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Banging in the New Year: Swinger's O-Zone Bash!

For fans of Swinger's Club, an erotic romance, featuring Josh and Carrie's smokin' hot New Year's night!

Banging in the New Year, Swingers O Zone Bash!

Check it out-for a couple of days the book will be free so don't miss out!

“The O Zone? Where’s that?” Josh thought he had a handle on all the swinger hot spots in northern New York.
“It’s as far away as the Big Apple. I think it’d be great for New Years and a holiday.” Carrie replied. From the smiles their friends, Byron and Sylvia were sporting, it looked like they were interested too.
“Okay. So where is it?”
When Carrie replied Canada, he shook his head. What the hell do reserved and oh so polite Canadians, know about swinging?
“Look, Toronto’s getting a real reputation for good times! Did you see Letterman the other night?”
Even his good friend, Byron agreed with Carrie.
Josh is outvoted, and the couples are off to the O-Zone, Toronto’s premier Swinger’s Couples Club for a two day holiday. The first night, they take in a hockey game where the action on the ice is anything but reserved.
From a raucous hotel pre-party, to the Dirty… heck, Filthy Dancing at the club, it promises to be one hot night in the Great White North!
The body checking at the game gets eclipsed by a virgin MILF (what the heck is a virgin MILF?) who has some ideas of stick handling of her own. She has a cherry to lose, and Josh is her number one draft pick.
It’s hot and erotic when Carrie’s there for the assist! Josh scores and then shoots!

** This erotic romance is for adults only! Contains hot and steamy sex between two (and lots more) awesome characters.**


“Now I just want you guys to know something,” said Beth. She looked between Carrie and Josh with her eyes steady.
“What’s up?” said Josh.
“Well… it’s this…” Beth glanced over to Ben, who nodded silently, urging her on. She turned her head and looked at the dance floor for a moment. It was filled with people dancing in the New Year.
Beth’s fingers were knotted. Oh man… she was nervous!
“What’s the problem, Beth?” Carrie placed her hand on top of Beth’s. “Look, if you’re having second thoughts, then no harm, no foul, okay? We’d love to play with you, but if you’re not ready, that’s fine. If it’s not fun, why bother?” She tried to smile as sweetly as she could.
“No, it’s not that,” Beth shook her head. “Not at all.” She looked over to Ben, who remained silent. “We’ve been talking all night, since I met you guys back at the hotel. Talking about playing with you.” She turned to Josh. “You really, really turn me on!”
“Well… thanks!” Josh shot back a cheese grin.
“You have good taste in men, Beth,” said Carrie, turning from Josh to check out Ben again. He was at least ten years younger than Beth, and slender to the point of lithe. She was going to get to play with David Bowie if all went well. His contrasting eye color was amazing, and he had the same shaped mouth. Ben smiled back.
“Go on, honey,” he said. “You wanted to do the talking on this.” What was this all about, anyway?
“Okay… it’s this. Ben and I have been coming to the O-Zone for four years now. This is our fourth New Year’s Eve here, and we live in the area, so we come here about every so often for a night out.”
“I don’t blame you,” said Josh. “It’s a dynamite place.”
Beth nodded. “It sure is. Ben and I come here, dance, get all turned on, and jump each other’s bones in the back. Then we watch other couples go at it, get turned on again, and screw like minks!” she grinned when she said that.
“Ohh-kaay…” said Carrie. “And the problem is…” her eyebrows were raised, urging Beth on.
Beth sucked in her breath. “Okay, cards on the table. We’ve been coming to a Swinger’s Club for four years, and have had a great time. But…” she gazed between Josh and Carrie. “We’ve never had sex with other people!”
Carrie’s jaw dropped open. Her mouth came up and down a couple times, but she had nothing to say.
“But you think you’re ready now,” said Josh.
Beth nodded. He turned to Ben who nodded vigorously. Looking at them, Carrie realized the two men could have been roommates at University.
“And… you’d like your first time playing to be with us.”
They nodded again.
Carrie took Beth’s hand. “That’s sweet, Beth! I promise to not be gentle!” Beth laughed.
“Hang on a second,” said Josh, “I got a question for you guys. How much you been drinking?”
“We got a nice buzz, but we’re not hammered, if that’s what you mean,” said Ben. “Why?”
“Look man,” Josh put his arm around Ben’s shoulder. “We’re flattered as hell, but I had to ask, okay? The last fucking thing I want is for you guys to wake up tomorrow with regrets, you know what I mean?” He gestured to the dance floor. “Carrie and I are full swap swingers with our friends, yeah. We’ve been to a few clubs as well as a bunch of house parties. We got into it pretty quickly, because that’s what we wanted. But…” Again he waved at the dance floor, and at the people at the tables and couches surrounding it, and the bar at the opposite end of the club. “But, I’ll bet you dollar to a donut…”
“Or a Timbit,” Ben said with a smile.
“What’s a Timbit?”
“Skip it. Tell ya later. Sorry man, go on.”
Josh shook his head. “I think we just had a culture clash for a sec.” He grinned. “Anyway! What I’m trying to say is that I’ll bet that half the people that come out to clubs like the O-Zone don’t play with others. Shit man, they call it a ‘Couples Club’ for a reason, you know.”
“We’ve been asked,” said Beth. “By some really nice people over the times we came here. But we were never ready until tonight.”
“Ready between the both of you, you mean, right?” said Josh.
Beth nodded.
“Who had the jealousy issues, Beth?” Josh asked as softly as the music playing in the club would allow.
Wordlessly, Beth pointed to her chest with a wan smile and nodded.
“What happened that changed it? This is important…”
“It was the way you looked at me back at the hotel…” she said. “There was no question that I turned you on.” Her eyes grew wide and she leaned into Carrie. “I hope that doesn’t offend you!”
“Silly! Not at all!”
“Look, I’m not going to toss numbers around, but let’s just say that I lost my virginity looonnng before Ben did, okay? And we’ve only been married for four years…”
“But a couple for eight, honey,” chimed in Ben. He looked to Josh, then Carrie. “She’s always been worried I’m going to have my head turned by a younger woman.” He shook his head smiling. “For a PhD in philosophy, she can be sooo dumb sometimes!”
“Turn me on? You’re stunning, Beth,” said Josh.
“I really felt that. You really find me hot.” Josh nodded silently.
“Me too, hon,” said Carrie.
Beth blushed and stared at the tabletop for a moment. She lifted her head. “Uhh… so now what do we do?”
“Well,” said Josh, “You guys obviously have given this some thought.”
“All afternoon and tonight, man.” Said Ben. “I masturbated her earlier just over there,” he tilted his head back at the couch they had been seated on. “And when I was doing her, I was whispering to her how bad you want to fuck her like an animal. She was watching your back and came like three times.” He inhaled. “It was so fucking cool!”
“Well, you’ve thought about it, discussed it between yourselves, and you’re not drunk.” Josh put his hand on the back of each woman seated at the table. “We just need a unanimous vote here then. I’m excited, and I’d love to play with you guys. Carrie?”
“With one addendum,” said Carrie with a sly smile.
“What’s that?”
“I get to kiss her first!” She leaned over and took Beth’s face in her hands. The two women gazed into each other’s eyes as Carrie licked her own lips with a slow, deliberate, lascivious tongue.
“You okay with this, Beth?”
Eyes wide, she said “I haven’t kissed a girl since college! But yes!”
“Ready or not…” Carrie leaned in and kissed Beth on the lips, holding her mouth there.
Beth closed her eyes as soon as their mouths touched and Josh could see her jaw open a little. He knew what Carrie was doing now. Their tongues entwined, Carrie’s entering Beth’s mouth softly at first, and as the kiss continued, Beth’s mouth began to flex as she brought her hands up behind Carrie’s head, pulling her in tighter.
“Whoaaa dude…” said Ben quietly. “This is hot!

Guest Post:

Since I’ve written a bunch of books about Swinging, I thought it would be fair to my readers and also to anyone else interested to tell a bit about my own journey into this wonderful, exciting world that I’ve made with my husband.

First of all, I need to confess something- I really don’t like the term ‘Swinging’. Okay, okay, it’s better than other terms that were used in the past, such as ‘Wife Swapping’ (ugh… how misogynist and paternalistic). For me, I prefer the term Michael and Holli use in their radio program ‘Live Sexy!’ At any rate, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Live Sexy’, or ‘Swinging’ to me all describe the fun a committed couple has with each other in an erotic environment. Does that include having sex with others? Sure, but it’s not a requirement; that depends upon what you want…

Okay, so how the heck did I get involved in the Lifestyle?

The short answer is my husband Spike asked me. A few years ago, New Year’s Eve was coming up, and I wanted to go out to a club to celebrate.

In the course of our relationship, I had dabbled in the BDSM community (this is way before 50 Shades). While I liked going—the passion and eroticism was great, I also wouldn’t have minded being able to dance. Club music and BDSM… not so much outside of a scene in a dungeon, but that’s another story.

So when we were talking about New Year’s Eve, he said, “Well, you enjoyed those BDSM parties… what would you think of a night out that has the same, if not more, sexy atmosphere with dancing too?”

“Sounds too good to be true.”

He didn’t say anything. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll bite. What do you have in mind?”

“We could go to a Swinger’s club for New Year’s. It’s one of their biggest party nights.”

A Swinger’s Club? Is he kidding? A sleazy, club that’d I’d be expected to HAVE SEX WITH STRANGERS?

“Are you out of your mind?” I said. “What’s the matter—our sex life’s not good enough for you anymore?”

Let’s look at that comment I just made again. It’s important, and it’s at the heart of any woman’s resistance to the idea of going to a Swinger’s Club.

What’s the matter, you’re not attracted to me? You want my permission to fuck someone else? Am I fat? In a heartbeat, a freaking split second, right after he asked me that question, I was feeling very insecure. About me, and more importantly, about us.

A dead silence hung in the air. I was working up a good mad.

Looking back, and looking how I’m trying to develop a career, I can’t help but laugh. Now, I mean. I wasn’t laughing then, believe me.

Spike did have some knowledge of The Lifestyle. And his next words started to calm me down, and got me to listen to him.

“Our sex life is great,” he said. “And I’m not looking to go there to get laid.”

“Then why in the world did you suggest it?”

“Because you said you’d like to go to a club that’s sexy. There’s basically one rule in Swinging, you know. And it’s that the women call the shots.”

“Yeah, right!” I had an image of a woman being dragged; coerced to go to a club by a controlling, domineering husband.

But… Spike wasn’t that way with me. Not in the slightest. He enjoyed me, he looked after and out for me. One aspect of our relationship from the beginning was we became pretty adept at having one another’s back.

It gave me pause. “So, are you telling me that it’s the women at these places that decide if there’s going to be any…”

He smirked. “Hanky panky.”

“Yeah. The women decide?”

He nodded. “Pretty much. The uterus rules at these places.”

He has such a way with words.  He made me a deal—if I didn’t like it, we could leave right away. And furthermore, he promised, we could leave at any time, no—absolutely no recriminations. I’d be stretching, and if I went with an open mind, he’d respect that.

In the couple of weeks leading up to our going, we talked openly and honestly about sex. More so than I ever had before with anyone. So in the course of going to an orgy (well, that’s what I thought at the time, and I was sooo wrong) we became closer. More intimate. Who woulda thunk it?

New Year’s Eve came. I wore a corset over a short skirt with heels. Spike wore a suit. We got in the car, and I was so nervous that I didn’t realize we were there until he had the car parked and asked “You ready?”

Oh my God we’re here! I nodded silently. Just before he opened the door to go in, he said to me again, “Anytime you want to leave, it’s fine. If you want to back out right now, that’s fine too, honey.”

He never called me ‘honey’ before… “Let’s go,” I said, staring at his hand on the door.

Oh boy…I was so nervous. Every time someone looked at me and nodded with a smile, I thought to myself “If I smile back, does that mean I’m going to be expected to have sex with them?”

I had a couple of drinks, and was able to relax. Spike and I hit the dance floor. Again and again and again.  As the night progressed, the dancing got sexier and sexier. Especially when ladies would dance together!

People were incredibly friendly. One agreement that we made before we went was that we were in no way going to have sex with anyone that night. So, when we met people, at the bar, or on the dance floor, we would just say we were newbies. Here’s the funny thing—everyone responded saying “Baby steps”. Take it slow, don’t rush it, stay in your comfort zone.

Naturally, my next thought was ‘Oh, so you don’t want to have sex with me, hunh?’ Look, I was nervous and pretty scattered.

A Couple’s Club is by far, the safest place for a woman to go. The ‘No Means No’ rule in the lifestyle, combined with ‘Ask Before You Touch’ creates an environment where I could be as sexy and alluring as I wanted. I was in the sexiest outfit I ever dared wear out in public, and I was the safest I’ve ever been in a night club.

Once I calmed down and relaxed… Spike was the beneficiary. Dirty dancing on the dance floor became giving head on the dance floor. The look on his face when I backed him against a wall on the floor and got on my knees as the powerful erotic music played… I’ll never forget it. (Neither will he!) And I wasn’t the only woman being so wanton. In public. That was an added rush. I didn’t realize I was (am?) such an exhibitionist. You wouldn’t know that to meet me in the regular world. By the time the night was over, I was getting lessons on pole dancing from a regular member and when we left, my face hurt from laughing so much.

We’ve been to clubs a few more times, and by far, our favorite is the O Zone. First of all it’s the staff. Secondly, is the size—and yes, size does matter. The décor, cleanliness and music round out what Matt and Amanda put on the table. And last, but the most important, is the membership. They’re wonderful people. Sexy as hell, and just plain fun to be around.

And that’s my story! Thanks so much for hosting me and giving me a chance to show off my latest release, Swinger’s O Zone Bash. I enjoyed writing it as much as I’ve enjoyed going to this club for a night on the town!


There is nothing like a hot New Year's party to liven up the night and that is exactly what you are getting with Mia Moore's new short erotic fiction story Banging in the New Year: Swinger's O-Zone Bash. When two couples get together for a trip to a Toronto night club called O-Zone  (based on a real club) they find an experience like no other. A huge event space, sexy clientele and an adventure unlike any Carrie has ever experienced await her and Josh as they and their friends meet a couple with unexpected attraction. Characters come to life, opening a window into the swinging lifestyle. 

I enjoyed this book for the interplay between the characters. The swinging lifestyle isn't one I am very familiar with, but author Mia Moore opens a door into the experience. She shows the give and take and the trust involved to be able to have that kind of relationship with your spouse and still go home feeling loved and cherished. Hot! Hot! Hot! When the ladies get together, things get even more steamy! I have to admit, that was my favorite part! If you are new to the lifestyle, it will show you a great time and if you are experienced, it will but a smile on your face. An engrossing read that wouldn't let me come up for air.

If you want a different kind of club experience that goes beyond the pale and right into the sparkling sensations of a swinging good time, then this book is for you!


About Mia Moore
In a lot of ways, I have been living the dream well before I published my first book. My husband and I live in a nice place in Montreal, Quebec Canada and we each have decent jobs. I’m married to a strong, intelligent and great looking man whose number one priority is to have my back. He rocks my world, and I love rocking his.
We’ve had some pretty hot adventures together, which were the inspiration for my first books.
My ‘day job’ is actually an evening job. I’m a server in a restaurant (who speaks French very, very poorly as I didn’t grow up in Quebec). If you met me at my job, you’d think I was friendly and efficient and you’d tip decently because I looked after you as best I could and you had a good time.
Why do I write? I write for the same reason I love to read. Something happens and I’m swept away by the story. It didn’t happen right away when I began my first story, but it happened pretty quickly. It’s hard to describe… yes, I know, that’s a bad thing for an author to say but it’s true.

I write because I can’t not write. And I love it!

About My Writing
What can happen after Happy Ever After wears off? After the house is bought. The kids on the way. Bills start to pile up. Work gets harder.
Sometimes… time slips by and we get ‘caught up’.  If the picket fence needs a coat of paint, if the car needs a new set of tires… oh for God’s sake—if the sheets on the bed are getting a little worn at the edges… maybe some other stuff is too.
I write about everyday couples that are living normal lives. They have jobs—some have professional careers, homes, some even have kids. They have full lives. But something’s missing. And it used to be there, dammit.
In my books, my characters explore questions like: “How DO you fall for, get turned on again like you were first dating, but with someone who’s been farting in your bed for the last five, ten, or more years?”
I’m talking about ((((THAT))) spark.
The being wanted? No. The being desired? Nope. The being craved spark. Where your partner’s not just thinking about you… but where your partner is obsessed by you. The early sex was awesome, wasn’t it? That craving, and your craving being returned in spades. The kind of sex that stays with you for three days after.
So, what can happen after Happy Ever After?
Happier Ever After.
And, dear reader, that’s what I write about.

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