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Hear Me Blog Tour with Skye Warren

Title: HEAR ME
Author: Skye Warren
Length: 32,000-word novella
Genre/Heat Level: Dark erotica
ISBN: 9780988363205


She doesn’t remember her past, only her training. She can’t talk, not that a good slave should speak out of turn. None of that matters when she wakes up in the warm, rustic room. Her new master is distant but kind. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t want her.
Longing for the shackles of safety, she pulls from the last dregs of her will to prove her worth as a slave. It seems to be working. He responds first to her body and next to her submission. The secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave, but it is her own memories that may finally unravel it.

This book contains a bonus short story Escape, set in the same dark erotica world.

This book contains explicit scenes of sex, including dubious consent and captivity situations. The BDSM does not conform to literary conventions, making it sometimes more realistic, and other times not. This is a work of fiction not appropriate for anyone uncomfortable with these situations or anyone under the age of eighteen.

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Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, where pain and sex and love collide. She has been called "a true mistress of dark and twisted erotica" and her dark erotica series has reached the bestseller lists at Amazon and been a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.
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Her training wasn’t about how to stand or to suck, not really. She had become an expert at reading expressions, at decoding body language. He was a formidable cipher, but she only needed time.

Meanwhile, she knew well enough what those heavy lids and flattened lips meant. She saw the tinge of red on his cheeks. All of that would have told her, even if she hadn’t seen the bulge in his wet jeans. He wanted to take her and this time, it wasn’t in his sleep. It wasn’t in some awkward moment, born of pity—no. He had initiated this. He had brought her to this magical place. No dream.

He seemed to like her forwardness, like a release valve to the curious guilt he had about her status, so she tentatively reached up to sweep a wet lock of hair from his forehead. He remained still for her touch, his expression one of approving forbearance. But when she went to stroke down his neck, he caught her wrist.

“I’m going to ask you something, and I want you to say no if you don’t want it too. I’m afraid you can’t. If I were better—stronger—I wouldn’t even make you choose, but I…” He sighed. The moisture in the air beaded on his eyelashes. “It’s been so long. I’ve waited so long.”

He pulled her in deeper, until the water climbed her thighs and lapped at her cunt. They followed the wall of the cave until it opened up onto a small beach that was completely enclosed by cool stone and reflective water. Barely enough place for both of them, but she knew that was the point. Here even the white noise of the water was reduced, and all she could hear was her breath and his.

“I never imagined a submissive as perfect as you,” he said lowly, but the words were as commanding as she’d ever heard him. “I keep thinking you’re not real, that I’ll wake up and find myself alone again. But this isn’t real, is it? You aren’t really like this. They made you this way.”

Don’t make me think about it. Just want me.

“Jesus Christ,” he said. “When you look at me, so damn trusting. It’s not right. I know that, but I can’t stop. Will you let me, subby? Can I hurt you?”

How do you function without memory or sense of self? How do you become so trained that the mere look of a man has you quivering in submissive compliance?

 The female character in Hear Me only knows her training and when she finds herself at the mercy of a new Master, a dark journey emerges. I want to say begins, but it doesn't. This girl has been through nightmares at the hands of men who erase bits of her, body and soul to become the ultimate voiceless sex slave. 

Dark erotica has lots of interesting facets. The utter, what is the word I am searching for here...freedom. Yes. The freedom to explore angles of BDSM that most books don't. A lot of readers find that that they like BDSM to a certain point. It is sexy and skirts the edge of what is socially acceptable. Dark erotica plunges in and takes acceptability and kicks it in the balls. Hard.

Hear Me is a journey into darkness, and embracing that darkness, leads to a certain frail point of light. I had trouble putting this book down because of the emotional weight and the utter heart wrenching feelings that emerged as I read. Not being in control of one's body in a non-consensual way troubles me because of sexual trauma that I have personally endured. Looking beyond that, as a victim who will no longer be a victim (make sense?) I saw strength in the way the lead character bends to fit her circumstance. 

I will not give away any spoilers here, but if you are looking for a book that reaches into the purest, darkest, most sensual parts of you, then you need to read it. It will disturb you most likely. Anything that makes you think has the potential to do that, but I hope that you find what I did. This story is a mind game and will push you in directions you never knew you wanted to go. 

This is the third book in the Dark Erotica series. Fans of books like Comfort Food enjoy the nuances of darkness. Bet you will read this one more than once...


Skye Warren is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card and four $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards on this tour. In addition, you can win a copy of Hear Me at this stop. Enter to win by leaving a comment below. What do you enjoy about reading dark erotic books?

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  1. Love this, =) and can´t wait to read more for myself. I´m need to read both fluffy smut and the darker variety, they do say that the most common fantasy women have is being forced, just to be able to do what they want, without having to take responsibility for it. I guess that´s why i love Shifter romances, with their urges to chase and mark *rawr*
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