Monday, December 16, 2013

Darker by Ashe Barker

Book Two in the The Dark Side series.

Can she outrun the secrets of her past, or is surrender her only choice?

Eva Byrne’s first encounter with the darker side of Nathan Darke’s sensuality ends in disaster. Frightened, hurt, betrayed, she struggles to regather her shattered confidence—in him, and in herself.

Desperate to continue her journey of exploration and self-discovery, Eva has to convince a sceptical Nathan that she’s worth the trouble. And that she can learn to submit to him. When she is forced to reveal elements of her past she has preferred to keep hidden, both her brilliance and her vulnerability are laid bare. Will Nathan accept Eva as she is, and help her to become the woman she longs to be, or will she face yet another rejection?

Terrified and intrigued in equal measure, Nathan has no idea how to deal with the exquisitely enigmatic Eva Byrne. Should he cut his losses and run, or allow their relationship to continue, and watch as Eva’s delicate beauty unfurls in his hands?

Fascinated and ensnared by Nathan, Eva longs to taste what he offers and her erotic journey continues. But how much will she have to surrender to him in order to liberate her own desires?




Taking a Walk on the Dark side Darker is the Second installment of a 3 part Trilogy Picking up where the first story stops with the burgeoning relationship of Eva Byrne and Nathan Darke. Eva and Nathan’s relationship continues to grow and evolve. providing quite a few AH Ha Moments for the reader. Moments that make you smile cringe and shiver are intermingled with more than one a few clutch the pearl moments . I Loved that Ashe Barker has a no holds barred way of writing , which allows the reader to see Eva and Nathan as 3 dimensional characters , who are not perfect and who are 100% human, who can make mistakes ,admit them and grow from them. Eva’s curiosity about the D/s lifestyle mad me think of a quote from Shrek , She has layers to her personality like a Onion *g* I truly enjoyed peeling those layers back one at a time as I read this book . The second book takes you further in to the Eva’s and Nathan’s journey in to D/s and their relationship. Kink Factor 5/5 Story Factor 5/5

Reviewer: DarqueMynx

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