them. Her soft smooth buttocks were exposed. The red tinge clearly ached as she flinched slightly. Tom pulled the shorts down all the way to her shoes, leaving them puddled at her feet.

“Step out of your shorts and spread your feet for me.”

“Yes, Sir.” No sooner had he said it and it was done.

“Have you got limits?”

“What do you mean?”

“Pain thresholds. Do you like pain?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How about anal?”

“Yes, Sir. I love anal.” The more she spoke, the more he dripped pre-cum. He would have to move soon.

“Would you like my cock in your anus kitty cat?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Would you like my cock in your pussy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Put your hands on your buttocks and spread them so I can see your cunt.”

Her hands came back, gripped her red cheeks and parted them. Her pussy was exposed as well as her sweet puckered star.

“Very nice, kitty cat. Push your index finger in your ass.”

About the Author:

Bonnie Bliss is not just a willing submissive, but she is a wife and a mother. By day, she is a busy, stay at home mother. At night, she is a sultry storyteller. Her tastes go towards the dark and the extreme. She loves to twist up fairy tales and sweet stories we all know and love. Her lust for Dominance and submission has taken her into the dark inner workings of Sadomasochism. 

Bonnie is a native of Southern California, and says that everything in the Katy Perry song, California Girls is totally accurate. She has done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—including as a Disney Princess. When she’s not writing, she is ordering too many custom bows for her daughter, baking the best cupcakes in the world, going to Disneyland, laying on a beach, and sometimes playing hockey for release.

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