Saturday, December 14, 2013

Furyous Ink by Saranna DeWylde

Marcus Kage has four dead women on his hands. As a detective, he knows that’s more trouble than his city needs. As a Lycanos, he knows that’s more trouble than his city can handle. A tattoo found on each vic identifies them as Amazons, and Athena’s tribe of warrior women need half an excuse to start a war on a good day. A clue leads him to the artist who tattooed the victims—and suddenly Marcus can barely keep his horny beast at bay.As a Fury, Megaera Eumenides can see straight to the soul of a man, and she likes what she finds in the strong, honorable Alpha. They claim each other, mark each other, and with every heated mating their bond grows stronger. Life would be just about perfect if they didn’t have a supernatural assassin to avoid…and Marcus’ past haunting him…and Meg’s secrets to overcome…and a murderer on the loose.




Furyous Ink By: Saranna DeWylde

Kink Factor: 4/5                
Story Factor: 5/5     
Tags: Paranormal, Shifter, Suspense, Romance

                Marcus is a shifter cop working on his last case. There have been four women murdered. The only thing  the women have in common is a tattoo and the fact they are all Amazons. He wants to find the person who is committing these murders and not have an unclosed case. Marcus finds a card with the tattoo shop Furyous Ink on it. He has heard about the tattoo parlor and wants to go investigate.

                Megaera is a Fury and the tattoo artist at the shop. She knows the last victim of the murders as she just gave the victim more cream to help with the swelling of her latest tat. The two characters join forces  to find the person responsible for the murders.  Megaera blames herself.

                Marcus grabbed my attention because he is a strong person and can deal with anything. When it comes to his wolf he hides and locks himself up at every full moon. Megaera grabbed me because she is a strong person who can deal with almost anything. The dialog in this book was very gripping. The romance in this book was steamy. The chemistry between them had sparks and in some spots very sensual.

                 If you like Paranormal, Shifter and Romantic Suspense this book is for you. Do Marcus and Megaera find who is killing the women?  Do Marcus and Megaera end up together? The two have more secrets than most, but where there is smoke, there is definitely fire.


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