Monday, December 14, 2015

Coming Soon: Men In Love

Coming soon! My first M/M story will be in Jerry Wheeler's Men in Love Anthology!

Range of Motion - 'Nathan Burgoine
Crewman - Jerry Rabushka
American Master Bakers - Dale Lowry
Bathhouse Backstabber - Michael Bracken
Wilde - Erzabet Bishop
Love in Portofino - Thom Collins
What a Coincidence - Matthew Bright
Firebrand - Megan McFerren
Conversations with an Angel - Kevin Klehr
When the Sun Shines - Kassandra Lee
Photo-Love or Seven Ways to Get the Guy - R.W. Clinger
The Essentials - Vinton Rafe McCabe
The Seven Forty-Five - Richard Natale
The Second Time Around - Maryn Blackburn
6th & E - Gregg Shapiro
The Missing Piece - Colton Aalto
Security Breach - Evey Brett
Continuum - George Seaton

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