Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Redeemed by Ciana Stone

When Cia Whitehorse walks into Kade Lawson’s office and announces she’s been assigned to help with a serial killer investigation, he’s damn sure he’s never met a federal agent as sexy.

Cia takes one look at Kade and makes up her mind that she’s going to have him in her bed. She might not be interested in love, but sex is definitely right up her alley and Kade looks like the kind of man who can give her just what she wants.

Kade is more than willing to deliver what Cia needs. She gets to him. Tough and sexy, with an unspoken promise in her look that says she’ll rock his world. But that look is covering something. And Kade’s a sucker for a mystery.

The problem is, solving the mystery of Cia Whitehorse comes with a price.

Reviewed by: Victoria Storm

The paranormal world explodes and there questions in mass.Ghosts?  Demons? Angels?  Serial killers? The mystery is part of the allure to this book and hooks you in to keep on reading.

Cia Whitehorse is a woman with many talents and a hidden past that haunts her but a very strong woman determined to win. Kade, who knows it all has so much to learn, has met his match with Cia and both have secrets hiding but find a mutual challenge in more ways than one.  They find  a mutual temporary release in some hot mind blowing sex that will have you wanting more soon but so much is going on around them. 

Two very dominate people come together and find making love, rewarding and challenging but oh so worth it. Their first sexual encounter is hot and intense but really only a warm up to when they realize that this is more than a sexual release needed by both and as hard as they  try to slow things down to express their love for each other they both want to lead and it becomes so intense that primal needs and wants take over and both have the most mind blowing as well as physically demanding experience of their lives.

This was well written with descriptive settings, emotions, inner turmoils ever presented and challenges.

I know that I have not done justice to this book but let me say. More.  More.  More from this author please!


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