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A Wicked Affair: FREEBIE ALERT

A Wicked Affair
A set of short story paranormal romances centered on All Hallow’s Eve. Be thrilled and chilled by these tales set in Salem—the ultimate city for witchy and shape-shifting fun. Each story features sexy heroes and spellbinding characters. Salem has never been so hot!

All stories are complete in themselves with a beginning, a middle and cliffhangers! They are an introduction to the longer books in the companion box set, A Wicked Halloween.

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A Map of Bones by Erzabet Bishop
Map of Bones
A Curse Worker Short
By Erzabet Bishop

Chapter One

“You know, if you stay like that long enough, one of the boys is going to think you’re one of the mail room owls.” Cynthia twirled her long black hair around her finger and smirked. She smoothed her hands down her sweater and snagged her tablet off the desk.
Merryn ruffled her feathers and transformed back to human form, a scowl on her lips. “Bitch. This isn’t Hogwarts.”
Cynthia shrugged, picking up her books. “I only speak the truth. Come on. Professor Jenkins doesn’t care if you transform twenty times. If you can’t do it in front of the class next Tuesday for the exam, you’re toast.”
“I know…” Merryn sighed. “Why didn’t I go to a college with a normal curriculum? What’s so bad about accounting? Or even a business class?”
A corner of Cynthia’s mouth twitched. “Um. Let’s see. You’re a witch, maybe? And why would you ever want to? Montelier is a good school. Hell, it’s the only school on the east coast. You should be happy.”
Merryn picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “I just want a normal life. A job. You know…”
“Normal is boring. And no, you don’t. What about that weird class you’re taking? The one you talked about yesterday. The freaky medical one you said you actually liked?”
“Yeah,” Merryn grimaced. “Alchemy of forensic osteology.”
“That’s a mouthful.”
“I know. Oh, damn.”
“I have to run by the lab and grab my notes. We’re studying one of the recent deaths in the shifter stalker case, and I was supposed to have a report in two days.”
“You have to go now? Why don’t you come with me to the bar first? I bet we can pick up a couple of guys and make a night of it.”
“Says you who never failed at anything in her whole undead life,” Merryn snorted. “No. I’m behind already. If I don’t get this paper turned in I’m toast.”
“Huh. I beg to differ. I can’t cast a spell for shit and you know it. I’m just taking this class for the credits.” She gave her a lopsided grin and waggled her eyebrows suggestively. “And the hot teacher.”
“You’re awful.”
“But it’s fun. It keeps me busy and, most importantly, out of Roark’s grand designs of vampire matchmaking.”
“Is he still doing that? How does a Master vampire have the time?”
Cynthia’s nose crinkled. “He never quits. It’s all for the good of the family. Blah, blah, blah. I’m trying to convince Mari to come back. It’s been a few months since the attack.”
Merryn paused. “Wait. Was she the girl that got mauled outside the Copper Kettle a while back?”
“Yup, and now that she’s sort of dating Roark’s bestie, he’s fuming and has relaxed with pawning her off on pimply faced assholes like Jared.”
Merryn paused, a frown spreading across her face. “You mean that guy from Vampire Studies?”
“Unfortunately,” Cynthia replied, her lips curling up into a wicked smile. “Word has it she left him tied up with a pair of her panties in the garden.”
“Oh my God. I wish I could have seen that.”
“You’d have to actually go someplace that isn’t work or school.”
“Did you go?”
“I did.”
“Did you see anything?”
“No. I was too busy talking with the girls and missed it. But, damn, that would have been funny.”
“Yeah.” Merryn followed Cynthia into the hall. The last class of the day was over almost an hour ago and the hallways were a ghost town. Most students would be in Salem proper, getting ready for the Halloween festivities. Except her.
“Are you going down to the Psychic Fair?”
“Naw. I thought I’d head over to the library before I go to Broomstix. Well, after I grab my notes anyway.”
“You have to work tonight?”
Merryn shook her head. “I wasn’t supposed to, but Bridget left me a message to drop by before I went home.”
Cynthia brightened. “Maybe she got in some of those cool new witch hats.”

“Leave it to a vampire to say that. I’ll tell her you’re in the market for one. See you later.”

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