Thursday, November 15, 2012

Codename Winter: The Review

Undercover Embassy, Book Two

After the Gathosians invade Earth and enslave its surviving population, Winter is forced to work in an alien-run refinery. When Ulrick Brant rescues her from an even worse fate, she has a new choice—become an “ambassador”, a sex slave to the invaders. Quickly recruited as a spy for the Resistance, Winter has her first task—seduce Ulrick, the Gathosians’ enforcer on Earth, to learn the location of Earth’s potential savior.

Ulrick hates the Gathosians, who force him to enslave world after world against his will. He doesn’t mind helping the Resistance, but he won’t be used. Before Winter realizes he’s discovered her deception, he has her naked and in restraints. Even through his anger, he can’t fight the electric attraction between them. But if he agrees to aid the Resistance, it will be on his terms.

Winter is dazzled by the pleasure they share but the Resistance won’t wait forever. Danger is closing in, and Ulrick must choose his final role—ruthless invader or freedom fighter.

Code Name Winter

103 pages

Action/Adv.  Paranormal.  Sci Fi/Fantasy.  Sus/Myst

BDSM. M/F.  Anal Play.  Forced Seduction.  Toys

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

What Earth is like after the invasion of the Gathosians.

Ulrich is a powerful male in a position of power but there is more to him than what meets the eye,which is an eyeful for any female especially.  You will find compassion and need to put things in proper order that drives this male to do many things.

This story has some surprisingly graphic description that are not meant for enjoyment but to give a taste of reality in a current part of life that needs to be ended.

Winter is a human female that learns how to live with the challenges and changes on Earth.  She is a smart beautiful woman that discovers the power she holds and works to help Earth reclaim what has been taken away.

The scientist Evard Keenen,endures much, to say the least, to try and help Earth reclaim itself.  Much of what he endures is beyond belief.  He is secretly trying to find a solution for the situation created by the invasion of the Gathosians.

"I won't hurt you love.  We'll take it really slow" is such an understatement  because I don't think Winter nor Ulrich can possibly do so.

Having not started in the beginning of the series was no disadvantage and I so do hope to continue with what is to follow.  My first read left questions in my mind and I am so glad that I reread and searched for answers because so much more came to my attention.  I now look forward to the next story my own ideas of what might follow.

I give it a 4 star rating because some of the graphic images that the scientist endured were a bit much for me.

Would I reread it a third time, yes.  I would enjoy reading the first of the series and any to follow.

Thanks Victoria!

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