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I Heard Your Voice Virtual Tour

I Heard Your Voice
Tanith Davenport

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance

Publisher: Total-e-Bound
ISBN: 978-1-78184-105-1

Number of pages: 68
Word Count: 20,000

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Book Description:
Tamar Steele’s life was never supposed to be like this. A sensitive working with a team of paranormal investigators, she is trapped in a loveless relationship with the team’s medium, Reed James, who believes that having sex on haunted ground enhances paranormal activity. Tamar maintains their partnership for the sake of the crew, forcing herself to ignore the burgeoning sexual tension between her and fellow investigator Jason Bray.
Until one night when, alone and bored, Tamar sings to herself and is knocked to the ground by an invisible force. Somehow she is able to invoke spirits with the power of her voice. And one particular sexy, matchmaking spirit is determined to turn her life upside down.

Introducing Tamar

When I’m writing a full-length novel, I do a lot of work on character background. For a short, less so. I Heard Your Voice is a novella, so I ended up with quite a lot of character and very little that I could fit into the story.

So what better thing to do than profile my heroine Tamar Steele?

Tamar is a paranormal investigator who has been with her team since they all met at university. She’s the group’s webmaster and also one of their sensitives, who assist the medium by using their own ability to sense spirits.

Although the team is struggling financially, Tamar is fiercely independent. She has her own flat and her own car – relying on others for lifts has left her stranded in the past. Her family is supportive, but as one of sixteen children (yes, sixteen – her parents were an active and fertile couple) she’s used to putting others ahead of herself for the greater good.

And, like many women, she’s susceptible to the charms of a charismatic man, which leads her to the situation in which we find her at the start of the story – stuck in a loveless relationship with arrogant medium Reed James, whose primary interest in her is her part in his pre-investigation ritual: sex on haunted ground.

I’m hoping to write sequels to I Heard Your Voice, introduce a few siblings (one sister is an aromatherapist – I’m sure I could work that in somewhere) and develop Tamar’s desire to make the team into true paranormal investigators, visiting new haunted locations without having to play to the paying guests. So if things go well, all this character work will come in useful after all…

The Review:

This book had a unique flavor to it. You have a paranormal element to it that really brings you into the story like crazy. I was hooked the second I picked it up and kept reading until it was (sadly) over. The ghostly medium antics were fun and I loved hating Reed. Tamar was a very real character that I look forward to seeing in more books coming up. 

The sex scenes were twofold. You had the "service me" mode for Reed that was just plain horrid and then you had the panty melting scenes with Jason and his ghostly brother. Oh man. Hotness.

Don't miss this unique erotic foray into the world of ghost hunting and what it really takes to get ghosts to respond to you, hook line and sinker.


About the Author:
Tanith Davenport lives in Yorkshire with her long-suffering husband and pampered cats. Her interests range wildly between rock music and modern cinema to medieval literature and the language of flowers. She loves to travel and dreams of one day taking a driving tour of the United States, preferably in a classic 1950s pink Cadillac Eldorado.

Tanith's idea of heaven is an Indian head massage with a Mojito at her side.

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