Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bossy: Five Productive Tales of Lesbian Lust

Summer is around the corner, and with that, hopefully for most of you, some well-deserved holidays. But before you fly off to the sun or the mountains or a historic city (or just stay at home and relax), why not relish those last weeks at work with some burning hot tales of ladies loving ladies on the work floor?
After Sweat and A Christmas to Remember, Harper Bliss has rounded up the usual suspects again and put together Bossy: Five Productive Tales of Lesbian Lust.
Here’s the blurb
If the characters in Bossy prove anything, it’s that getting it on at work doesn’t mean you need to wipe all papers off the surface and get busy on your desk. The settings in this new mini-anthology from Ladylit are as diverse as the positions the ladies in these five stories find themselves in. A doctor finds comfort with a nurse in Cheyenne Blue’s romantic tale of love in the ultrasound room, while Laila Blake’s story shows a professor who can’t resist one of her students on a sweltering hot day in the classroom. Add a maid whose mistress demands full servitude, a sexy mechanic offering roadside assistance and an A-list actress who has trouble hiding her secrets from a Hollywood reporter… and you getBossy: five productive tales of lesbian lust.
Caution: This title contains graphic language and bossy f/f sex and is suitable for adults only.
Table of contents
Bird of the Summer by Laila Blake
Off the Record by Harper Bliss
Roadside Assistance by Lucy Felthouse
As You Wish by Erzabet Bishop
My Name Is Bond by Cheyenne Blue
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