Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If Wishes Were Horses

Sarah Wylde did not move from Chicago to a small town to get involved with a man. Particularly one like Justin Herne, a man far too mesmerizing and dynamic to be in a rural town like Lilesville. To make matters worse, Herne runs a sex shop in the unincorporated limits of Lilesville, and Sarah is Lilesville's new police chief. She doesn't care whether or not the locals call it a "women's sensuality shop" and that Herne is considered a respectable citizen. She's keeping her eye on him. The only problem is, Justin is more than happy to stay within viewing distance. When a ritual murder draws them together on a case, she finds that maintaining a professional distance isn't going to be an option.




This is the first book I've read by Joey Hill. I understand she usually has BDSM undertones. This book didn't have much for those who read her for that, however this is a very erotic read! Ms Hill is a very descriptive and captivating writer. I felt the book moved a bit slowly for me but it was good. The rituals and other parts of the story were well written and drew me in. I think I will have to check out her other work!

Ameliah Faith

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  1. Thank you, Ameliah!! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts about Justin and Sarah, and glad you enjoyed their story!


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