Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Passion's Portal: Serving Nicole by Marilyn Campbell

Part of the Passion’s Portal series.

Nicole Claret’s uncontrolled empathic abilities forced her into a solitary life. Though occasionally consumed with sexual need, self-service has been her only option. When her intuition draws her to Shadowling Manor, she receives an all-or-nothing choice about her future. She can have a “normal”, ungifted life or embrace every aspect of a magickal existence, including using sex to manifest power.

Her challenge is delivered by Brett Donahue, a gorgeous, high-level wizard whose specialty is sex magick. He uses his unique talents to teach her how to control her abilities and prepare for her destiny…but he holds back one huge secret until it’s too late for her to change her mind.

What would you do if you couldn't be around other people for fear of being inundated by them? The very gift that makes Nicole special, also gives her the worst curse of all. Solitude.

 No one to play with...hmmm. Enter Brett and the secrets of Shadowling Manor and a world of options are suddenly at her beck and call...with just one catch. She has to submit to Brett and bind herself to him and the sisterhood. Magic and all the sex she can handle. Sounds pretty good to me. That and she gets to play with Brett as long as she wants. Very drool worthy!

This quick read was a whirlwind of magic, sex and combustible characters that keep you turning the pages. I loved the premise of sex magic to heighten power and bring Nicole's magic to a higher level. Great plot, spicy characters...I will be looking for more from this series.



  1. Erzabet, Thank you so much for the great review! The rest of the Passion's Portal authors are madly working to fill your request for more! Hugs, Marilyn


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