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Breathless Press Virtual Blurb Blitz Tour

About Breathless Press:

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.


Onyx Night: Catnip and Cauldrons, Book 1 by Autumn Jones Lake


When her parents are taken from her too soon, Onyx Night is thrust into a secret world and discovers something about herself she could never have imagined.

Onyx Knight has yearned to leave her tiny hometown behind for years. With her parents’ support she attends the local university where she has developed a not-so-innocent crush on her Medieval History professor, Cole Radcliffe. A family tragedy thrusts Onyx into a secret world she never knew existed and she discovers something about herself she could never have imagined.

Family friends promise to help Onyx through this transition, but they demand certain things in return. Things she can't—and will not—give. When it becomes clear they are willing to get what they want from her by force, Onyx goes on the run.

Cole Radcliffe has his own secrets. When he finds Onyx in need of help, he takes her in, against his better judgment. He plans to keep her safe, but how can he keep her safe if he can’t even protect her from himself?


"Take deep breaths, Nyxie. In and out," Marie coaxed in a soothing tone.

"Noooo," she wailed and the tears started coming full force.

"I know, baby. This isn't fair. It's not right. There were no two better people on this earth than your parents."

Onyx listened to her comforting words from far away. Her body began to feel strange. Fuzzy. Out of focus. She was aware of her world narrowing down, changing, spiraling into something tiny. A tingling, itchy sensation started to spread over her skin. Heat infused her cheeks and forehead. So hot...she was positively burning up. Without thinking about it, she started to rub her tongue over the roof of her mouth. A strange taste that she couldn't identify sat on the tip of her tongue.

"Aunt Marie...I don't feel very good."

"Oh baby, I hate that your mother can't be here to explain this to you. You'll be twenty in a few months, and she would have explained it all to you."

"Explain what?" The words came out garbled because suddenly her mouth wasn't working right. She felt like she was being turned inside out. She was hot. So unbearably hot, she'd never felt heat like this before.

When she came to, she was on the floor, looking at her room from a different and much lower perspective.

"Nyx, it's okay."


Cat’s Eyes: Feral, Book 2 by Melissa Jolley


For Sarah, being a shape-shifter means having a wild side that craves variety. Can one human man tame her animal instinct?

Sarah Cole is a shape-shifter who is always in control that is until she meets sexy Kiwi vet, Travis Hunter. He has a way of rattling her cool exterior and seeing the real her like no lover ever has. But, in Sarah's experience, relationships between shifters and humans just don't work.

If that wasn't enough to deal with Sarah decides to rescue a cursed Amur leopard who needs her help to become human again. Can Sarah save the shifter and her heart, or will her cat's eyes only see the damage that magic wreaks on the unsuspecting.


Sarah placed the wine on the farmhouse-style table—not that there was much space for the bottle—paperwork and newspapers piled three and four high left little room for anything else. After she poured out two large glasses she stepped through to the tiny living room and took a seat on the dated sofa. There seemed to be a broken spring in the center as she sank down deeply.

She didn't get far with her future plans before she heard the creak of floorboards above her and the sound of the boiler in the kitchen switching off. Two more minutes and Travis was back in a T-shirt and jeans, his hair glistening with water droplets and his face was still unshaved. How the hell am I supposed to think about my future now! The familiar tingle accosted her body, and she felt every feminine urge in her whisper Him. We want him." The unfamiliar warmth rose from her chest to her temples.

"Are you hot? You're looking a little bit flushed." His forehead creased, giving him a V between his brows. He was very cute when he worried.

"Must be the wine. It does that to me sometimes." Nice lie. All wine ever did was make her horny—and right now, it was doing a fantastic job of that.

Travis disappeared into the kitchen and returned minutes later with two heavily laden plates. He placed them on the coffee table in front of them.

"Wouldn't it be easier to eat at the kitchen table?" Tipping her head back, she reacquainted herself with the table—paper mountain. "Hmm, perhaps not." She could probably cope with snuggling up next to him on the sofa.

Sarah moved to allow room for Travis, but as he took his place next to her, the seat dipped more than Sarah expected and she fell sideways, her upper body landing on Travis's lap. He smelled of a mountain stream in a forest glade: fresh and woodsy. His aroma was making her light-headed. It couldn't be the wine; she was much tougher than that. It had to be him. She was taking way to long to move…again.

"As comfy as this couch is, that broken spring usually pisses me off, but right now, not so much."

He smiled, and she thought she would lose herself in his eyes, but she also had the odd sensation of being safe and warm and something else that she couldn't pinpoint. Mildly alarmed by these feelings, she began to move away when he stopped her and his lips met hers. All of a sudden, she understood what she'd been missing before. He made her feel as if she'd come home.


Exiled: The Laws of Segregation, Book 4 by Nina Croft

Can she risk giving her heart back to a man whose loss nearly destroyed her whole world?

Long ago, a powerful witch named Casterix nearly destroyed the world of Arroway out of grief for the murder of her mate, Callum. She spent those years since exiled on Earth, believing she could never return home.

Unbeknownst to her, the power of their connection tied Callum to their world despite his demise.  While she hid away, his spirit remained lost in dimension between life and death, until he finally found a way to return to her.

Now, after a thousand years, the two are reunited. But their reunion is less than joyous.

Arroway is dying.  The witches are close to extinction. It will take the combined power of Casterix and Callum to save their world.  But can she risk caring for him as she used to, when their separation tore her apart?


She turned to the third figure, and her grip on the gun tightened.

A tall man with fair hair. Something about the still figure caused a shiver of unease to trickle through her. When he pushed himself up onto his knees, she caught her first glimpse of his face. The world stopped.

Even after a thousand years, she knew him instantly, but her mind rejected the information.

"No." She shook her head. The hand holding the pistol dropped to her side, and the gun tumbled from her numb fingers. It couldn't be.

"Who is it?" Freya asked.

But Cass couldn't speak the name. She wasn't sure she could speak at all. Her throat felt tight, and she struggled to breathe, as though the air had been sucked from the atmosphere. Taking a step back, she came up against the standing stone behind her.

"Cass? Are you all right?"

Fuck no—she wasn't all right. She didn't know what she was, but "all right" did not come into it. Swallowing hard, she ran a calming mantra through her head. She hadn't needed them for so long, though once they were all that kept her sane. From old habit, the words flowed through her mind, and she was able to think again.


Long dead. in front of her. He couldn't be real. The last few days—seeing Jarrod again—had awoken the old hurts and fears. This was just a manifestation of the strain she'd been under, a figment of her tortured imagination.

Ignore him. Concentrate on the others.

And maybe he would vanish as quickly as he'd appeared.


The Barn Raising by Camryn Rhys


Childhood sweethearts Lori and Cal reunite after years of hurt and disappointment, but it's on less than good terms.

Alora 'Lori' Metcalf doesn’t want to reignite anything with Cal Fortiss.  When she returns to her hometown to run a barn raising, she doesn't expect to see her old high school boyfriend.  Or to still find him so appealing. The intensity that still lingers between them frightens her, and when Cal awakens more than just nostalgia in her heart, she knows it will risk more than just her employment.

Cal has spent twenty years getting over Lori, but even his hard-won cynicism can’t keep his desire at bay, especially when he sees her trotting out of his son's coffee shop in a snug business skirt.  But Lori isn’t interested in rehashing the past, and he's willing to let her have her way. 

Can they put old grudges behind them and act on a passion they shared once, years ago, but long buried?  Or will they choose to remain haunted by what could have been?


"Dammit, Alora. Will you stop? I’m not going to chase you all over town."

"Then go home, Cal."

Goddamit, her voice was the same. How could her voice be the same? He hadn’t seen her in twenty years, and she still sounded exactly the same.

"You can’t be civil to me on the street?" He increased his pace a bit, but he wasn’t going to run after her like some damn solicitor. He just wanted to talk to the woman.


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