Monday, October 29, 2012

Spells Gone Wild: A Visit with Kassanna

Blurb -
Everything was coasting along until Kezia accidentally turned Doreen into a toad. Her neighbors already have a hard time dealing with her, if they find out she’s a witch,albeit a bad one, well all bets will be off…
Oh, the woes of dealing with future in-laws.
Dominic knew Kezia was different but he is determined to marry her. Nothing is ever normal with her but on the day of Halloween she’s acting a little stranger than usual. On top of that his mother,Doreen, is missing…
Some days it’s just better to stay in bed. One way or another Kezia has to fix her problem or lose the man she loves. And do it before Halloween ends.

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Post -

I hate frogs, toads, actually I despise most amphibians. Honestly I think the feelings are mutual since I feel as if they go out of their way to accost me. Personally, I believe they have a vendetta against me because my dad ate frog legs but that is another long story with a few therapy sessions thrown in. I tell you this so you have an idea of where I'm coming from as I explain how I got the idea for Spells Gone Wild.  It's rainy season here in Florida and I happen to live within a stones throw of a swamp. Yes I hate frogs and live in adjacent to Green Swamp. Remember I mentioned therapy sessions, anyway. This humongous toad decided to hold me hostage. I mean that sucker planted itself square middle of my stoop at my front door. The bastard. So me being the ever forward thinking individual I am decided to go out the back entrance. I swear they (amphibians) must have formulated a plan the night before because hanging on my sliding glass door was the ugliest green frog this side of well, disgusting. Now the windows were an option if I had to get out of the house but I wasn't that desperate...yet.

My kids are in school and my husband is at work. There is no one around to do battle with these creatures except me. I snorted at myself for even thinking that and called my sister, who laughed before explaining she was no where near my home to help me. Did I mention that my fear has now become the butt of many jokes within my family. I had no choice as much as it put a bad taste in my mouth I had to call my mother- in- law. Now she and I get along sort of. We tend to stay out of each others way. Less bloodshed...don't ask. Feel free to judge me though I don't mind. Where was I...oh I close my eyes and swallow my pride. I dial her number. She answers on the second ring and with a pain developing behind my right eye I ask for a favor. Come get rid of the toad, please.

She acquiesced way to easily. I could hear the glee in her voice as she told me she'd be right over. So the woman that I shudder to owe a favor too, exits her car, walks over and stands next to the toad. I mean that big boy didn't budge and if he wasn't leaving I wasn't moving. I stare at the thing twisting my head between her and it and then it hits me like a brick. I mean I actually jumped up and down for a minute. The two most beautiful words to a writer next to the words "The End." I thought hot damn "What If", and a story was born. Oh yeah, she finally shoo'd  the stupid thing away too. Now I can't ignore her calls since she may need something but that's the price I'm willing to pay because I got one hell of a story out of my ordeal and eventually she will ask for something and all will balance out in my world. That is as long as the amphibians don't conspire against me again.

Bio -
Kassanna is a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters. After meeting her husband in November and marrying him three months later in February the two have survived  and mostly enjoyed every adventure life has thrown their way. Ten years, two children, a couple of dogs and a wild turkey that came out the woods and somehow adopted them – later- the adventure continues.
Writing has always been her passion but fate sometimes has other roads that  must first be taken .  Navigating the road less traveled was not only unexpected but in the end extremely rewarding. Her books are mainly contemporary romance but she has delved into the paranormal and plans on expanding into other areas as the ideas come to her.  Right now she is enjoying life and seeing her work come into fruition make it that much more pleasurable especially when her books make others smile. Kassanna wouldn’t have it any other way. She can always be found at her website or her blog

Out Now! Tell Me, Touch Me, Feel Me (Club Lexx #3) Evernight Publishing
Out Now! Spells Gone Wrong Evernight Publishing
Coming Oct 27th! Sexual Healing - Sugar and Spice Press
Coming November 9th! A Pussy, A Pirate, and Poachers - Breathless Press
Coming December! Make It Happen Captain - Evernight Publishing
Coming December! A Christmas for Hope - Passion in Print Press

Thanks for stopping by the blog today Kassanna! I look forward to reading all of your new books and having you back again for some more steamy fun!

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  1. I loved the story. I used to spend summers and sometimes half a year in SC's low country. Can you say gators on the golf course? I really wonder how Kezia is going to come back from turning her mother-in-law into a toad.


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