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Voodoo on Bayou Lafonte Virtual Book Tour

Voodoo on Bayou Lafonte
Occult Series
Book 3
Susan C. Muller

Genre: Paranormal romantic suspense

Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing
Date of Publication: Jan 2, 2014

Word Count: 80,000

Cover Artist: Rae Monet

Book Description:

A frantic phone call leads Detective Remy Steinberg racing through the night toward the one place he vowed never to return. With the life of his kidnapped daughter at stake, he willingly faces shotgun-wielding drug dealers, corrupt law-enforcement officials, and a raging hurricane.

Scouring the seedy back alleys of New Orleans for information, he goes undercover at a sinister voodoo ceremony, and struggles to understand the forces of black magic that hold his daughter hostage.

With time ticking down, he battles for his life against a high voodoo priest, but can he face the two things he fears most: the swamp that terrorized his childhood, and the ex-wife he’s never stopped loving?

Detective Remy Steinberg must return to Louisiana in search of his kidnapped daughter. Can he save her before the swamp swallows her up and he loses any chance at happiness?

Guest post:

Thanks for inviting me on your blog today. I wanted to talk about the power of persistence.
 I recently visited the top of Corcovado Mountain, raising 2,300 feet s above Rio de Janeiro. The view of the city is amazing, but even more impressive is the 100 foot statue of Cristo Redentor  (Christ  the Redeemer.)
I’ll never forget the beauty of the statue, the quality of the workmanship, and the breathtaking scenery. But it was something else that made a lasting impression on me.
Someone thought of this piece of art. That person had a small seed of an idea.  That seed was nourished, expanded on, studied, and fought for.  I’m sure things didn’t always go smoothly.  Budget concerns, logistics, naysayers, all must have stood in the way.
Yet today, this iconic statue stands as testament to the power of persistence.
Writing a novel might not seem as impressive an undertaking as sculpting a 100 foot statue, but it can sure feel like it. And that’s just the beginning. Editing, publishing, and promoting are every bit as important. Even luck plays a part. But then luck seems to happen more often to those who are prepared and persistent.
A novel is written one word at a time. Each word builds on the next until a story is told. With perseverance, persistence, and a small helping of luck, anything is possible.
What have you achieved that you once thought impossible?  What are you the most proud of?


This book hooked me from the get go. The creepy supernatural specter of voodoo was an awesome beginning and element in the story. Remy and Gabby stole my heart in their search for their daughter. All the old feelings came bubbling up to the surface, despite all the really good reasons for things not to work. The characters came off the page, their emotions coming across flawlessly. This is an author I am going to watch and I am going to go back and read the rest of the series! Great sexual tension and a page turner! Hawt!!


About the Author:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a fourth generation Texan and I attended Stephen F. Austin State University where I majored in Business Administration, but took creative writing classes on the side because that’s where my heart was.
I have always loved reading and if it’s true that God doesn’t subtract the hours you spend reading from your life span, then I should pass the century mark with flying colors. I first tried my hand at writing when I was eleven, but the sun was shining and I had a new bike so that effort was doomed to failure.

I didn’t try writing again until I was well into my sixties. People ask me why I took it up then and my answer is simple, because my husband retired. If you don’t understand, just wait, you will.

My first novel, The Secrets on Forest Bend, won several awards. After that, I was hooked.

I’ve been blessed with two great kids and four grandkids. My late husband and I loved to travel and we saw much of the world. Kenya, New Zealand, and the Galapagos Islands are a few of my favorite places. After he passed, I thought my traveling days were over, yet I’ve since been to Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela.

I live in Spring, Texas where I currently serve as president of the Northwest Houston chapter of RWA and volunteer at a local hospital. I also enjoy speaking to book clubs and writers groups.

Twitter: @susancmuller

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