Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Captive Pleasures: Book 1 of the Click Me Series

Book 1 of the Click Me series.

Jessica is desperate for some excitement. When she stumbles upon a spam message containing a love spell, what does she have to lose?

Toni’s SUV breaks down outside Hide Away Cabins. She’s on the lookout for some distraction and Jessica would be one hell of a tasty little distraction.
A game of Truth or Dare brings out Jessica’s adventurous side. Being bound and spanked is just the start to a night of incredible sex.

Inside Scoop: The magic contained in this love spell leads to these two lesbians exploring light bondage, spanking, anal play and a surprising use for a snow globe.




Jessica is bored out of her mind. She is jealous of everyone around her who is happy in their relationships and longs for a connection of her own. She is at work deleting emails when she comes across a love spell. On a lark, she grabs what she can and performs her own version. When nothing happens, she dismisses it as hogwash...but then Toni arrives seeking a cabin for the night. Jilted at the alter, she is out to have an adventure of her own. When these two ladies become trapped in the office, some pretty hot sparks ensue.

This books was a quick, spicy tale of f/f lust gone wild. Toni is a kinkster at heart and uses everything at her disposal to give Jessica a taste of what sensual happiness can truly mean. Spanking, bondage and sex with a snow globe are all on the agenda for the night if Jess can keep up with Toni's wilder side. Is it just a one night affair or will Jess accompany Toni on her honeymoon for one? You have to read this red hot number to find out.

The characters were hot and the action hotter! You'll want a glass of ice water for sure when you taste these Captive Pleasures!

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