Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cat's Eyes: The Feral Series #2

For Sarah, being a shape-shifter means having a wild side that craves variety. Can one human man tame her animal instinct?

Sarah Cole is a shape-shifter who is always in control that is until she meets sexy Kiwi vet, Travis Hunter. He has a way of rattling her cool exterior and seeing the real her like no lover ever has. But, in Sarah's experience, relationships between shifters and humans just don't work.

If that wasn't enough to deal with Sarah decides to rescue a cursed Amur leopard who needs her help to become human again. Can Sarah save the shifter and her heart, or will her cat's eyes only see the damage that magic wreaks on the unsuspecting.

63 pages

Action/Adv.  Contemporary. Paranormal.  Susp/Myst


Sarah goes to the zoo with two young children and finds so much more than just the animals.   She is so much more than she appears to be and her life is taking on some major changes that are long overdue and a little scary.

Travis, the zoo vet is one of the unexpected things that Sarah finds on her outing. (waves hand in front of face, fanning) Oh, if Travis is an example of what vets look like please make me a kitty cat with a tummy ache so he will put his hands on me and explore. (wiggles tummy suggestively.)

Sarah's unexpected emotions and her eyes lead to delightful flirting that she has a hard time believing that she is doing.  A kiss that Sarah and Travis share undoes both of them and sends them spiraling into the deep end of the pool, so to speak.  Dinner plans soon change and they feast time and again, but not on food.

Shifters, witches and plotting abound with some wonderful results for all.  An ending truly worthy of all that is endured and my hopes to read the next in the series soon,and definitely go back to the first of the series.  The humor through out was wonderful.

A full fledged 5 rating.

Victoria Storm

Thanks to Breathless Press for sending over a review copy. 

This book grabbed me on page one. The first line had me rolling with laughter and I had to read more. Ms. Jolley knows how to capture the attention of the reader and lure you into the story hook line and sinker. Great plot, characters that you care about and some spicy scenes make this a lunch time read you won't want to miss. A day at the zoo was never ever this much fun... 

If I was a kitty, I sure do agree with you Victoria. Pat the Kitty, please!

Happy reading!


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