Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ink Lust by Jayne Kingston

Leni Brewster should have been disappointed when her twin sister had to bail on holding her hand during her first tattoo, but going to her appointment solo means time alone with the sexy-as-hell tattoo artist who falls into the Do Not Touch category. Only Jamie Rodriguez isn't as off-limits as Leni thinks. Privately single for months, Jamie finds himself more than looking forward to having the hot little librarian in his chair. And when she accidentally reveals a naughty secret about herself, he can't get his hands on her fast enough-he has to know what else she's hiding under that buttoned-up exterior. What he discovers sets his blood to boiling, igniting a burning determination to test every single one of the boundaries, both personal and physical, that she's set for herself.



Ink Lust by: Jayne Kingston  
Story Factor: 5/5

Tags: Romance, tattoo

                Leni wanted to get a tattoo like Jo her sister, but instead of going with her as planned, Jo bailed. Going it alone for her first time getting inked should have scarred Leni, but it didn't. She has one problem - she has the hots for Jamie, the very sexy tattoo artist.

                Leni's tat is going to be on her ribcage and is of three lilies, the same as Jo. One orange lily for her mom, a pink lily for Leni and a red lily for Jo.  She sat for five hours till her tattoo was part way done. When she stands up after they decide its time to call it quits for the day she becomes faint. This leads to some pretty intense moments.

Jamie has waited forever to get this hot librarian in his chair. He  is worried that there is going to be to much pain for her first foray into inking. The care and concern he gives Leni is wonderful. 

                Leni Grabbed my attention because she doesn't like the way she looks. She always thought that her sister Jo was the pretty one.  Jamie got my attention because he makes Leni see that she is beautiful the way she is.  The dialog to in the story was really good. The romance was hot. The love scenes in the book were very sensual.    

                If you like romance this is the book for you. Will Jamie finish Leni's tattoo? Do Leni and Jamie get together?

Reviewer: Bre

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