Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Forbidden Love: The Review

A Forbidden Love

Lee Dorsey

125 pages

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Contemporary. Sus/mystery. Holiday. Action/adv.  M/F

Reviewer: Victoria Storm


David Mason, a young, intelligent college student, determined to lose his virginity succeeds his first day on campus. While auditioning for the campus play, he meets the sensational Philippa Surino, a woman seventeen years his senior and his literature professor. David is cast as Tom Lee in “Tea & Sympathy, while Philippa is to play “Laura”, which David soon starts calling her as a pet name. A May-December romance quickly evolves into a lustful tale of sexual adventure. Soon, David and Philippa spend every Sunday together, though they both know teacher-student relationships are looked down upon.

At the same time, David meets two female students, Greta and Ilka, and begins a wild romp with both of them, all the while still seeing his professor on the side. David cannot seem to get enough sex from all the various women in his life. Soon, however, David finds juggling school and all of the women to be rather difficult. Finding himself utterly in love with his Laura and determining that she is his soul mate, he asks her to accompany him on Christmas Break to West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, this turns into a huge mistake and the professor leaves him for another man.

Unhappy, lost and confused about his love life, David stays in Florida to finish college and dental school. Living with his high school sweetheart, Emily, he finds himself in yet another debacle between Emily and her mother. As time goes on, he ponders what to do. Should he hunt down the woman he considers to be the love of his life? Can David find happiness in any other woman?

Life is full of twists and turns and the longer you live the more you truly understand how true this is.

Mr. David Mason learns rather quickly that college is called the school of higher learning for many reasons.  He does enjoy college and soon learns that being on your own to make decisions of what to do with your future involves more than what credit courses you choose.  Extra curriculum activities are time consuming and can have as much impact on your life as a whole.  A good sexual education is important as we all come to understand.

Devotion and dedication are vital to all our lives, be it studies, vocation or commitment, we must be true to ourselves.  We are all accountable for our actions and deeds.

Sexual adventure is  abundant to say least. Sexual education seems to have no time line even when the "book learning" seems to have come to an end.

Truly a 5 star education and a most enjoyable book.

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