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When Hubby's Away The Ladies Play: An Interview with Sonia Hightower

Natalie is looking at six really lonely months when she kisses her husband goodbye before he heads to the Middle East on a deployment. So when he suggests she seek comfort in the arms her sexy girlfriend, Mariah, and Mariah appears to be open to the idea herself, she does.

A night of passion and peaches and cream body oil turns into a very close relationship, but when Natalie tells Chase in a letter what is going on, she discovers he was joking, and he is now afraid of losing her.

How can she convince her husband that she can, will, and does love them both and will part with neither?

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An Interview with Sonia:

1. F/f stories have a certain pop that makes them very appealing. In
this case we have a military wife longing for her husband, who is on
tour. She finds companionship and a deeper love with her best friend.
Tell us a little about the inspiration for the story.

Well, I was an active duty wife myself, but the idea for this actually stemmed from my friend. She's a Marine wife and her husband takes LONG deployments. She said her husband often encouraged her to find a girlfriend while he was away. She's never ever done it, but we had a good laugh over it, and the story was born.

2. Your brand of storytelling is simply delicious! When you are
writing, do you plot out your stories or do they just flow from your
fingertips like water?

With this one, it was a fingertip one. I am a cross between plotter and pantser. I have a beginning and I know how I want it to end, but the middle is by the seat of my pants. LOL. I never know how exactly I'm going to reach my goal. I just let my fingers tell me.

3. If you were going to interview your characters on how the f/f/m
thing was going to work, how would it go?

 I would imagine they were filled with some nervousness, but it all worked out in the end. I doubt there was any nervousness on HIS part, but Natalie may have been worried about her friend because Mariah isn't into guys.

4. Tell us a little about how you started writing erotica and how you
chose your pen name.

I got this scandalous story idea that was so not fit for my younger readers. My first book (penned, not published) was a Young Adult, so naturally, a pen name was in order. I couldn't go with Tara Hightower (my married name if I had taken the hubby's name) because my husband's brother also married a Tara and that's her name. So I used half my middle name and my "married" last name.

5. What are your favorite types of erotic stories to conjure?

I try to be unique. There's so many erotic stories out there that it's super hard so I try to make some twist or turn or theme that hasn't been done to death.

6. You recently did a story in the newly released Cauldron of Tales
book. Tell us about it.

Five lovely authors and myself had a bunch of homeless Halloween stories and just two months till the Holiday. A publisher many of us had sent the books to crashed, leaving us with these witch themed tales and no time to spare. So we made our own anthology. I have two stories in it, one an erotic demon/female type thing and one a f/f.

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7. Pizza or sushi?

Pizza. I don't eat raw food.

8. If Natalie, Chase and Mariah went out to dinner together, where
would they go and what would they eat/drink? Give us a visual...

Hm.. I see Natalie and Mariah enjoying some peach wine and maybe peach cobbler for dessert. Chase seems like a steak kind of guy. I'd say a cozy little winery/vineyard type restaurant with candles and homemade cobbler and maybe an outdoor setting.

9. Open your book to any page and tell us what sinfully wonderful
things are happening.

Natalie smiled, and with a wink at both of her lovers, she turned around so she was on all
fours, her knees on the very edge of the bed, her husband's cock bobbing against her ass.

And then, she patted the empty mattress in front of her. "Mariah, I want to pleasure you while he fucks me. I want that sweet pussy in my mouth."

Mariah's face grew red, and her brown nipples hardened with desire. She obediently crawled
onto the bed and laid in front of Natalie, her legs spread, her skin flushed, her pussy shiny with moisture. Natalie imagined her own throbbing pussy looked the same. She barely had time to bury her face into her fiend's mound before Chase's cock was inside her, filling her, moving slowly back and forth. Oh, my God. That dildo has nothing on Chase. Nothing!

10. What are you working on now? I can't wait to read your next novel.

Two Tara books, both YA novels, and sex free. :)

The Review:

What would you do if your husband was about to go out on deployment and he laughingly told you to play with your best friend while he was gone? Would you even consider it? 

Natalie is faced with many long months without her husband Chase and is hesitant about his laughing suggestion that she entertain herself with her best friend Mariah. Always fond of her best friend, Mariah is more than interested and the fireworks begin. 

This short novel has all the punch of a good erotic romance, all wrapped up in a tiny package. The two women friends find love and lusty fun in each other's arms and when Chase returns, he gets a glimpse of his wife's new hobby. This one will have you reaching for a bucket of ice to chew on while you read.  

This book is a page turner. Author Sonia Hightower has a way of taking whatever situation she is writing about and clicking it up a few notches to make the sensual aspects palpable and the eroticism sparkle. The author gave me a copy to read in exchange for an honest review and I absolutely loved it. The spice between the two ladies was addictive and the shock and enthusiasm of Chase as he adjusts to the idea is priceless. 

If you like peach flavored delicious fun with a f/f focus, then you simply must give this read a try.


Sonia Hightower is a pen name for Tara Chevrestt, a deaf woman, former aviation mechanic, writer, and an editor. She is most passionate about planes, motorcycles, dogs, and above all, reading. That led to her love of writing. Between her writing and her editing, which allows her to be home with her little canine kids, she believes she has the greatest job in the world. She is very happily married.

Sonia writes the racy stuff and argues that she was here first. She just wasn't allowed to be unleashed until the last year.

They both agree, however, that strong is sexy, and they don't write the average, simpering damsel. They write about women who see what they want and obtain it.

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