Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rough Landing

Kate Pacinelli has been infatuated with fellow flight attendant Stephanie Carlson for months. While Kate is out, Steph’s preferences are a mystery. The former cheerleader has a complicated, bisexual past.

It’s a smooth ride for both women until a rough landing shakes them up and changes their relationship.

Hot sex in private doesn’t translate to the public relationship Kate is looking for. She’s fallen for women afraid to come out before and won’t have her heart toyed with again. When Steph avoids conversations and labels with expert seduction, Kate refuses to play closet games. Steph will have to come out or risk losing Kate for good.




Rough Landing Review – Cheryl Dragon

Love at 5000 feet

Rough Landing is a fun story of love at a distance and coming out.  I think most of us can relate to Kate's wanting someone she is unsure of and Steph's reasons for hiding.  Haven't we all, at one point or another, wanted to be the perfect child our parents expected us to be?

This book is perfect for a few hours reading in the sun.  It is a nice, feel good story with the happy ending we all want. 

I will definitely be on the lookout for more written by Cheryl Dragon. 


Ameliah Faith

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