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Wild West Hauntings: A Visit With C.R. Moss and R.M. Sotera

Interview QnA for Erzabet Bishop from RM Sotera n CR Moss

Thanks so much Erzabet for giving us the opportunity to be guests on your blog. J
Bio for C.R. Moss: An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities when it comes to love.

Bio for RM Sotera: R.M. Sotera is a romance vixen stuck in the body of a prim and proper woman. A transplant to Las Vegas, by day she is a wife, mom, taxi driver, counselor, and psychologist to her wild and, at times, crazy friends. But when the family goes to bed and the house is dark, she seeks refuge in her office where her deepest desires take hold.
And…ultimately a story is born.

~~Read a story by R.M. Sotera ~ 

~~Where Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning~~

1. How did you start out writing erotica?

C.R.: I started off writing erotic romance several years ago when a woman I knew told me a publisher was looking for submissions. I’d had a series idea in mind and whipped up the first of three novellas adding in erotic content to suit it for submission requirements. It was accepted and my writing took off from there.

RM: Actually…I kind of fell into writing erotic romance.  The publisher that picked up my first book – Dirty Dancer – suggested that I spice up the love scenes by sexing them up a bit.  To my surprise, this good Catholic girl actually enjoyed writing the sex scenes.  Perhaps some pent up frustration?  LOL

2. What are some of the sexiest scenes you have ever written?

C.R.: There’s a bathtub scene in Wild West Weekend, and in Sunset Desires there’s a scene on a beach. Then in Wild West Hauntings (to be released thru Evernight Publishing in October 2012) there’s a scene at a pond. ;)

RM: Probably two of the sexiest scenes I’ve written involve food (The Dirty Series and Vegas Moon)  The series I write with CR Moss (Double D Tales) is pretty sexy too.

3. Cowboys have their own special charm. What is it about them that curls your toes?

C.R.: Rugged, hard working men who look after animals and the land.

RM:  Cowboys have a masculinity about them that’s personified.  There is something sexy about a man in a cowboy hat and boots. J

4. Do you have a playlist?

C.R.: Depends upon what I’m writing. Like with the western themed stories, I listened to a lot of country. For Sunset Desires and the third ‘Wild West’ story, which both take place in the Caribbean, I listened to Flamenco and some Latin. When I’m writing my darker pieces, I tend to put on alternative rock—Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Seether, etc. If I just want background music, I put on the New Age channel on the television. As for specific playlists though, I don’t have them. And, yes, I have an eclectic taste in music. :)

RM: I do, and it depends on the scene I’m writing.  I work via a storyboard.  I like to listen to Prince when I write sex scenes, Nelson when I write sweet scenes, Muse when I write fight scenes, and Vixen when I write best friend scenes.

5. What do you think about the current surge in erotica due to the 50 Shades phenomenon?

C.R.: IMO, it’s nothing new, just another crest of yet another wave peaking in a sea that’s been around for ages. Back in the early 90’s I took a Literature and Sexuality course in college. We read stories from centuries ago up to the present date centering around the theme of eroticism. I find it interesting that people ooh and ah over stuff like this and get all worked up acting like sex in stories is something novel. Even the content in 50SOG isn’t original. I’m in the process of writing up a blog post on the subjects of 50SOG, literature and sex, so if you’re interested in a deeper answer on this question/topic, feel free to visit my blog.

RM: I think EL James is a lucky woman.  She took a lifestyle that has been around for quite some time and put a new spin on it.  It may not be the best piece of writing out there, but one can’t deny that it has something.  The one issue with Fifty Shades that bothers me…high school students can walk into any store and purchase it.  It does not have a special place in the store for mature reading, at least it does not in Target and Walmart.  I’m afraid teens are going to hurt themselves trying out some of the actions in the book. 

6. What are some of your favorite genres within erotica to write about? (BDSM, fantasy, western...)

C.R.: I’ve been having fun writing erotic romance in the contemporary, chick lit genres recently. The ‘Wild West’ stories fall under them along with having a western feel. My ‘Sunset’ stories through Decadent are straight contemporary chick lit. But that’s not to say I’m not going to dip my toe into other genres. The next ‘Sunset’ stories I’m working on will have some ménage and BDSM themes in them as does another WIP of mine which also will have fantasy elements to it.

RM:  I love writing Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Western.  Although, I’ve written a few Contemporary books, they are not my book of choice.

7. When you were first starting out as a writer, what was the hardest scene for you to write?

C.R.: I was a kid when I first started out writing so I don’t quite remember what the hardest scenes were for me to write back then. Now though, I sometimes get stalled when it comes to the sex scenes.

RM:  Sex scenes are still by far the hardest for me to write.  One must be able to make the actions feel natural as opposed to mechanical and sometimes that can be a difficult feat to reach.  Plus, there is a fine line between erotic and pornographic and getting the scene right can take several re-writes.

8. Margaritas vs. Martinis

C.R.: Either, since consuming particular drinks depends upon my mood and where I’m at. But when it comes down to it, I’m mostly a beer drinker. Hubby and I even brew our own.

RM:   I’m a mango martini girl. 

9. Cheeseburger vs. Sushi

C.R.: Cheeseburger…for now. I have a friend who lives out of state, and she’s said that when she gets a chance to visit she’ll take me out for sushi since she loves to eat it and knows a thing or two about it. Who knows, maybe down the road my tastes will change.

RM:  Although I’ve had sushi as of recent, a cheeseburger is still the best for me. 

10. What are you currently working on?

C.R.: I’m in the process of finishing my parts of the third Wild West book that RM and I are writing which will complete the first draft of that manuscript. I also have a WIP that I’m writing and targeting for Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairy Tales line. That story will take up where an anthology story left off. I also have two more Sunset stories to finish for Decadent Publishing’s 1NightStand line and several other stories that are in various stages of completion under my CR name and my other pen names.

RM:  I’m working on the third book in the Double D Tales saga – Wild West Haunted Island Getaway with CR Moss, a YA series and Urban Fantasy series under a different pen name.


Bristol & Damon ~

Bristol reached for his hand, tucked it comfortably between hers. “I want to go back to the love shack and fuck. I mean sex. No, what I mean is have lots of sex. With you and me.” She really needed to stop drinking as well as speaking. Soon.

A sly grin slid across his face. His eyes sparkled with lust. “With you I like make love. It sounds better for you and me.” He leaned in close to her, his breath warmed her cheek. “Tell me again how you would like to take me back to the cave and have sex with me.”

Was it the booze that had her inhibitions running wild and free, had her saying things she couldn’t have ever imagined coming from her mouth? Plain and simple, she wanted the fuck part, not just the making love that consisted of gentle and boring. “I want you to fuck me, Damon. You’ve been kind and gentle, but I want more with you, I want so much more. I want the animal in you to release the animal that I know is somewhere inside me waiting for the right man to set it free. And it’s not the booze talking it’s me, the real me.”

His lips touched her hand. “The booze may have pushed you a bit, but I do believe the vixen in you is ready to shine. I’m going to set that animal inside you free, darlin’. I promise.”

During the drive, then short walk back to the cave, Damon held Bristol’s hand. They’d made it back in forty-five minutes with their scattered stops to kiss, grope each other, and Damon removing most of her clothes.

They came to a halt at the ladder.

“Stop.” Damon put his hands on her hips, and caged her between him and the ladder. His lips covered hers as his hands slid the last article of clothing she wore, her underwear, down her legs. Once the panties hit the ground, she stepped out of them, and he lifted her to sit on the third step of the ladder, spreading her legs with his knee.

A primal passion filled Bristol to the point she felt like she was drowning. She put her arms around his neck and placed her lips against his.

His finger found its way into her pussy. Slowly, he slid the finger in and out. The cicadas took up their nightly song as the desert night breeze brought her nipples to attention. He inserted a second finger inside her and moved his lips to her neck, sucking the area below her earlobe.

A nice hickey would probably await her in the morning. Hopefully several. “Take me, Damon,” she ordered in a husky voice, unbuttoning his shirt. “Take me out here in nature.”

Cassie & Dakota ~

He shifted, moved out of the tub and knelt next to it. Holding up a washcloth, he instructed her to sit back.

She reclined again, closed her eyes. Slow and steady, the material caressed her shoulders, her neck, skimmed down to her chest. With gentle movements, he washed her body, always making sure, much to her chagrin, only cloth touched her skin. The fabric, under his strong competent hand, danced along her chest, down and around her legs, graced her crotch. Her nipples hardened with desire, peaked in the water. She arched her back.

A low, seductive chuckle rolled from him. “Impatient, my dear?”

Through half-open eyelids, she gazed at him. She wanted him with an intensity that shocked her. The desire wasn’t just for the sex either. It was for the connection that would occur, the joining of their emotions, the merging of their souls while they loved and created a beautiful bond between them. “Why, yes, I am.” Cassie reached out and ran the palm of her hand down the mid-line of his chest.

* * * * *
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~ Find C.R. Moss at:
C.R.’s Website: http://www.crmoss.net/Links.htm
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Double D Ranch Tales: http://doubledranchtales.blogspot.com/
Evernight Publishing – C.R. Moss: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/pages/C.R.-Moss.html
Decadent Publishing – Sunset Desires: http://bit.ly/SunsetDesiresbyCRMoss
Decadent Publishing – Sunset Seduction: http://bit.ly/MFI99w
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/C.R.-Moss/e/B002DBE49W
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~ Find RM Sotera at:

Siren Bookstrand Author Page: http://www.bookstrand.com/r-m-sotera
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Thanks for visiting with us today on the blog ladies! Congrats on the new release!

A short excerpt from Double D Tales – Book 2 – Wild West Hauntings

Wild West Hauntings

“Sorry, sugar, but I don’t recall any of that.”

How can he not? She wanted to pursue the line of questioning, but his hands roaming around the front of her torso caused all thoughts to flow away and passion filled the emptiness left in its wake.

Dalton fed his hands up under her t-shirt, palmed her breasts, his thumbs lightly circling her nipples, while he scattered kisses along the side of her neck and top of her shoulder. Her body warmed, heat curling in her veins. Dipping her head back, she tilted her face, anticipating the rest, and the best parts, of the dream to come.

He captured her mouth in a firm, demanding kiss that electrified her senses. Their tongues toyed and stroked along each other. She wanted to be as close to the man who called her wife as possible.

They rolled around in a playful wrestle, pulling off clothes, nipping, kissing, stroking, as each sought sexual dominance over the other, then settled together. He laid his body over hers, his hot skin igniting flames of desire within her. Plunging her hands into his hair, she kissed him for all she was worth, barely noticing his face was hidden in the shadows again. He slid a hand between her legs, thumbed her clit and fingered the tight rosette of her ass.

Well damn, that is pretty hot, wouldn't you say? Can't wait to read them after those spicy bits! Whew!

Info on the new book—
*** Wild West Hauntings ~ Book 2 of the Double D Ranch Tales — Available Now through Evernight Publishing.
* In life and the afterlife, on the Double D Ranch one belief holds true—the power of love changes lives.
* With cowboys, ghosts, modern day women, hot dreams, pre-wedding relations and a bit of sexy time travel, life promises to be one wild time on the ranch again.
* Rachel Star has met the man of her dreams … literally. Too bad he’s a ghost. When true love crosses boundaries from dreams to reality and across time, the Double D ranch is the place it happens. It takes the love of a man from the past, Dalton Dougan, to bring love full circle in the present for Rachel.
* Bristol Ashcombe, soon to be Dougan, is ready to have her baby … and so is a poltergeist. Can the love of a woman for her man and child sustain her during the most horrible of terrors? Can the love between family and friends really dispel the evil haunting them?

* Wild West Hauntings—Double D Ranch Tales (Book 2), a contemporary, paranormal, erotic romance story set in Nevada.

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