Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event 2016

I first started reading lesbian fiction about five years ago and it was a groundbreaking moment. The characters in my head would not be silent and soon I began to write. My first short work of fiction became Sigil Fire, an urban fantasy novella that was a Goldie finalist last year in the paranormal category. To say I was proud to be among the lineup was an understatement.

This year finds me with the first book in the Myth and Magic series out in e-book and in audio and I couldn't be happier.

This month also finds my newest lesbian holiday anthology bursting onto the e-book shelves. Christmas Kisses is the second holiday anthology with Ladylit and it has been received very well by reviewers.

Currently I am in the process of writing Glitterlust, the second big book of the Sigil Fire series. This one will be about 70K and my largest work yet to date. It's funny how to you start out writing short stories and over time-with the right bit of pushing (Astrid and Jove) how I could learn to expand my comfort zone and do longer works. 

Edits are a necessary thing and in Glitter's case, much needed. I am reworking the sexy spots in the story and now have the basis for my first YA lesbian tale- Reyna's story to be exact. I'm excited to be working on the adult novel and look forward to turning it in very soon. The YA one is in the early planning stages.

Fiction can take us so many places and I love drawing out maps of new worlds to explore. Tell me what books in the lesfic genre have touched you and why. Here is mine:

Letters Never Sent by Sandra Moran

I loved this book. It made me weep both sad and happy tears as two lovers who were torn apart found themselves once more. It's a book that's always stuck with me and as I worked on my WWII tale WIP I thought of it often. I think reading Sandra's works defined something for me. That love has no boundaries-not the ones the world says we should have, nor the sands of time. Love prevails and in the end, that's all we have.

I thank you for stopping by the blog today and hope you get a chance to check out some of my newer works. Share a moment let's remember a wonderful author who's time came too soon this year.


Erzabet Bishop

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