Friday, December 20, 2013

Not So Silent Night

1. How did you start writing erotic romance?
I started reading paranormal romances after borrowing a ton from a friend. I became hooked and thought about joining my love of the paranormal (I've always loved things that go bump in the night) with some hot erotic goodness. Some of my first attempts are probably laughable, but I really think that I have found my writing niche, 5 books out and counting!

2. Plotter or pantster? I'm a complete pantser!
I like to say it keeps the story exciting and suspenseful even to me!

3. What are three things you have on your writing desk?
Dare I admit I rarely write at a desk? I tend to write on my laptop in bed at night. But I always have a glass of water by my side, lots of pillows to make me comfy and keep me propped up (hey, I'm writing in bed after all) and my dog so I can pet her when I'm trying to work something out in my head before writing it
4. Favorite food?
 Spaghetti! It's my go to food for sure. I eat it once a week at least! Lol

5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
 Not So Silent Night starts off with Anna, a lonely woman not happy with her life's direction, who is dreading the holidays. Then the other worldly Russian stud, Alexander, walks into her life. They are immediately drawn to each other, let's just day that there is some magic in the air. Anna quickly learns that just because Russians are from a cold climate, that does not mean they can't heat up the cold Vermont nights! Of course, things don't run as smoothly as they would like. Soon they find themselves battling the good ole boys of the town who are hell bent on keeping Anna and Alexander apart because they feel that Alex is infringing on their territory. Soon secrets are revealed and soon they are in a fight that neither anticipated. If they are going to end up together, it is not going to be with out strife.

Anna is a woman who speaks to my heart. I have felt alone in this world before, so I think I really empathize with her the most.

6. I write because I think that I would spontaneously combust if I did not. Writing is just something that I have to do, it is part of who I am. Even before I was published or even submitting, I was writing. I always say I write because it is cheaper than therapy and I stick to that. Writing is an outlet that keeps me sane.

7. What is your favorite type of character to write about?
I like characters with flaws. All of my characters have flaws, perfection is somewhat boring to write about. Sure, my heroes and heroines all look great, but they are also complex people with all the normal human foibles.

8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
 I like sex with a little vulnerability to it. In my novella Alone No More, the two characters come together after the heroine has suffered a trauma and the hero is denying himself out of a sense of penance, the result was pretty hot. There is also a scene in Not So Silent Night, after some secrets have been shared, where the characters connect more deeply through their lovemaking. To me that is sexy.

9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field?
Read books in the genre, become a fan. Know the subcategories, for instance paranormal is my bread and butter, but there are categories to please and entice everyone. Get to know the publishers that put out books that you like, learn their submission guidelines and see if they are looking for anything in particular. And the obvious, write and keep writing no matter what. Sure, rejection happens, learn from it and go back to writing.

10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
I have a short story coming out in the Bloody Valentine Anthology at Breathless Press. I am waiting to hear back on a few submissions and also have two stories just about ready to be submitted. I am then working on two pirate books and a sequel to my novella, Alone No More. A lot more coming from me!

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Author bio:

Sheri Velarde, who sometimes uses the pen name Kelly Ryan, lives in New Mexico and grew up with a fascination for all things that "go bump in the night", so it is no wonder that she turned to writing paranormal romance. In her spare time, she fancies herself a cyrptozoologist and loves to paranormal related outings, searching for things that might not really exist. She is an avid exerciser and gets some of her best ideas while on runs. She also has a bit of a wild side, which only leads to inspiration for her writing.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living.

She is constantly putting out new material, so it is best to keep up with her on her website.

Another lonely Christmas approaches for Anna and her life of penance—until the otherworldly Alexander appears.

Anna is a lonely woman, running her dead grandmother's flower shop. She hates Christmas and could not feel more lost when a handsome and mysterious Russian, Alexander, walks into her shop and her life. Each has secrets and magic they are harboring. Just as their passion erupts, the good old boys in town threaten to ruin everything. Getting to know each other is tough for most couples, but with a pack of werewolves out to destroy them, things become intense. They find themselves in a fight for their lives. Can their newfound love give them the strength to win against this threat and trust in the future?

"So you just got the quick sketch of my life, so perhaps I can ask where you are from. I love your accent."

"Russia. I grew up right outside of Moscow."

"Russia? Wow! What brings you to small town Vermont? Other than the snow, I can't imagine we are anything like Moscow," Anna said in true wonderment.

"My family came to visit and we wanted to go somewhere quiet. I live in Washington, D.C. now. Here seemed like a good spot for a vacation. And I must say I am glad we picked this town on a whim." Alexander moved even closer to her, close enough they were almost touching and he could gently stroke her hair, sending a visible shiver down her back. "I am not making you uncomfortable, am I?"

Anna swallowed. "No, uncomfortable is not exactly the word for what you are making me feel." She turned around so she stared up into Alexander's deep blue eyes. They were close enough for her to kiss his full lips and she found herself wanting to very much.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Anna." Alexander stepped even closer so their bodies touched. Anna immediately felt heat rush all through her body from only a little contact. She felt her own blue eyes widen in anticipation.

"Thank you," Anna murmured, feeling a blush spread across her face, so evident on her pale skin. "So are you... I mean, you are very attractive too."

Alexander smiled and leaned down so his lips almost touched hers. "I am going to kiss you now, Anna, unless you tell me not to."

"Umm, okay." Anna's breath grew heavier as Alexander brought his lips to meet hers.

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