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Ninja Cupcakes by T. A. Chase

Ninja Cupcakes

Ethan’s special talents and cupcakes bring him the love of his life.
Ethan Gallagher loves to bake, and his cupcakes are known throughout his area as being the best. When he agrees to do the desserts for a sci-fi convention his brother is putting on, Ethan gets a chance to realize his biggest fantasy.
One of the panelists is Callum MacLaughlin, a man Ethan’s been lusting after since they’d met four years ago. Ethan discovers Callum will be there, and he decides it’s time to make his move on the astrophysicist.
With the help of some special cupcakes, Ethan makes not only his dream come true, but the hopes of his brother and his best friend as well.

Ninja Cupcakes
T. A. Chase
M/M.  Anal Play
51 pages

Ethan met Jacelyn at culinary school and they became great friends.  They graduated 1st and 2nd in their class.  About a year after graduation Ethan opened his bakery, NinjaCupcakes, and with Jacelyn have built it into a very successful business.

Ethan's brother, Earl, is hosting a sci-fi convention and has requested that Ethan do 20 dozen cupcakes for the event.  Ethan is more than happy to but he wants to be sure Callum will be attending.  He met Callum a few years ago at a convention and has been building a friendship via e-mail in hopes to get to know him better.  Now may be the opportunity he has been waiting for.

Before Ethan leaves for the convention he has three special cupcakes to make for three special people, each different and special in its own way.

The 20 dozen cupcakes delivered and two of the special ones also taken care of, Callum and Ethan head to Callum's room to finally get better acquainted as they are both anxious for time alone with each other.

Expectation of being together is only peaked higher at first touch as they each explore their desires. This is a beautiful sensual story about two people sharing each other for who they truly are.  Such emotion and tenderness is ever present.

5 stars

Victoria Storm


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