Friday, October 26, 2012

Mistress of Pain and Illusions by E R Pierce

A Halloween Horror Short Story.

Vampires Aline and Meri walk into a bar in the Backbay of Boston and all hell breaks loose. 

Contains erotic content as well as M/M, M/F/M and F/F sexual scenes. Blood, sex, magic and death. A perfect combination for Halloween.

When you have been starved and subjugated, there is nothing like a little lusty payback for some Halloween fun. 

Vampires Aline and Meri have escaped their cruel master and are up for a little down time in the local bar. It gets pretty hot, heavy and just a little bloodthirsty. Okay, more like a lot...

The ladies set their sites on the patrons in the bar and divvy up the spoils of their conquest and get down and dirty for some bloody good fun. Sensual scenes, some gratuitous violence  and some dirty, kinky hot vampire sex await in this short lunchtime read. 

This piece was very dark with lots of gritty and sexy overtones. It was not a fluffy vamp read-be ready for some love em and eat em action. Lol. Great fun for those who love a bit of the dark side. For this one, you don't need cookies when you have these two lusty vamp girls tag teaming it. 

The imagery was all there, complete with sultry f/f action, fierce m/m and lots of m/f to go around. Truly there is something for all in this dark and edgy romp.

There is a hot bonus story that you won't want to miss as well...Happy Halloween everyone!


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My Bio:

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first story when I was in seventh grade--A first person account of an entire summer. I went through a massive teen angst poetry phase, and I have notebooks and binders filled with prose.
Over a year ago, Ceithin and Aurelia showed up in my head. They yapped incessantly, demanding I sit and tell their story. After a month or two of being woken up with harsh whispers, I started writing. They haven't stopped, and in fact, brought friends. Now my head is filled with stories, scenes, snippets and crazy people.
Cue Law and Order music here: dun, dun.
These are their stories.
I write with emotion, occasionally a temper and I let my words flow free. I dabble in paranormal, contemporary romance, erotic fiction and darker urban fantasy.
Oh, and hey... I'm a Virgo.

Author ~ ER Pierce

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review. I'm glad you enjoyed the grittiness of Mistress of Pain and Illusions :)


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