Saturday, October 13, 2012

His Forbidden Submissive by Brandi Evans

To find happiness, she must do something she swore she’d never do again.
Let a man control her.

After beating cancer, Vivian goes on a mission to cleanse her life. First on the list, kicking her cheating, controlling husband to the curb. Second, discovering the answer to a question that’s been haunting her. Is the love she harbors for Brock, her bad-boy brother-in-law, genuine or a chemotherapy-induced illusion?

Brock loves a woman he can’t have. His brother’s wife. To claim her would be a betrayal. He knows loving her is wrong but he can’t help it. So when circumstances bring them back together, he can no longer deny his forbidden attraction, and they unite in a fury of passion, lust—and bondage.

But Vivian isn’t prepared for Brock’s BDSM lifestyle, no matter how sexy he looks with his tats and leathers. After ten years with a controlling husband, submission is terrifying—but so is never being with Brock again. Submission or freedom? No matter which she chooses, her life will change forever.

Getting over cancer is bad enough. Dealing with a cheating weasel of a husband is worse. Mix that in with a fascination with his tattooed brother and you have a hotbed of desire, betrayal and a volatile combination that is guaranteed to be a great story. When I received this review copy, I couldn't wait to dive in.

Cancer sucks. Vivian should know. She just got over it with the help of Brock, her husband's brother. Without him constantly by her side, she would have been lost. Her feelings for Brock grow every day until he is the object of her desire, until one day right after her remission when he leaves and doesn't come back. Heartbroken she takes steps to reclaim her life and decides that life includes Brock.

The interesting thing about this book is Viv's strength and weakness. She loves Brock but when she finds out what is under the veneer, she runs. Brock is into BDSM and that is too much for her to understand. Her friend is kind of a BDSM Yoda and sends her back in the right direction. I would love a story about her. There was a lot going on behind the scenes with Anne.

This book is give and take, love and lust, betrayal and hope for the future. The sex scenes were squirm worthy, the action right on and the dialog well done. I just wish Viv would have stopped to think a little more before she went running every time things got tough.

This book was a steamy BDSM fun land and I am ready for another book by this author. Bring it on Brandi!!!


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