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Wicked Satyr Nights: A Visit with Rebekah Lewis

Some creatures want to be found.

When Dr. Katerina Silverton travels into the Pine Barrens to make a documentary on the Jersey Devil, she doesn't believe she will uncover any supernatural evidence. In fact, she only takes the job because it promises funding for future projects. So it is quite a shock to Kat when she finds herself face-to-face with the legendary beast she was sent into the forest to capture on film.
In ancient Greece, the god Pan made a terrible mistake which resulted in the creation of the Satyroi: a race of immortal satyrs. Centuries later, he lives secluded in the Pine Barrens, frightening mortals by taking the guise of an abhorrent local monster. When a beautiful woman shows up in his forest looking for proof of his existence, Pan can't resist revealing himself to her.
Outside forces may be manipulating them both, pushing them together for nefarious reasons. Kat must decide if she could learn to love a satyr or if his appearance is more than she can handle. Can she resist Pan's wicked nature, or will she give into the temptations beyond her wildest fantasies?


Kat groaned as the sunlight caressed her eyelids. Mornings sucked. She opened her eyes and the events from the previous night clicked back into her memory. Peter was sitting on top of the chest of drawers, and his hands were resting against the wood edge of the piece of furniture visible between his open, denim-clad thighs. He arched a brow and smirked as he watched her become aware of him.
"It wasn't a nightmare, was it?" Her fear wasn't with her anymore. Instead, she felt the pull of sadness gripping her heartstrings. What would to happen to her? Cindy and Rick must be freaking out.
"I'm 'fraid not, vixen. I owe you explanations, and now that you slept off your denial and panic, you might be able to handle it." He snorted. "You know the word 'panic' is derived from the god Pan's enjoyment of hiding in bushes and startling trespassers as they wandered through the Arcadian forests?"
Ugh, Greek gods again? She didn't know why he found his comment so amusing, so she didn't comment on that part of his statement. "Vixen?"
Peter let out a great sigh, probably because she wasn't biting at his baited hook. "Your hair and your spirit. Reminds me of a fox because of the color and your cunningness..." He scrunched his nose up. "Is cunningness a word? Anyway, you're also a female, ergo, vixen." He pushed himself off the chest of drawers, the muscles in his arms flexing as he did so, and onto the floor. He landed lightly on his bare feet—the toed variety, not the hoofed ones. He was dressed the same as the night before. He'd lost the shirt, though, and sported just the jeans. If he was attempting to turn her on with those scrumptious abs and the thick, corded muscle that led into the waistband of his jeans, she was deeply ashamed it was kind of working.
As strange as the whole situation was, her body still reacted to his. Not as strongly as it had the first time, but the arousal was there, beneath the surface. Too afraid to notice it the night before, it had reared its head once more. She worried about her reaction to him as it couldn't be natural, yet it felt like it was.
Peter held a hand out to her, and she warily accepted it. He pulled her to her feet and led her into the hall. Kat half expected human hands holding elaborate candelabras to extend from the walls, moving as they passed, like in the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera. Except Peter would turn around, half demon-faced, and proclaim he was the devil of New Jersey rather than the Opera Ghost.

1. How did you start writing erotic romance? Honestly, I am still surprised that happened. My first book idea was for a YA. Then I had this idea for a stand alone satyr book (the story ended up being what is now book two: Under the Satyr Moon) and from there a series idea sprouted up and it spiraled from there. Plus, you can't have satyrs without sex. It is like cookies without milk: wrong. ;)
2. Plotter or pantster? A little of both. I plot out the major plot points to know where I am trying to get to and then everything in between I just let happen on its own.
3. What are three things you have on your writing desk?
Pepsi, a statue of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, and an autographed Photoshoped picture of Norman Reedus licking my face (long-not-so-long story. I Photoshopped my face on a picture to be funny. My friend printed it and took it to a convention and had him sign it. So embarrassing!)
4. Favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese. It is catching up to me, I think.
5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
Well, it is the print version of Wicked Satyr Nights. It is the story of Kat who goes to the Pine Barrens to film a documentary on the Jersey Devil and discovers the legendary monster really exists and is actually a satyr and the Greek god, Pan. While I love both of my protagonists, the character that was the most vocal to me was Pan's father, Hermes. In fact, he is back for book two and getting a novella of his very own.
6. I write because… if I don't, I will have crazy voices in my head and will be driven slowly insane. Writing what they are telling me shuts them up…eventually.
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about?
Characters with no filter. Hermes in Wicked Satyr Nights and Artemis in Under the Satyr Moon were quite fun.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
Oh gosh. *blushes* Probably a scene that is in Under the Satyr Moon. Since it doesn't come out for a few more months, I can't really say much about it other than one character does something to tempt and taunt the other and it backfires on them…sexily.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field? If you are shy like me, you will have blazing red cheeks while writing the steamy scenes, and it can halt the creative flow while trying to get things just right. I basically lay the backbone for those scenes without getting into the details on the first draft, that way I can keep the story rolling while it is in my head. On the first revision I will go into the nitty gritty details that make me think I can never let my family read my books. Hahaha.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon? Under the Satyr Moon will be out in the spring, I'm so excited! And later this year the Hermes novella should be out as well as a standalone pirate time travel novella.

About the author:

twitter: @RebekahLLewis
Rebekah Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.  She is an award-winning cover artist for  digital publishers, and enjoys every minute of it when not immersed into a world of satyrs and Greek gods. Always feeling the need to be productive, she can be found creating something whether with words or images, or with arts and crafts. She resides in Savannah, GA with her cat, Bagheera.

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