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There is a saying among the old ones, “If you dream of a mare, a MacLeod is sure to be near.” 

Rohanna MacLeod grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories of her family and the old country, the myths and legends of the Fae becoming dearer to her with each loss in her young life. 

True to her family name, Rohanna carries the MacLeod gift with horses. With single minded determination, she denies herself everything else that life offers in order to keep what is hers, to keep and preserve the family farm from an abusive stepmother she abhors. 

Everything changes when she runs into trouble on the way to a horse show. Her prize gelding throws a shoe and risks laming if she can’t find a farrier on short notice. A chance offer and a plain business card sends her to the Ladysmith, a farrier and blacksmith with a mysterious past. Alexandria Strider is drawn into Rohanna’s world. Caught between new bonds and old oaths, Alex holds the key to Rohanna’s past and an unrealized destiny, if she can find the strength to do what is necessary. 

Sometimes stories are more than myth and legend. What has been forgotten cannot be suppressed, and nightmares can come alive in your dreams. Rohanna has lived her entire life trying to escape her nightmares, now one has become her closest ally and lover, and just possibly, the only thing that can save her. 



"Alex looked down at the other woman and was captured by a pair of exquisitely colored eyes boldly assessing her. They were green yet not green at the same time. The reflection of almost turned autumn leaves, they held flecks of blue-green and gold that couldn’t be reduced to just one color. With her fine gold hair and pale skin, the petite woman looking up at her appeared frail, almost waiflike. If it wasn’t for the eyes, today would have been just business and ended their knowledge of each other. If not for those eyes, Alex wouldn’t have pursued the woman any farther. But, Rohanna’s eyes smoldered. Alex could practically feel the heat of her gaze. That look told Alex all she needed to know. She found desire, need, and hunger simmering in the liquid depths of those eyes, waiting to boil over if stoked by the right fire. They marked her, revealing an inner strength that attracted Alex and made her want to be that fire. The urge to lean down and thoroughly kiss this woman was almost overpowering.
A slow blink ended the moment and sent time back on its original course. Rohanna’s eyes changed in an instant, like a magician’s illusion. Now Rohanna’s eyes were hard, green malachite that gave nothing away beneath its surface. Alex watched Rohanna forcefully swallowed her hunger, her passion, completely. She could practically hear the cold “snick” of armor plating encasing the woman before her piece by piece. As if the moment between them had never passed, Rohanna smiled at Alex. It was a smile that was impersonal at worst, professional at best, and never touched her eyes."

Romance, Fae magic and an unavoidable fate, check out this urban fantasy from Rhavensfyre. Ten 5 star reviews so far!

And soon to be another!

The Review: 

Ladysmith is a book that hooked me from the first page. It is a Ro's journey from a girl nestled into her family farm then thrust into the nightmarish world where spells are cast and her will is squelched under the watchful eye of her wicked stepmother. This story reminded me greatly of a movie I saw years ago. Snow White: A Tale of Terror. 

Now, while it initially reminded me of Snow White, Ladysmith is it's own tale. What begins one way can end another and I was hooked instantly. Ro is a young lady with horsemanship and grace and her adventures lead her into the arms of Alex, a farrier with secrets of her own. The two connect like live wires, combusting and rocking each other's worlds. Each holds the key to the other's happiness. Do they dare to make the leap, even when it could mean certain destruction? You'll have to read this wonderful tale to find out.

*Sensual scenes that curl your toes
*Blending of fairy tale with original work
*Characters I want to see again

This was a great book and I give it a 5/5. There were some minor editing issues but those did not detract from the story in any way. Give us another one Rhavensfyre! This girl wants a sequel.


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